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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HelpMeHelpYou, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. Okay so I received a Newsletter that reads as follows;

    Due to an intergalactic ion storm plaguing the DarkOrbit universe during the past few weeks, several of you have experienced engine failures and other annoying flaws in DarkOrbit's hitech "Reality Creation Machine".™

    As a relief for the lost time on Boosters, all pilots reporting for duty between Friday, 25th of March (midnight LST) and Monday, 28th of March 2016(23:59 LST), will automatically receive:

    • 2 Weeks of Premium
    • A Super Booster pack (for 10 hours game time) with
      • DMG-B02 Damage booster (+10% damage)
      • SHD-B02 Shield Booster (+25% shield strength)
      • Hp-B02 Hitpoints Booster (+10% hitpoints)
    When teaming up in a group the bonus is granted to all members in the group.

    Our team wishes you an undisturbed Easter event!

    Your DarkOrbit Team

    Checked both of my accounts and see the Premium is added;

    System bonus: 1 day Premium (5)

    But have no boosters at all. What is up with this. In the second paragraph it does state ALL PILOTS REPORTING....WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE:

    Please help me understand this issue. I can only assume it is a MAJOR FAILURE to give what is said to be given to us.
  2. Same issue here on 7 servers. I am thinking that since it is listed as the bronze package, another week will be added at the end of the first week.

    Then on my main, I didn't even get the premium.
  3. Yea, it seems it is typical D O say one thing and do another I do not understand why they say 2 weeks of premium if they are giving us 5 days or why they say we get these boosters and then don't give them to us.

    Oh well we wait for the Mods to report it to the Dev's so maybe before the event is over we got what they said they would give to us. Or maybe they expect us to log in EVERY DAY to receive the goodies 1 at a time (think it is stupid that way and not stated that way in the message) but then you can never know with this game.


    I just realized what they did, this Event is called "Spring Sabotage", according to the event notice, so they sabotaged the newsletter so it did not work properly. Good Job D O you were successful in getting the Event correct, even if it is using false advertising to get your point across.
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  4. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    It may that you have to login each day over the Easter break and receive your 14 days prem in small blocks and boosters for example 25-04 5 days prem 26-04 5 days prem 27-04 4 days prem 28-04 booster pack.
  5. YEAH but it is not what they said in the Newsletter, as I posted the body of.

    This is a very DISTURBED Easter Event.
  6. It's the special D O strategy. Implanting bugs at the beginning which will destroy the hope of the players, so they are very disappointed.
    BUT THEN the devs let the Pennies from Heaven fall over the player and we are grateful to D O. (Just look at the Pumpkin Event and the Tunnel of Terror)
  7. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    There was a post on the German forum from a SM in reply to the same issue and it seems that DO are aware of the mistake and will book the missing prem days to all who logged in over the weekend as for boosters he is still waiting on some feed back from support.
  8. jager11

    jager11 User

    received premium but no boosters at all here also....
  9. bd33

    bd33 User

    no boosters here ether
  10. nothing new here always something wrong
  11. It is very odd how they can not get the word out when it was to start on a work day. How did they not get back with the dev before the weekend so it could be fixed is totally beyond me. :mad:
  12. I guess now we wont get anything not like I expect that link to work many have been broken in the past so the future is bleek
  13. Ok, I just went through my logbook and I did get the premium on my main, but of course still have nothing on the boosters anywhere.
  14. ok when you say you got the premium did you get the full 2 weeks or 5 days like everyone else did lol
  15. Its 5 days, I had to do a lot of scrolling to get to it. Not sure how the factor 5 days to be a week, but they cut a day off the year subscription as well.
  16. wow that's so odd but like I said nothing un usual from darkorbit lol
  17. Yes if you are active with the account and killing lots of things or buying lots of stuff from Auction you have a long logbook to look thru, But to make it easier for those trying to find it, YOUR first login (starting Friday Morning 0001 server time) when you got the login bonus should also have the premium allocation. My thoughts on the error is the person selecting the Premium award clicked on the single day instead of the designated 2 week that is in the system as a Beginner Reward, however, this is not an explanation or an acceptance of the multiple mess ups being seen recently.

    D O has lost the Attention To Detail (ATD) that is needed when making changes to the game or giving reimbursements for issues they should have control over. The Kuiper Gate fiasco is a prime example of the lack of ATD when they take the time to tell us (in the forums) what is going to be included in the Special Bonus Boxes and the numbers are all askew because some programmer had big fingers and no one double checked the values before going live with the update.
  18. Yes I agree. I often wonder how Quality Assurance checks over the game for issues. It seems to me that the best way would be to be playing it all day, whether it is on the test server or on a live server. Either way, just looking at coding for possible errors seems to be a lacking strategy. Only the coder knows if they typed the right thing, unless the code was collaborated with a group.
  19. Writing CODE is just like writing a book you always need a proofreader to double check your typing (we all know these forums could use one of them) and the Typesetter of a Newspaper used to have to be triple checked hoping to catch mistakes before going to press. Before the RELOADED we used to get BUGS with our UPDATES now we can never know what we will get with the UPDATE/EVENT/AWARD as it seems no one is dealing with ATD any more, just get it out there and we will fix the problems "IF WE WANT TO" when we can get A ROUND TO IT (please send D O your roundtoit's):D:p:oops:
  20. DogScout

    DogScout User

    I will send them my "round2it's" if they fix their problems with them.:cool:
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