[TEI] Easter Holiday Booster Pack

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HelpMeHelpYou, Mar 25, 2016.

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  1. A better way to deal with this if they plan to fix it is to inform us they will fix it, and book the time we didn`t get and so forth.
  2. -BIGDOG41-

    -BIGDOG41- User

    DO sent this e-mail to me but have not got any booster's .

    Greetings -BIGDOG41-,
    Due to an intergalactic ion storm plaguing the DarkOrbit universe during the past few weeks, several of you have experienced engine failures and other annoying flaws in DarkOrbit's hitech "Reality Creation Machine".™

    As a relief for the lost time on Boosters, all pilots reporting for duty between Friday, 25th of March (midnight LST) and Monday, 28th of March 2016 (23:59 LST),will automatically receive:
    • 2 Weeks of Premium
    • A Super Booster pack (for 10 hours game time) with
      • DMG-B02 Damage booster (+10% damage)
      • SHD-B02 Shield Booster (+25% shield strength)
      • Hp-B02 Hitpoints Booster (+10% hitpoints)
  3. Scorpion

    Scorpion User

    I didn't get the email or the booster pack either :(
  4. silanyu

    silanyu User

    I got the email, premium not to sure about the boosters
  5. Do you have the NEWSLETTERS turned on in the SETTINGS on the Back Page? IF NOT then you will not receive the information of the upcoming events or packages being offered.
    Join the club, no one got the boosters and 2 weeks Premium equals 5 days I guess this is some NEW MATH only taught in Germany.
  6. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    There as been an OA posted on the German forums stating that the missing prem will be booked next week possibly Monday.
  7. TOO BAD they can't make an OFFICIAL NOTICE to ALL Forums addressing what the issue was. And have they even acknowledged the BOOSTER Issue?
  8. Seems german and turkish forums get quickest response to issues.

    ASTRAEA User

    I am sorry that we do not get the notifications out to the forums in the same speedy method that is happening on the German / Turkish Forums.

    However we can only share the information that is sent to us as quickly as possible.
    This matter has been sent on for investigation and the post in the official announcements states a time frame when it is expected to be addressed. After that time, we will see what has been done and where we need to go from there as far a reporting continued or existing issues.

    Thank you for your patience during this time.
    Have a nice day
  10. The issue is this is now in the SECOND weekend of the issue having been reported and there was no response about the issue until Thursday after it was reported Friday (25 March) that there was an issue.

    I am sorry, I would have thought something that was promoted by NEWSLETTER would have been verified before being sent out and especially when it is targeted as a payback for inconveniences of not being allowed access to the game to begin with. The fact that we are waiting until Monday to get what we were supposed to have last weekend is also confusing to me (boosters would have been nice to have for the Event), but then it does not surprise me.

    Just gives further confirmation that the feelings of the community do not matter to D O/B P and if we all quit tomorrow it would not matter to you.
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  11. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    Apparently were meant to get it tomorrow but dont know how long for
  12. YES they are supposed to book the 9 days of Premium tomorrow but this still leaves the Booster Pack up in the air.
  13. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    Makes you wonder why they didnt just give them 2 weeks premium anyway, i dont understand how hard it could of been to do it
  14. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    what if it was april fools
  15. I understand that during the weekend they could not address the issue, but coming into work on Monday seeing there was an issue with the "REWARD", they could have written a quick script to go through the accounts and apply another "Special Booking" for the other 9 days of premium as of Tuesday (since the reward date passed at 0001 LST) and no other accounts would be eligible for this.

    But then we are just the players that are supporting the company not the ones who make the decisions, so I wonder if they are ever going to address the issue of the BOOSTERS and how they are going to add the 9 days to our accounts (or are they going to require us to login again giving the 9 days to even more people who did not login like we did?). I guess we have to wait and see.
    It would be a very POOR JOKE as they posted the information Thursday (USA servers) and Wednesday on Turkish and German servers. But then the joke was on us when we expected them to give us what they said they would in the NEWSLETTER over a week ago.
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  16. So its monday and still no prem
  17. April 5 / 16 and I have received premium and boosters as promised. Thank you Dark Orbit and Big point I appreciate it. :)
  18. I haven't got prem yet. My user id: 80419948
    server america 4.

    My friend got premium and boosters. I havn't got even prem. Why?!
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