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  1. Solid_Eye

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    The latest hi-tech assault vessel by M.A.S.Q.U.E. – Speed and firepower were the main goals the designers were given.

    Available in Hot-Fusion Red (default), Sunburst Orange (option) or Cool Mint (option), the Tartarus adds a missile launcher Rapid-Fire skill and a Speed Boost skill to every gourmet spice… errr… space pilot’s arsenal.

    Tech Specs

    · Special Skills: Rapid Fire, Speed Boost
    · Laser Slots: 14
    · Generator Slots: 15
    · HP: 260,000
    · Rocket Launcher: 1
    · Default speed: 220
    · Cargo Space: 1,500
    · Buy Price: 200,000 Uridium
    · Sell Price: 500,000 Credits

    Rapid Fire skill

    This skill reduces the loading times and the cooldown of the rocket launcher.

    Once activated the rocket launcher will reload immediately and so, if you have the HST-2 and Rocket Launcher CPU, you will be able to fire up to 3 salvos of 5 rockets each.

    That means up to 30,000 points of extra damage using the best ammo, and 14,000 with regular rockets.

    · Active duration: 3 seconds
    · Cooldown: 24 seconds
    · Full Set effect:None

    Speed Boost skill

    When active, the base speed of the ship will get a 30% bonus to speed, and your laser damage is reduced 5%

    · Active duration: Toggle
    · Cooldown: 10 seconds between switching on/off
    · Full Set effect: Pilots with a full matching set of Chimera / Phantom designs will be able to enjoy the Tartarus’ special visual effect. When the Speed Boost is activated, the P.E.T. and Drones dock with your ship. Once docked, the P.E.T. will switch into passive mode. While the Drone Formation visuals are not displayed, their stats bonuses will still be in effect!
    + The P.E.T. will remain docked while it is inactive, and undock as long as it is active.​
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