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  1. Can't retrieve my credits after my purchase was being outbid
  2. I don't use a proxy server and it is working fine. Now that does not answer the question I asked as I am trying to help out.
  3. -MADBALL-

    -MADBALL- User

    im using mac. so i cannot play this game anymore? i cant download the client because its for windows only.
  4. -MADBALL-

    -MADBALL- User

    im using mac. so i can not play this game anymore? I cant download the client because its for windows only.
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  5. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    What a difference a day makes, yesterday the game ran smoothly today lag city. Running on low settings makes no difference even changing settings on the computer makes no difference.
  6. Donmeny

    Donmeny User

    Can't retrieve my credits after my purchase was being outbid
    26 000 000 credits (Iris) drone.
  7. I'm afraid so. Unless you want to buy a windows PC of some sort.

    Until the new unity browser version is ready, and not even god knows when that will be, its the downloadable client only.

    So, unless there's something in the works that we're not being told about, its a windows only game.

    Sorry all.:mad::(:(:eek::eek:
  8. OldMan1948

    OldMan1948 User

    Mac users can get around this problem by installing as an example, VirtualBox. You install windows in VirtualBox enabling you to download and install the client.
    Linux machines can do the same thing.
    This is how I am playing darkorbit. Downside: fps is 25-30 versus 55-60 fps on my windows machine. I had to play with VirtualBox settings eg: allocated 6 out my 8 GB RAM to Windows which is okay since Linux can run on 2GB. You also need windows program.
    Hope that helps.
  9. lenra

    lenra User

    i can't log in game
    server: Global America 4
    Username: -[Pnoy]- or -]HABAGAT[-
    UserID: 77716305
  10. lenra

    lenra User

    i can't log in game
    server: GA4
    Username: -[Pnoy]- or -]HABAGAT[-
    UserID: 77716305
  11. evve1

    evve1 User

    The connection to the server has been interrupted all day! It's hard to get together into an eternal CPU as it is and I do not learn to achieve all goals like this !? You will be thrown out and killed AGAIN !!! Because of your trouble! Had appreciated that you gave back an eternal CPU at least! Thank You
  12. Any luck for chromebook?
  13. i run a radeon software which runs high ends games i can play fornight and many top end games with great fps and grahics so i know my pc is working well i hope they get unity sorted and working well this will bring back many players and me .good luck dark orbit we are waiting to play
  14. Can you fix the Client already? In the past hour I am traying to enter on my account but I only get `503 Service Temporarily Unavailable`

    Bye the way still cant log in
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  15. same here...
  16. you can download bootcamp if i am correct. you just loose some hard disc space. for what i've heard far better than virtual machines
  17. 9,00 pm. Trying log in, " Bad Gateway ", play that game, and put it in ur pipe, and even smoke it :)
  18. I was getting


    UNTILL the frozen labyrinth closed, after that fine. Connection?
  19. I had the same, until the frozen labyrinth closed, after that it worked fine. Connection?