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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Secret_Finger, May 9, 2016.

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  1. Why I think the Crafting Event is the worse event DO has done so far.

    A) Like, common, which sad Dark Orbit player wants to collect 2800 of 1 resource for a Ship Design.

    B) It's so rare to get resources, I kill about 10-15 Samions for 1 rock.

    A) The Missions give the worse rewards I have seen in years.

    D) Some Crafting requires level 11+, and at least FE.

    E) The lag should be enough to make a game rage, like it is.

    I could rant on about this silly, not worth the time, worthless event but It's not worth my time.
  2. A) Who wants to collect 2800 scrap if we should shot like 50.000 Saimon/Mordon for it. I got mostly 1 scrap from 20 Saimon/Mordons. Thats a joke. I'm NOT a botter who can do this in 14 days!

    C) The missions are well. You have to shot Krissos anyway so why don't do the quest ?
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  3. No one can, it's insane, I know it's rare and worth 300,000U but it's not worth slaving away for 14 days, some of us have jobs, and I hope we all have life's.
  4. The thing is the lil npc drop rate is low the bigger ones are at a 95% drop rate like instead of lokarium do Sibelonit instead of kristollins do kristollons keeps it at 95%. People seem to always find something to complain instead of finding a solution to the problem.
  5. I got everytime Prismatium from Kristallon so 60 Kristallon i had 60 Prismatium. If they change Scrap with Prismatium then i'll be fine with that. Like 2800 Kristallon are no problems for me in 14 days. And 2800 Kristallon are much, too.
  6. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    i agree with this guy. really need to make the chances 100% and drop the price for the designs. they may be worth 300u to you but i havent bought em at that price for a reason.. im not killing 20,000 npcs for 1 design. i dont think ive killed that many in 6 years to be honest
  7. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    If using auto refine while trying to collect resources seems to lag me so bad I have to restart flight page.
  8. Hey, where all the NPC go?
  9. Find the harder NPC, that's easy. Let me kill 2800 Boss Samions, oh wait, Boss Samions drop it like 1/5 too. Some of us cannot sit doing the harder one cause the UFE's will be farming them. It's a crap event, just 2 week's I ain't playing.
  10. there is also no CHAT !! ...you cant build a cbs , the parts wont go in ... !!

    nice update , you screwed up your own lame game AGAIN
  11. The games been screwed up since 2012, never mind the world ending in 2012, DO died in 2012
  12. test server sucked and was buggy as hell im not surprised it fail massively like all other events DO does

    most players wont get it all stuff collected in 2 weeks and any one under lvl 11 is screwed.....
  13. ßëä§t

    ßëä§t User

    Darkorbit is trying to make something out of this game. At least they are doing something, new events..etc would you rather has no event, nothing new, just a boring game? Lag,bug etc, all these are part of improvements. We all lag in-game, or have certain bug, just send a ticket where they will fix it. They put feedback so they can improve and keep the balance of the game. Just because you are not getting what u want doesnt make DO event bad. If you dont like this game, go find another game.
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  14. strange that bp fixed the kuiper bb drop overnight, strange that bp fixed the double gate rewards overnight, totally normal why bp have not fixed the lag issue overnight...if it costs them they care, if it costs us they dont care
  15. James*DKs*

    James*DKs* User

    Isnt it obvious, look at it "double reward, kupier bb those two things gave the players something really good that we didnt have to work years to archieve something usefull.

    But the crafter system have a limit of 13 days before the rare items is getting removed, and you have to shoot arround a hour of lordakias just to get 5-10 resources for the crafter, and you need over 2k for the rare items.

    The game laggs like it did years ago, but they didnt fix it why? because now every day thats goes by with the lagg, which make it almost impossible to play. Means that less players if any players is getting something rare from the crafter. Just think about it you have to shoot more than 200k aliens within 13 days just to get a surgeon or a pusat.
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  16. forget about the lag thats a bug that popped up after the update went live ... it will be fixed as for the moaning its an event that last 13 days loads of time to get the rocks its abit of fun gets you stuck in hard graft i love coming to the forums to watch you lot moan because its not easy you ask for something you get it and because you have to work for it you don't like it get it grip its a game meant to make money yes there will always be problems get over it and play
  17. Would I rather kills BK's and hunt all day or deal with crap, stressful, waste of time events? Hmm. I'd rather do BK's and hunt.
  18. Calm down guys. They are working on fixing the lag, something like a ddos attack doesn't just take 5 min to fix.
    And the surgeon is not meant to be achievable after like 1 hour of play. It is still a rare item and only the most dedicated players should be able to get it from the assembly system. After roaming x-3 for about an hour I've already gotten just around 100 scrap which is not too bad, so just by playing a few hours each day you will quickly be able to craft the surgeon design.
  19. James*DKs*

    James*DKs* User

    Then you only need arround 28 hours of total gametime without brakes to gain the scrap then you'll need to get the rest of the resources... i really do like the idear of the crafting system but, again bp made it insanely hard to archieve anything by value, every body that have a life outside going to school etc, how should they have a chance of playing 4-5 hours EVERY day to gain those thing :)

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