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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello all,

    Feedback on the Assembly test today (maybe more later?) is appreciated and can be offered here

    Thanks as always!
  2. I didnt noticed any major bugs which was pretty cool. But here is my thoughts about this feature:

    + Finally, a new cool feature, giving players more options to reach some goals (like, road2surgeon design or PET)
    + A new addition against pay2win
    + A good addition for newbies

    - Not a good update for UFE players
    - i thought that it's guaranteed chance to get 1 new resource from a specific NPC, but yea... It's Darkorbit, so there is a chance to get a new resource from alien
    - And about the chance: It's approximately ~10% chance to get 1 new material from NPC which is really low. And even if BBD(bonus box doubler) and PET protocols would work and give some extra materials, the chance is absolutely too low and aliens would be still not worth of shooting down (back to shoot more cubicons -> ).

    - Instead of having a chance to get a new material from alien, it should be a GUARANTEED to get a crafting material for NPC; but at the same time crafting should require much more materials (2-5x more materials)
    - A new ideal, random event: 2x Crafting material from NPCs for 24h or longer?

    In the end i have to say, that once again, Bp made good work. Assembly feature still needs some improvements so dont rush to release it too early.
  3. Toudi

    Toudi User

    -Äppiäinen- said it all, I've found a bug after I craft red drone design I couldn't craft any more :( Hope dev team will have not to difficult job with this feature :)
  4. Is it really a cons?:p

    IMO the chance for materials should be increased to make the cycle of collecting materials for ammo and using the ammo more attractive.
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The point -Äppiäinen- makes with regards to being guaranteed a crafting material for killing the correct NPC then increasing the amount of materials needed is really important.
    It way less frustrating to get something every time yet need more of them then to not get something most of the time, similar how people prefer to drive a longer route but be constantly moving than be in a traffic-jam that takes shorter amount of time.

    Would also be nice if Boss / Ubers of the respective NPC had a chance to give a bonus loot, so maybe a 10% chance to give double the normal resource.
    Similarly if there was an outfit people working together to kill a boss or uber it would be really nice if all the outfit members could receive the crafting resource, possible even increase the chance of a 'bonus drop' if the idea above was implemented - so it could be that if there was a outfit the chance of bonus loot would be 30-40%. Would encourage a bit of team work here and there, normally makes the game more fun too with being able to work towards a goal in a group.

    Overall though I think its very nice, the potential of how it can be used in the future is very exciting.

    On a side note, the new chat is very nice too ^^
  6. Hi... I arrived to find that none of my 3 ships were equipped even with Repair CPU and I was in-gate... so that is definitely not how I left it.. the tab for 'Assembly' seemed to work with the free stuff but I didnt know where to go look for more to supplement the new rocks and also the server went down while I was trying to put configs on...
    Need more info
  7. Maybe a dev had fun with your account (kappa).
    Or quadruple, because the Boss is 4 times stronger.
  8. If you read the message the "blueprint could only be used once" so you are required to collect more blueprints (recipes) to make more.

    I found it disappointing in that fact that I could not find any of the SPECIAL ORE or any "recipes" while I traversed the few maps my level 10 ship can go. I would like to be able to see what ores I have and how much. The only way I found to see it was if I was trying to assemble something and then it was really difficult to really determine what, or where to get, what I needed.

    Bugs on test server that I found were, unable to jump into home map (x-1) using portal had to AJP to try to log out. Also when trying to logout was told "could not at this time" even though I was sitting on home base.

    We need more information (FAQ) about what the assembly is, where to find different ores and "recipes/blueprints", and information about what can be found overall (not necessarily currently available but what is intended to be there of current items, YES I understand others can be added later but I am looking for the CURRENT plans) LF-4's, Drones, Boosters, Generators, etc..

    I agree with Okapi32 (who posted while I was writing this) that there should not be a CHANCE when killing NPC's we should get at least SCRAP from every NPC we kill and a CHANCE for the other ores needed. And this should be assigned like the kill rewards when in a group to encourage more group play. I can see fights starting because someone has their pet set to auto-loot and collecting all the cargo boxes and no one else can get them.

    On a side note;
    Glad to see you finally accept this, took me long enough to get the point across.

    Back on topic;

    I think the Assembly has potential to be a good thing, assuming we do not rush into taking it live without making some more information available and changes to the drop rate of the ore. The Recipes are easy to change if NEED BE, getting people interested in using something that works on CHANCE is slim as we all know what CHANCE does for us, it is like the luck of the Irish (if you have it, it is great, but without it you don't stand a chance in "H" to get it). I ask that FUTURE improvements has this removed from the equation as CHANCE attracts no one to the game.
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  9. veritas

    veritas User

    Perhaps not directly, but if it gets more players out in the maps they will reap the benefit of that, so in the end everyone gets something.
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  10. is the surgeon craftable?
  11. Yes, it is
  12. Amagai

    Amagai User

    I love the idea overall as it helps out many players who do not own any of these items available to craft in the assembly. However, I do agree with everyone on the probability of receiving a new ore. I feel as if it would be best if you got a new ore each alien kill then increasing the amount needed to craft whatever you want. It does get frustrating killing thousands of little aliens to try and get some of the new ore. But overall it's a great idea as it will allow people to get items they do not have already.
  13. hmm i might just un quit myself

    plus what it will do is bring more noobs to the maps=more noobs=more kills=more quests complete=more quests = more rank=i like it...when is it live?
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  14. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    The 3 hour period that the test sever was open for testing the crafting system could have been longer maybe a 24 hour period as there are a lot of things to test such as collecting on maps, collecting from NPC's and collecting in GG's. In general the system was easy to use the only down side was i found the interface a bit small maybe a zoom feature could be added. I tested the collection in the alpha gate with my P.E.T and the conclusion was you need to put some thought into how you are going to work your gate and your P.E.T config. It would be good if at least another test session were made available to cover as much ground as possible and find possible bugs and exploits before going live.
  15. veritas

    veritas User

    Yeah, I didn't even know it was up, until it was already down. :(
  16. unfortunately I cannot access it.
  17. *MOONGLOW*

    *MOONGLOW* User

    its closed now but back page is still available ?
  18. lamiX

    lamiX User

    How it could bring more noobs? Theyre not looking at forums and waiting when some "big" update arrives
  19. Cant even get in the game client its not from my side my guess is the server is that full.
  20. veritas

    veritas User

    That's true, as far as it goes. But the first step is to encourage/not drive away new people who try the game, and then build on that. Sounds like this may be laying down a path toward newer players actually having a goal they can work towards, giving them a point to get out there more and stay in the game.
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