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  1. We all tested the new event boxes on the test server. We all agreed that the contents in the new event boxes were adequate. For the rewards in the new event boxes to be reduced by more than 80% without our consent is not acceptable. Are you going to refund everyone that bought a box doubler for this 7 day event? The right thing to do is to return the rewards from the event boxes back into what they were. If you ask anyone in game I'm sure they will agree because I am not the only one upset over this heist.
  2. well i just wanna say DO u had us loving u until u gave less rewards in even boxes,now the love is gon so i would recommend putting it back the way it was thank you.
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  3. So you think it is ok for people with doubler and box skills to get 100 from every box? Do you understand that people were getting 2-3k GG spins every hour. = 20-30k spins in 10 hours which is 15 Kappa gates. having so much GGE in them was absolute madness. They needed to nerf them.

    But indeed they nerfed them too much. It should have been 50% not 80%.
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  4. The problem that I'm having with this situation is that Bigpoint knew the Kuiper Gate Bonus Boxes were dropping 33 spins. We tested it in the test server and we voted for it in the forums. We were all in agreement and now Bigpoint is failing to deliver. Once you promise your player fan base something you have to go through with it, otherwise you will upset a lot of people. In addition, for those that bought box doublers for this event they are probably even more angry because they were deceived by a form of false advertisement. It's very simple, if Bigpoint did not want to release these boxes with a possibility to get a reward of 33 spins then they should not have let it get past the testing phase. Now that it has gone live they have no choice, but to return the boxes the way they were.
  5. YES BRING BACK THE GG PLEASE or most of players will leave game
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  6. Agreed the frequency of GG spins in event boxes is very low, seems they have a little more tweaking to do. Time and again BP make mistakes and nerf stuffs which simply appears to players as a bait/switch, given that the boxes were in the Test server in this case this is even more annoying.

    It took me less than 180 seconds to do the basic calculations of a 1.9 mill uri reward in 24 hours play based on 90 mins of boxing with doubler to build a gate and 90 mins to complete Kuiper, this can also be increased given uber ammo and a ufe ship who completes the gate as fast as possible.

    Shame BP dont act so swiftly to remove the cheats etc that are so prevalent in the game as for me this is the top reason I am so reluctant to spend along with situations like the last 24 hours.
  7. if the gate give u 1mill uri whos gonna post about the gate gives 2 much uri no1 one the boxes was a bug would u rather bigpoint take your account 4 abusing it .. dint think so just play the game and get on with it
  8. How many gates/spins did you get before the fix?
  9. Yes, I think it is okay because they worked for those spins. Not every box contains spins. It's important to understand that only a select few individuals have time to collect bonus boxes 10 hours a day for 7 days a week. Most of us are in school, working a job, or doing more important things with our lives. Reducing the boxes by 50% instead of 80% would have been much more reasonable.
  10. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    what a stupid idea, you have had the test server opened multiple times to test and now you nerf stuff ,i bought doubler for this and yet again DO mess' stuff up

    theyve done this to get people to buy doubler (like me) on the first day then make it pointless
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  11. Bigpoint deliberately put a bug into the test server called the Kuiper Bonus Boxes. Had its players test the Kuiper Bonus Boxes to ensure that it was working correctly and the rewards from it were satisfactory. Released it into the real servers with the approval of its players and now is going to ban everyone that collected them. Their reason for this is because we were abusing. I'm sorry, but your statement doesn't make any sense.
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  12. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    string youre practically ufe and you put loads of money onto the game... people on our server got 50k spins before it was taken down, i work so didnt get the chance for that so how is that fair?
  13. ŦŘÏX

    ŦŘÏX User

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  14. I'm not gonna bother with your answer because you earned loads for this event so don't even comment -_-

    Bringing back the spins to how it was before would be a bad idea but I agree with Maani they got nerfed way too much 40-50% would of been more reasonable to the loyal players...

    BigPoint If you see these post or not but you've nerfed the boxes too much i think it would benefit you knowing that your players or what ever you want to call us are actually happy, if not then your just as typical as ever. Thats All i have to Say...

    1 more thing we don't mind you nerfed the Kuiper gate the 100% Uri was OP just you nerfed the boxes and got most of your active DarkOrbit players mad.
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  15. really in all fairness u guys promised us one thing and took it away. not fair that some get 15kuri and others get 215k uri. this was supose to be a great event.
  16. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    just another tactic to get rid of free players, thought they actually did something decent even got some old players back on for this, they they go and mess it up and now theyve quit again
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  17. We'll see if they listen to this forum.

    True but then again they could add a little more uri considering the gate takes a lot of ammo (Probably Around 30k more To be balanced)
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  18. brink back the spin..
    but just change so the spin only works on the new gate.. then all is happy...
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  19. That would be a bad idea considering they'd have to make a whole new EE to go with the new gate, Just have it so its only nerfed by 40-50% and able to use EE's on all gates
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  20. This is a great idea.
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