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  1. Oessian

    Oessian Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    We opened the “Open beta” server today to test the new “P.E.T Expansion” on our test server. Please find here the FAQ:

    Please login here: https://test2.darkorbit.com/

    As soon as you login with your existing account or create a new account on the test server, you will get the following login bonus:
    • Premium
    • 20,000,000 Uridium
    • 20,000 Seprom
    • 20,000 Promerium
    • 1x G-FS1
    • 1x G-HPL1
    • 1x G-KK1
    • 1x G-MM1
    • 1x G-RT1
    • 17x LF-P01
    • 25x SG3N-P01
    • 20 hours P-EP-B01 Booster
    • 12x AI-AH1 Level 1
    • 1x Venom Ship
    • 1x Diminisher Ship
    • 1x Solaris Ship
    • 1x Keres Ship
    • 1x Mimesis Ship
    • 1x Spearhead Ship
    • 1x Spectrum Ship
    • 1x Solace Ship
    • 1x Sentinel Ship
    The test server will stay open until 17th September at 10 am (CEST).

    We would like our players to test with us the new P.E.T. Expansion and the new Heat system.
    Here’s a little list what we would like everyone to have a deeper look at:
    • Look into the balance of the new Heat System
    • Look into the balance of new protocols, lasers and shields
    The feedback channel in Discord is also open. We would very much like to hear from all that try this new feature out!

    Thank you all!

    Your DarkOrbit Team

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