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  1. Well, I know about VirtualBox, Bootcamp.
    How to install windows on a new Mac computer with Apple M1 chip?
    And for install windows, you should buy a license.
    Installation Windows just for playing DarkOrbit looks like "You have legs, you can walk, but you use crutches to get around"
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    Again downloadable client is good, but it did not solve the players headache in this game especially when suddenly it is still LOADING LOADING LOADING and you cannot login...All of bought boaster will dissolved for nothing...please fix it..
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    i have new laptop windows 10 64 bit click download just takes me back to home screen and theres no start button to start game any ideas should go back to the way it was

    cant download the client
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  4. have modules from frozen lab but no ship yet. Will modules work on tyrannos centurion as well as reg one?
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    you need the ship.
    Tyrannos is a design for the ship
  7. The Refractions zone quest is impossible to complete since it appears that you cannot get close to the navigation coordinates specified by the mission. There seems to be some kind of invisible barrier around all of the round walls that extends further than anticipated.

    I am on the PVE global server
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  8. So i'm a returning player after god knows how many years, I managed to get into my account through the Facebook login but I can't get past the 2-auth section because i've forgotten the email tied to this account as well as the username, my old email address isn't registered and my current email address has the wrong account tied to it
  9. So i havent played in a while and came back to the game, turns out there are 2 waves in the hades gate now and not 3, can i get this gate reset or cancelled so i can build another as i am not able to finish it thanks. My problem is that im on wave 3 and i cant get into a group to finish it.

    GA5 server which got merged into ga1

    thanks in advance

  10. We can invite you to hades this sunday bud get that finished.


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  11. no you cant, there are no longer 3 waves only 2, i cant finish it cause i cant be on the same wave as you

    it needs to be reset by a mod to cancelled i dont mind either one
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  12. There are no longer 3 waves in Hades, they removed Emperor Lordakium, and just merged BKs into Wave 2. So he's stuck on Wave 3 that no longer exists, and can't do nothing unless they reset or set it to wave 2.
  13. Hmm, must be resent change. Did a few hades last weekend there where 3 waves. I stand corrected. Good luck


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  14. There are "3" but there isn't a 3rd stage like before. the Lordakium and Kristallon waves are merged as Stage 2 now. Seems to have been the case for awhile. The emperor lord was removed with the changes.
  15. Is there a problem with the gate? I can't change map. For example i jumped from 4-2 to 4-4 and i stuck in 4-2. The same problem from 2-8 to 2-7. It stucked in 2-8. Even, when i log out i can't log in when im stuck in a gate...
  16. its getting worse and worse. only thing there good at these days, EXTRA LAGGG,,,,,,,,,
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    The game crashes without warning and the lag can be horrendous but as long as you keep paying they don't care.
  18. i would like to know when google chrome os hp is supported, because i havent beeen able to play in a long time
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