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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Apr 14, 2016.

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  1. -BIGDOG41-

    -BIGDOG41- User

    I have tried the test sever for the first time and I'm some problem's .

    I can not get game client to load and can't put some item's onto my ship , It let's me put laser's , shield's , speed gen, and rocket launcher on but I can't load any extra's on ship.
  2. i cant get past establishing connection
  3. Well I would have thought after the TWITCH Stream they would have had us testing the drop rate of the new cargo but since we can not pick cargo up it is a mute point. Can't craft anything if you have no materials. Too bad for D O.
  4. i was able to get in and in alpha gate i was able to pick up the scrap from mord even tho cargo was full
  5. Well I have finally been allowed to log into the game, after being stuck in log in page [removed], I will never attempt to log into the TEST Server again, wasted 10 hours trying to get back to game after selecting the TEST 2 server and being sent to the log in page instead, before support finally moved my account back to normal servers (they said us2 but was us3).
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  6. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    I managed to log onto the test sever in the early hours and managed to do some testing here is a breakdown of what I worked on and issues I found.

    1. Checked my hanger after the roll back all items were correct but I did have to reequip as mot of my equipment had be put back into the inventory.

    2. Opened the crafting interface and crafted a surgeon and checked my hanger and found no issues.

    3. Moved equipment to the surgeon and found no issues.

    4. Crafted a P.E.T to find that I could not name the P.E.T from within the crafting interface and an automated name of what appears to be a binary number was given to the P.E.T and the only way to give the P.E.T a name of choice was from the hanger at the cost of a 1000 uri.

    5. moved around the lowers to find NPC's to test for ore drops but there was to much PvP on the maps so I abandoned this part of the test for the time being.

    6. Built a Lambda GG to test the drops from boss NPC's and see how collecting from a GG gate would work, the first issue I found was the my P.E.T would not pick up any ore drops with either auto looter or resources collection gear leaving to me collect ore drops manually. I also found that all boss NPC's drop only a single ore this seemed odd as the bigger more difficult boss's were giving out the same in ore as some of the less difficult boss's.

    7. After finishing Lambda gate I moved to the lowers again to search for NPC's and managed to find a few ore drops and the issues with the P.E.T collecting still remained.

    8. Made an attempt at move to the uppers to test NPC drops but abandoned the attempt again because of the amount of PvP and ended my test session.


    P.E.T naming needs to be looked into either with a naming feature within the crafting system or a free once only name change within the hanger.

    P.E.T collection needs to be looked into so that it can collect the new ores.

    The larger Boss NPC's should drop 2 items of ore as they are harder and require more effort to kill.
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  7. thebroods

    thebroods User

    most people dont bother theses days hence why its a dead forum
  8. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    Using auto refine. seems to lag out the flight page
  9. You guys are posting to the wrong feedback thread. This was for input from the Beta Test last month.
  10. The plasmide drop rate is really low because it does not compare to the drop rates of the other resources. Besides the drop rates I personal think it is a good addition to Dark Orbit, but still needs a changes to make it fair.
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  11. I tested assembly and here are details of testing and results:

    For 1hour I shoot 137 NPC and obtain only 8 Scraps. Nothing more. For pet, player need 300 Scrap, 100 Plasmide, 100 Prismatium.

    I think assembly system is now very bad ballanced for players it doesn’t matter if you are weak or strong player. Look to my results and try to imagine how much time weak player need to spent on the maps if he want to make only pet. It is much more easier to buy pet for uri then using assembly system.
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  12. I like your spreadsheet. I think the parts have been turned down since the event is over. I still get some parts but it is not like during the event by a long shot. I agree, one could get a pet after a month of good play time. About an hour a day could net you a pet with gears and protocols, if you are saving your uri.
  13. The numbers I had of drops was 6 per hour regardless of whichever map.
  14. I want more ... maybe new designs ?
  15. I have to disagree.
    It seems more like 4-6 hours per day, 7 days a week and it'll be more like 3 months before you feel you are close to having enough of the new scraps to get a pet, without any gears or protocols.
    Really feel that the way the extremely rare drop of the new stuff should be in addition to whatever the npc normally gives up as resources. Same goes with the occasional drop of a booty box. Add that stuff (when it does happen) to regular resource drops.
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  16. I don't think I was clear. One could get the pet with uri after a good month of playing. I think I had mine in less than a month, but we are talking Dec with all the good winter missions. Getting the material to do it would take I while I feel also.
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  17. that hole assembly system is only bunch of waste of time, boosters and sepp brbrb gonna stop with that c,r,a,p shooting 3 days boss devs and devs over 15 miljon exp and get just 13 plasmide lol
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  18. jackknife

    jackknife User

    It was a good addition to the game until they put the materials in the shop and the drop rate drop down to almost non-existent. At a rate that farming for uri costs less and produces more.

    Too bad it was a great idea to level the playing field a little or could have been used to. What a shame! DO you finally came up with something that could have worked and brought back players with the hope of crafting very good items without the "chance factor".

    Please return the drop rates to back as they were during the event. Because now they are useless.
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  19. At the moment the system is completely useless. No reason to explain why.
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  20. Runcho

    Runcho User

    I will be honest - I didn't read all the posts in here, I just randomly looked at some of them. What I saw as a feedback and suggestions about the assembly has nothing to do with what is happening currently with that feature.

    At first I was thinking that the assembly will be a nice new feature to the game when I saw it. However every 2 weeks there come more and more new stuff to the game and everything concerns the assembly right now. The main idea of it (killing NPCs for ores) has changed to literally buying 5k booty keys for chance of getting assembly parts. New recipes added on regular basis for more and more spending on that feature is not what I was hoping for. This feature is just a new uridium black hole and I am feeling that the darkorbit team are trying really hard to brute force it into the game.

    What is the point of adding new stuff that the community never asked for? What is the point in asking for feedback when you don't pay attention to what is written by the customers? Why do you ignore the suggestions of the players? Correct me if I am wrong, but if someone asks for something for years isn't it logical to think about it and maybe implement it into the game? Why you try to come up with new things and not look back at what community asks for?
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