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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. thebroods

    thebroods User

    im having difficulty joining test server, i see it in the server list but when i click it it joins me to a server i wasn't on before and its clearly not a test server...

    nvm found it ><

    first impressions is it will drive away new players because stronger players will just keep killing them... same old story weak stay weaker and the strong stay strong... there is no difference in collecting uri/creds to collecting musocum,scrap,prismatium

    i can see this getting very boring very fast

    "musocum" collect the carcasses of lordakia... collected about 20 and sold ore with not one musocum refinded... with 440 to collect... errr do i have to play endless hours with no end in sight?
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  2. Increase the drop chance of all supplies, because is too hard to found one of them, so 100, 200...?!
  3. thebroods

    thebroods User

    this assembly will kill of a lot of current players... plain and simple and new players will simply pop like sardines trying to collect musocum,scrap,plasmide,prismatium

    it offers nothing more than what we already have.... boring game play just in a different way...

    finally 1 musocum.... truly a waist of time that drop rate must be 60/1 way to boring to collect 440

    i can see botters will provale.... assembly system offers nothing really its just uri/cred collecting in disguise same idea done in a different way... it defiantly will be easy for stronger players to own maps and weaker players will simple suffer struggling to get these new ores...
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  4. Zapp

    Zapp User

    Nothing you say makes any sense.

    If you think the game is so bad why do you even write here.
  5. everything Broods said has a valid point, this update is supposed to reinvigorate the game, he is clearly stating his own opinion, only time will tell i guess.. I am in the number 1 clan gb1 EoD where 4 fifths of the clan dont bother to log in apart from send sep. Change is needed and fast !

    bp will have to make a map where the noobs can collect ore and cannot be shot.... simples
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  6. It will give yet another method of improving your ship and add interest... I always make certain that I mention these things in chat to ensure that as many as possible are aware of possible future updates... I also think you would be surprised how many new ppl start new accounts every week and soon leave for various reasons...

    thebroods also has good points and some things suggested there and with other speakers have already been suggested...

    Each and every update will have its pros and cons.. it will have ppl who like and dislike... we still have the basic problem of the differential between new players and UFE etc (there are many other issues-- MCCs X-Co Alliances etc--- which affect the ability of the game to retain new players)...
    I can see where DO are trying to go but this alone will not be the 'Silver bullet'...
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  7. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Hi all - with regards to the comments about Assembly's potential impact on lower-level players:

    We're aware of the potential impact here. We're already discussing and working on changes to help improve the initial game experience for newbies and impact of PVP at the lower levels. These changes will help with concerns about Assembly as well.

    Unfortunately, we won't be rolling out everything at once, but we are aware of the potential impact and a plan is in motion.

    As I've mentioned, this and other changes, are all part of a long-reaching roadmap that intents to address a wide variety of interlinking issues and concerns.

  8. He has a problem with the english language but I followed the entire posting (changing words to what they were supposed to be) and I agree the botters are the only ones who will PREVAIL in this ASSEMBLY thing. Unless they change the drop rate of the NEW ores the interest in the system is going to be nill as you don't know when or IF you will receive anything for your effort.
    Good statement, however, making such a big deal out of how this is going to help ALL players and then the TEST shows how it will only help the few is where the problem comes in. D O needs to get the NEW players to stay around not build the game so the UFE remain in untouchable control of the game.
    I can appreciate that everything takes time and has to be worked on systematically. However, if you have no NEW players to play the game then what point is the improvements to help the newbies going to do if not done before all of these other changes are made. This is like the cart before the horse addage, we want to make the game more enjoyable but will work on keeping the players after the improvements are in place. I think D O needs to take a detour on their "long-reaching roadmap" and correct the issues affecting the newbies before doing any further game improvements as they are leaving faster than they are coming and word is travelling fast in the gaming world to stay away from this money hungry game (too many other, more enjoyable, FREE games out there to be played). As far as this Assembly thing goes I do not see any benefit to it for a newb if they are competing against UFE's for the kills of hundreds of NPC's just to collect a single piece of ore, "lets all PALLY and do gates instead of ASSEMBLY" is what I hear being said by the newbs (it is more reassuring) they know what they will get from Pally, Assembly is an unknown/CHANCE.
  9. the few... are we all not the 'FEW'??
    anything that could/might increase the Headcount would not be an advantage to those of us that have expended time and resource/cash, and I believe you count among us?
    among the multitude of ideas/updates that DO are working on ...
    we can only look forward to something better I hope!!
  10. Hopefully there will be a present/voucher code after implanting the assembly (like the 500 EE of the 3D mode celebration).
  11. Don't give them any ideas, the last compensation packages they gave to us have failed to load properly so why open another can of worms? The launch itself is going to be messed up enough, if this launch today is any indication of what we can expect from them.
    Yes we are part of the FEW. The issue is Very FEW of us found any of the special ORE during the TEST and the FEW that did find anything were strong enough to fight off the PvP players having a ball killing everyone in the maps instead of allowing us to TEST the Assembly system or doing GG's instead of map work.
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  12. A buggy "present" is still better than noting. And we can expect from D O that they WILL solve each "present" problems and WILL give us the e.g. Premium later.

    I was the first time on a test server and it wasn't very amazing, 5 mill Uri and a short opening time weren't enough to improve the system exactly. Besides the trolls/ company killer dominate my map...sometimes I wish that they were banned for trolling.
    It will work better, if they give us instantly a fully equipped ship of a kind of player they want to target after opening the test server.
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  13. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    It is a big problem with players going onto the test server to have a ball, I myself like to test all aspects of proposed updates in this case both map work and GG's with NPC's that drop the special ore's and given the small amount of time that the test sever is open and given the amount of time required to test a major update like the crafting system only to find players being noobish and trying to pop every thing that moves has a knock on effect. When the crafting system is released the first thing that will happen is the forum will be flooded with bug reports these from the very same players who prevented those trying to test the system properly to find the bugs before going live.
  14. OrbitGuru

    OrbitGuru User

    just to add my +1...

    remove chances of items! only 100% chance, quit trying to screw with us..
    you shouldve learned we dont like chances when most of the players quit after the odds for lf4s, and seen for yourselves 90% the few players remaining only do 100% upgrade chance.

    also make it clearer where to find the new resources especially if specific npcs drop specific things.
  15. Scorpion

    Scorpion User

    How come I never get any uri in test server? the last time I got uri was when the new ships were introduced, I haven't been able to even finish building my ship in test server so I was unable to try the crafting system :(
  16. u don't need uri to test the craft system
  17. it told u if u checked it propa what npcs drop what rez
  18. I musta missed that information as I was trying to find out where to get the new ores from and could not find the information anywhere. I also see others saying killing Lordakia was outrageously high number of kills to get one piece of ore.
  19. Is this a PvP test or an Assembly test o_O Couldn't get on anyways, but the backpage works.
  20. gotta say i liked this feature a lot, managed to get onto game page once and crafted a few bits, all seemed to go as planned, there did seem to be a bug with cargo, but that didnt affect the crafting to much I manged to craft surgeon, Green Chimera and blue bat design without any issues
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