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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HelpMeHelpYou, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. I confirm same problem in america server, global europe 1 and global europe 7. Only 5 days premium received, and only on my non-premium accounts, and no boosters.
  2. I got 5 days prem on my already prem account :)
    Still no boosters :/
  3. I find it funny that this thread was created Friday with no response from the D O Team yet another thread started Yesterday has already been answered with only about half a dozen posts.

    But the canned response is;

    We are aware of the problem and be patient we are working on it.

    Welcome to Glitch Orbit where nothing ever changes.
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  4. while they are working on the booster malfunction, i think its entirely possible that the premium will come again next week. premium is sold 1 week, 1 month..etc so a tag on log in could give a week when your week is up. this would be easier than writing a script specifically for 2 weeks. just a thought.
  5. When did 5 days become a week? They also have a GIFT of 2 weeks available so they could have used this, it is a mess up and should be fixed when the EASTER Holidays are over.
  6. just stated a possibility helpme...cool your jets. to be brutally honest...it is FREE. if you get something for FREE for one day, one week, 5 days, its FREE. they are not obligated to GIVE you anything. this is how life works. if i say you can use my garden hose for a week then come and get in 2 days, you would whine? get your own garden hose or dont water stuff. not my problem. btw garden hose is a euphemism for premium and water stuff is play video games. but you are probably right, i mistook forum as a place to bounce thoughts around, not a place to feel superior over the semantics of a week being 5 days or 7....
  7. The issue is D O advertised this and then reneged on the offer. To me I responded to an advertisement and want my PAYMENT for having done so. IF they had not sent me the NEWSLETTER stating what I was going to get then YES it would be FREE and I would be happy for what I got, but when something is advertised it should be delivered. Using your example, advertised is a 50' hose, you go to get it and it is 25' but it is free, for responding to the ad, they do not want to honor the ad for the 50', and you need the 50', would you be happy or would you voice your opinion?
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  8. i would buy myself a 50 foot hose and not rely on the generosity of others. life can be disappointing if you dont take care of yourself. buy your own hose and you wont have water your lawn only when others want to let you....

  9. Now-a-days these things is like Black Friday. "Oh sorry we are all out of that already and no rainchecks. But we are running a sale on the latest designs." LOL
  10. Well all speculation aside the Premium expires today and if it is not fixed by tomorrow it probably won't be.
  11. Read it again............. The advertised hose was not free..
  12. So much for thinking they would add the Premium before the 5 days ran out. It really sucks to be mislead with the false advertising campaigns of D O.
  13. For real, though, they could at least keep their word - the prem was nowhere near the 2 weeks it was said to be, let alone the boosters case. That's not to say I'm not grateful for what we were given, but it is misleading nonetheless
  14. OH well this was the repayment for not being able to play the game during the DDoS attacks so I guess they really do not care if anyone plays their game or not. Must be time for another 1000 players to show their displeasure with D O/B P. Which will cause even more threats of leaving the game because there is so few players in the maps.
  15. As a relief for the lost time on Boosters, all pilots reporting for duty between Friday, 25th of March (midnight LST) and Monday, 28th of March 2016 (23:59 LST), will automatically receive:
    • 2 Weeks of Premium
    • A Super Booster pack (for 10 hours game time) with
      • DMG-B02 Damage booster (+10% damage)
      • SHD-B02 Shield Booster (+25% shield strength)
      • Hp-B02 Hitpoints Booster (+10% hitpoints)

    • In DO`s world = 5 days premium and no boosters.
    • Who ever dropped the ball really dropped it this time lol.
  16. Lets everyone know just how important being able to play their game is to B P no wonder they had to sell to the Chinese.
  17. I do not understand why DO lets these incidents "fester" for days instead of owning up to them.
    A simple announcement would go a long way with the current "atmosphere' of the game.
    Oh and my 2 weeks prem was 5 days also.................................
  18. Excuse was it was a holiday weekend and they are investigating what has happened. WE MUST BE PATIENT while they INVESTIGATE what got messed up. TOO BAD they NEVER test this stuff before putting out the notice of what they are going to do and then take even longer to respond to the community when we question the issue. Last time this type of issue happened you had to access from the NEWSLETTER (if you did not get it tough luck) to receive the rewards. However, as there was such an amount goodies (over 250K Urid) after a month of investigating they were finally able to book these packages to the accounts that did not get them (and were active during the time the goodies were booked) but blames the AFFILIATES that we signed up with for blocking the Newsletter from our email (I found funny as they are not the same people so how does one control the other) but the issue had never been seen in the years previous to this issue.

    OH WELL, just the way we can expect things to be done in the future with B P/D O until maybe the Chinese will do something about it (if they actually have any control of the games).
  19. I don't know very much about programming a game, but is it easier to public a voucher code, which is valid for 2 weeks. There are some thousands account, which are registered. Only a fraction of them are played actively.

    But ok, I've found the rotten Easter egg, now I can take a break.
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