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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Secret_Finger, May 9, 2016.

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  1. If you want the surgeon then yes, you might have have to spend up to 4 hours a day depending on how many drops you get, but it is a rare item and people have spent a lot of money to get it so I think it is only fair that a lot of effort is needed to get it for free by playing.

    But remember, this assembly event is not here once and then it is gone for good. It will come back again when BP sees right.
    So you might not be able to get it this time, but by the time it is here again, you will have had tons of time to get all the materials needed. Now you even know the cost of it so you know how much you will have to save until next time it turns up.

    As far as the other items go, they are cheaper and you can actually get a lot of the items after just playing for a few hours.
  2. apetown.

    apetown. User

    dude 4h is no way even near about needed, its more like 8-12h or even more, yes rare item but this, this is a goddamn joke.
  3. nixy1

    nixy1 User

    Forget the 4 hours or even the 8 to 12 hours, just spent an hour on npcs, normally I get between 20 and 40k uri per hour but with the lagg I barely managed 5k uri, so in theory you can multiply you guess' by a factor of 8 to combat the lagg limitations and then add to it this is dark orbit, you know 2 weeks won't be long enough to get the drops you will need
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  4. how do u make 40k uri / hour ? shoting cubes with x4 in a server where u are alone? and that still means you can kill 1 cube/1.1 minutes since you can do maxium 49,152 if u can kill 4 cubes in 5 minutes (no protegits)
  5. One of the worst updates I've ever seen, and I've seen alot of bad updates since joining in 2009. The lag makes the game unplayable, not to mention all the bugs with pets, drone formations etc.

    But getting to the actual update:
    The ores stated to be available in the shop aren't, I imagine they won't be added till after the event, or when they do will cost alot of uri, making the key items people are after unattainable. (surgeon)

    Having a chance of a drop is an absolute joke, also the fact that getting the drop removes the other cargo is an even bigger joke. When I do a boss/uber, I want the cargo for the xeno since it is a very valuable item. Its bad enough when I get a booty from them and no cargo. All these new drops should be in addition to what was originally dropped. You give with one hand then take away with another.

    And to the designer that picked the amount of resources needed, you need your head testing. Even at an exact 50% drop rate, I'd need to kill over 7000 npcs to get the resources for the surgeon. I haven't killed that many npcs in the past year, let alone will I do even a 10th of that the next 2 weeks.

    Problem is I will spend all this time trying to get the surgeon, if instead I spent the time doing cubes I'd be way better off resources wise. Just put the items in the shop for a specific amount of uri and remove all this chance bull and who knows I might start spending money again. Until then I'd rather bang my head against a wall than pander to the 'chance' in this game.
  6. Why to put event in game when it is not finish players can wait
  7. 14 days, 100 days, does not really matter if u can not play due to the worse LAG I have ever seen.
    An update from DO would help with the "game rage" and make us, the customer feel that we r some what important to BP.
  8. Peo0pl3GA5

    Peo0pl3GA5 User

    i made 50K uri in just under 3 hours by cubikon farming. those people saying 40K uri in 1 hour just want attention they no nothing about cubikon that for sure.
    unless he is saying crazy cubikon which again is hard as many people kami and if you lucky then you get all red prots. if i am alone and not any group my kami help others who kami just before me, so i get usually 16-50 uri the rest 300-600 uri go straight to other guys but i would beleive in crazy cubikon 40K per hour but that is very rare with all lag, enemies and crowded x-6 maps.
  9. Paul69

    Paul69 User

    I have just spent 4 hours TRYING to kill sibelon.... I have died 7 times .. popped by salmon as I sat stranded in lag unable to move or see what is happening.
    In that 4 hours I managed a staggering 23 sibelon.. yesterday before event started I was doing my sibelon mission.. in 2 hours I managed 60 + sibelon & 20 boss sibelon... without dying once.

    So I must say a big THANKYOU !! to D O for completely killing this game.
    I cannot do anything due to the serious lag that freezes me on the spot unable to do a thing.
    NOW .. as expected. the enemy are using this to pop frozen players.. you only find out when you unfreeze.. DEAD and can see who / what popped you.

    I'm a level 21 player.. so used to event lag. But this time D O have out done themselves and totally made it impossible to do any kind of mission or enjoy the game. They've had over 24 hours now to fix the issue or pull the event until it is fixed.. at least that way we can still play.
    Until D O fix this you just cannot play at all.... rumour has it D O have said the lag will last the length of the event.. this event is the intro for this new feature.. so looks like the lag will be permanent. How true this is .. we shall see. But until it is sorted I will not be playing...paying... or renewing my premium as this game is unplayable.
    I strongly recommend others do the same as D O need to face up to their mistakes and fix them... it just seems they are now at the stage of TAKE the cash from players.. but do NOT listen to them.

    This is a real shame as I just made major and have always enjoyed playing, even with the pitifully insulting rewards from event missions as of late.
  10. I was just talking from my own experience, but yes while this freeze problem is here it will probably take longer. But calm down a little, I'm sure we will get compensated for the lost time like we usually do when there are problems during an event.
  11. Here is someone who has his head in a cloud of smoke. We have not been properly compensated for any of the time lost because of DDoS attacks, lack of being able to login to the game, inability to maintain a connection while in the game, and now the lag so terrible if you do get a drop of New Ore it is gone before you can collect it.

    Sorry D O you have finally Crafted the item for the final demise of your game. You have taken the simplest way to create credits, for a NEW player, and forced them to try to ASSEMBLE items they may not be ready to do. These drops should have been in addition to the Cargo drops NOT IN PLACE OF.

    Until the Lag is corrected nothing is going to work correctly and as such no one should BUY anything as it is a waste of the item bought.
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  12. I remember getting both scrap and cargo boxes at the same time yesterday, so I'm sure it's possible.

    Other than that, as far as I remember we have been compensated for when there has been problems. There was not long ago when we got premium and boosters and then I also remember there were some problems during the halloween event which resulted in the event getting prolonged (Which I assume this event will too)
  13. Just to add my thought here: I've been anticipating the assembly feature ever since it got announced back in October last year and I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed. As others have stated it is somewhat restricted to only higher level players but what really bothers me is the ridiculous amount of resources required to craft the best items available - I realise 14 days is a lot of time but I still believe DO expect way too much (1 scrap out of an NPC; ~20% chance to drop in my case and they really expect me to collect 2,8k of it?). We all have lives outside DO and are not always free and yes I understand it should be hard to get the best of the best but it still seems to me that the DO team expect way, way too much from the players - and this is coming from a very experienced player mind you, I can't see newbies doing much this event tbh
  14. totally, agree. the other problem is that no mather the npc, be it normal, boss or uber you still get only 1 resource, now serioully, i'm asking you then, why waste all my seprom and good ammo for ubers if they give the same amout...
    to be able to collect 2.8k scraps, if still 1 at a time, you should get 1 from every npc, even so it's hard...cause then you have to go and kill 600 of another type of npc, and then another to be able to buy the surgeon...

  15. yep me too no more spending from me till its sorted out
  16. LEON...

    LEON... User

    is the crafting system ongoing after this 2 weeks
    . i made a blue robo drone design and im unable to make anymore blue robo designs. was looking forward to making 10.
  17. The crafting system is a permanent feature so it will stay, it is only the event-recipes that will disappear after ~2 weeks.
  18. LEON...

    LEON... User

    does this mean the blue robo bat design may not feature after the 2 weeks.
    and also, any rocks i pick up, will they carry forward to the following 2 weeks.
  19. in teh FAQ there is a list of stuff that will be out after the event the recipes that are up now will all be gone and the rocks should carry over
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  20. You will keep every material that you collect from now on, at least until you use them :)
    And yes, I think the bat-designs are event-only so they will disappear again after the assembly-event is over and then you will have to wait for the next event where they might appear again. Basically any item where it says "... days left" are going to disappear after that time.

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