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    This thread is currently a work in progress.

    We will add some information from the team for common problems/issues in this post (example: sorting caches, flashplayer etc).

    Players are welcome to contribute with any suggestions/recommendations they have.

    --WARNING --
    Some changes to your hardware or software can be harmful to your computer if you are not positive about what you are doing. Please take care when following any advice given by players, as it may require a certain level of proficiency with computers.
  2. Current Problem: Players reporting serious FPS drops during any interaction with NPC or Ships during play.

    Current Status: Unresolved, but with tests performed by myself, some suspicion leads to GPU Drivers, Browsers, and Flash Player conflicts somewhere along the line.

    PS: SERAPH, I think this should be moved somewhere else other than Newbies, as game problems resulting in errors outside the developers control may be resolved after solutions are posted. Newbies will then think to play, they must make all the tweaks and tips posted in this thread before even deciding to play, which won't be the case.
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  3. I'm having the same issue, it's causing way too much lag. And turning the tides of so many battles for people cause i can't deal with the ridiculous lag it causes me.
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  4. From my point of view:
    If your main-page is on the hangar section you will have the most drop of FPS.
    I always have to switch the auto-buy rocket cpu from PLT-2026 to Eco-10 and during that switch i´m having a "frozen" map of 5 til 10 seconds.

    Also you can get the highest FPS in the game-window if you klick at the ranking section in the mainpage and just keep it there. I also have the graphic settings at minimum - however a hourly re-login is necessary else you gonna play with 10 FPS and + 700 MEM which is pretty laggy....
  5. TIP: To save time on switching Auto-Buy config, put 2 individual Auto-Buy CPU's on either config. Config 1, set the Auto-Buy to purchace Eco's, set Config 2 to purchase 2026's, switch configs in the spacemap to instantly buy either rocket type.
  6. I have a question can we move an account from one server to another server?
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  7. 1: Don't double post.
    2: This is not the section to ask this... I think o_O ...
    3: No you can not move one ship to another server.
  8. Up until today I had been able to access this webpage in order to clear flashplayer cache in global settings. I have not been able to access this web page at all today, using four different browsers, resetting both my router and cable modem, etc. I have most current version of Flashplayer installed and tested. Maybe someone in Tech Support should check into this.

    The hyper link listed above is now working and has been for the past 12-24 hours. But it still wasn't working on Wednesday.

    That is a link to an Adobe support page for their FlashPlayer product. It has nothing to do with DarkOrbit directly, and we have no input or control over their website. If it does not load, then it is a problem at their end which they will need to fix.
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    My friend was using my tab to login to darkorbit. We went to the pilotsheet page where the skilltree is and we tried to scroll it to the side. The game however used up a skillpoint and didnt scroll. Please help

    I was next to him when he tried to drag the screen to the side (as normal touch screen works) but instead of scrolling it used up a skillpoint
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  10. That means HE hit it, has nothing to do with the game, your friend has poor coordination obviously.
  11. YourMum

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    No. When you try to slide your finger it thinks its a tap.
  12. lol i'v done that sort of thing on a phone before and never had that issue. No reason for it to be a game mistake if your finger is by the scroll bar not the pilot skill.
  13. YourMum

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    Have you ever succeeded in scrolling the skills to the left? I really dlnt think so. Its impossible to do it therefore it is a game mistake. We thought that darkorbit wouldnt have such mistake and when we tried different attempts one of them cost us a skill point.
    I know you cant help, thats why i didnt ask you, but someone that can.
  14. Well i mean, they don't go to the left unless you already went to the right, so again, it's a YOU problem. DO won't give you back the point, you have to reset your bio if you don't like it, they have told this to numerous noobs who screw up and blame the game.
  15. YourMum

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    I meant that i tried to pull my finger to the left to scroll to the right, but it used up a skillpoint. I dont sed how this is not a mistake of the game if its impossible to scroll a page
  16. Well if you're using a touch screen it's your problem. DO won't refund your skill point back, reset the bio it's not expensive at all.
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    Thanks dream demon. You contribute to this forum so much (-:
    You could almost work for support
  18. I feel insulted now.
  19. It is NOT a GAME mistake, it is the computer's mistake. The computer read it as a tap and sent it to the game as a tap, not slide/scroll or whatever. Besides, you have to use the specially designed scroll bar at the bottom of that Skill Tree's page. If you/your friend used that, there would not be a issue here.
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    I have a different problem.
    Basically I can't accept invites or be part of a group.
    I did see the fix on forum somewhere but lost the page before I followed the instructions and didn't bookmark it.
    If someone would point me in the right direction again I would appreciate it.