[TEI] Galactic Strife Event I hope there is also a Sentinel design in the Battle Pass

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by MagicTime, May 12, 2020.

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  1. MagicTime

    MagicTime User

    So the event is coming tomorrow
    And I looked at the test server a few days ago
    and I really like one of the two Sentinel designs
    I saw one thing in the event ranking: white and red
    But I hadn't found the other myself. I actually went through everything, even with Rufus
    I do not know whether it was forgotten to insert, I am quite sure that it was not there had looked extra 2 times mhh
    Well I read for info that both will be available in the ranking
    I hope there will be an error in BattlePass :)
    Well small players will have a hard time getting there, I think since it wasn't that easy at the same event
    And you definitely have to get into the TOp 100 in the Rufus Ranking
    Well, designs were often inserted into the Battle Pass a few times ...
    I would be very happy, others believe
    And yes :)

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