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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, May 11, 2016.

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  1. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    Surgeon has different amount of slots so it's harder to transfer. Transferring from surgeon to goliath faces the same logistical problem as changing from another ship. Saying" Before you answer that, I will do it for you. The DEV team thought that they could get away with players not being able to transfer equipment into a surgeon, I guess it would make their jobs easier. but lots of people have pulled them up about it. So they are looking into it." only shows you want to blame the DEV teams for your problems. Your 'answer' is what you personally think is happening and is unsupported. You are trying to make the DEV team look bad in order to make your proposition more justified.:eek:

    So wallet warrior pour in cash to gain rank faster and score higher on the rankboards right? You use exalted and I'll use surgeon and we'll see who gains rank faster (all else equal). In the time you complete 100 gates, i'll complete about 106 gates. You can prattle on about getting that 10% more for your 100 gates. You can even show the world you got more rank points for each gate than I did for each gate. But I did 6 more gates during that time and those 6 gates also give honor. But you have shown no ability to understand that fact yet. Not only that, I will have made about 12% more experience, 6% more npc kills, 6% more gates done, etc. It turns out experience npcs killed also contribute to rank :/. Then people will check the number of gates completed and they will see how not only I completed more gates but also have a better time record for all of them. In all this time you can keep deluding yourself that you're the better at the rank game because you are getting 10% honor vs my 6% honor for each npc. Then when I have a higher rank than you, you will accuse me like you accuse the DEV team.

    Well from my experience those that get surgeons never leave their surgeon golis for other golis. Even if they needed to after new update, switching equipment isn't that hard. Could it be you are lazy? Since You don't want to switch equipment, you want the DEV team to do it for you.

    I'm sure the DO team has reasons for not doing as you suggested. Since those reasons do not agree with your reasons, you refuse to understand them.
    "As far as the multi hanger players that are about, they do get a say but should not get more of a say than anyone else. We should all be treated equally no matter how much $$ we pay."-->Another personal opinion. No where in the terms of service of service did it say all players have equal rights to contribute to updates. Therefore DO is not obliged to give all an equal share. DO and I respect those that have bought their equipment and that is ultimately the opinion that matters.

    I'm not sorry that paragraphs cannot cure your inability to understand things. I've explained it more than enough times.

    Maybe transferring from surgeon to goli won't work out well so that's why they didn't want to do it in the first place. :confused:

    I believe the DO team has good reasons for doing what they do as it is hinted this update will open up new possibilities. They probably don't want reveal those new possibilities yet. I think an explanation like that is far more logical than something like the DO team is lazy.

    Oh my goodness I forgot something this whole time. Now the hangar halls are infinite. I can now have as many ships as I want with this new update. Speaking of which on one of my accounts I was going to buy new hangar halls until I found out about this update. Thank you DO!

    DO might make a few tweaks here and there but ultimately I don't think you will get what you want. Ultimately DO decision is the one that counts and I'm aligned with DO on this update so my opinion is the one this update will cater to.:)
  2. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    I might have misunderstood you with regards to star option. I meant - it is supposed to help select the ships for ship warp and switch - just as it was in the previous system.

    Most of the Goliath-based ships have same number of slots (Surgeon is the exception), most of the Vengeance-based ships have the same number of slots(Pusat is the exception). That means, that even in the current system to transfer equipment from Vengeance to Goliath you have to reequip it. You are right, no change here.

    I believe that new system is easier to control and understand for new, it provides better overview of the ships collection and more freedom in how many active ships players can have.

    Just like in old system you can select a compatible ship and transfer all your equipment. The only difference is that you would have to activate that ship.

    As I said, we will look into a possibility to add Surgeon Goliath-compatible ships, but I don't have any ETA on that.

    I understand that we are changing something everybody is used to to something new, and that causes trouble. We have to undergo this change to make the system more logical and transparent and we will be looking for more ways to enhance this system.
  3. At the cost of playability! As it is now if we want to change from a Venom to a Diminisher it is one click of a drop down menu, with the addition we have to select the current ship, the transfer to ship (making sure it meets the criteria) and then activate the new ship. Please explain to me how this is the same as the one click of a drop down menu? Why could this one thing not have been implemented in the NEW Hangar System? ALL Goliath Stat designs (Now Ships) could have been in one drop down menu and each design could have been "Starred" to be in Favorite Hangar and ready to be used instead of having so many ships to read through to see which one we want to use.
    The issue here is the customization of ships is at the cost of using a Stat Design. Why can we not make a frosted Exalted Goliath, or why do we need to buy 5 different Frosted designs for the Skill Goliath Ships? Customization is just that the choice to make changes to the ship we want to fly not be limited by what you want to allow us to customize. Drones have the option of doing both why not the ships?
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  4. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Yes, I think you did explain this well enough.

    Let's go through this one by one.

    Firstly, the cosmetic things are actually custom options, which do not affect gameplay. And we do offer some special cosmetic options, which players can obtain only via game, so if you are a skilled player - you can have that. Also we offer some cosmetic options for Uridium, and Uiridium is not an exclusive payment currency.

    Secondly, as I have explained before, we have raised probabilities in many cases, so it did become more accessible. The way that probabilities work though is different from individual perception. In your case it might have been just bad rolls.

    Thirdly, 700 keys is around a million Uridium, if we calculate it by full price. If that amount of Uridium is at your disposal, I think Galaxy Gates are also accessible for you.

    Fourthly, our minds work like this - customization is not affecting gameplay, therefore we are not affecting anyone's strength by offering it to the players who would like to use this opportunity and personalize their ships. This let's us support the game for all the players. It is actually very strange to hear, that we should sell advantages, but not cosmetics. Maybe I got it wrong and you didn't really mean that, but the thing we are actively struggling with is precisely the unequal distribution of advantages.
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  5. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Ok, let's break it down.

    In the old system you need to be at the HQ or logged out, click on menu, scroll through designs and click on a selected one.

    In the new system you need to be at the HQ or logged out, click on transfer, select ship, click ok, and then activate the ship.

    So there are indeed more clicks, and I have never argued that it's not the case.

    What I'm saying is that this system makes the collection more transparent, lets actively use more ships and customize them.

    But I get your point about more clicks. I think I have an idea how to make it almost exactly the same. I'll talk this over with developers and see what we can do and get back to you :)
  6. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Actually, the percentages are there.

    If every baseline is 5,000 = 3 dollars, 165,000 uridium should cost 100 dollars, but you get 98% more.

    Same with other bundles.

    30 dollars should give 50,000, but 50% increase = 75,000.
  7. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    That's precisely our point - we don't want to have stat designs. We don't want to make people chose between stats and customization and in case of ships it is a lot more transparent and clean to make sure that no cosmetic changes ever bring any advantages.

    Also, nobody is making anyone to have all the frost designs or anything like that, on the contrary our goal was to let players customize precisely what they want.

    And the last point for today :)

    You specifically mentioned, that early players depend on collecting cargo boxes, so I immediately went to check that with our analyst. It turns out, that actually even on level 6 players collect a lot less cargo boxes than they could have, and that number drops sharply as players progress. Could you elaborate on that assumption, cause actually it doesn't seem like assembly disturbs any collection of cargo boxes.
  8. The players who are killing BOSS NPC's are usually killing them so they can collect Xenomite which is not available in any other source unless Buying it from AUCTION. People knowing it is a source of CREDITS and NEEDING CREDITS collect every drop they can INCLUDING drops left by other players (especially players with Premium and Auto Refine) those leaving the cargo drops are either Money players who do not need Credits, or are players with a FULL Cargo Hold that do not want to fly back to the BASE to sell the ORES. The Trade Drone used to be a PERMANENT item and has since been changed to a Limited Use Purchasable Item forcing more people to return to the base to sell instead of selling in the maps (YES you added the PET TRADER but until it is level 8 it takes too long to make the transfer and leaves the PET out of commission too long for most). Ask your ANALYST to separate the data into classifications, UFE, Wallet, and status of Cargo Bay (don't forget the Botters that are under investigation) when they are seeing cargo being left in the maps and even better look at the Quests you create for these events and tell me the COLLECTION Quests can be done easily when most of the large quantity collections are being replaced with Booty Chests (Green, Red, and Blue) or A.S. Resources, prime example of this was trying to collect 250 Promerium when you were getting 1-8 pieces at a time and every Boss you killed dropped a B C instead of Cargo, even the Kristallon only dropped 16 pieces (assuming you could solo one of them meant you had to kill 16 of them to complete the quest) and this was before you added the A.S. Resource which now takes all chance of a Cargo from a Boss NPC away from you.

    As far as the A.S. Resource in and of itself you are correct it does not effect the Cargo that much, however you add the Ultra Booty Day to the mix and watch the drops fall to nothing collectible for credits. I am having trouble understanding WHY you can not just ADD these NEW items to the Cargo Drop instead of replacing them (I don't mind the drop being the new graphic but let us collect Cargo IF we want to) the players farming credits want their cargo to collect as much as possible, whether to buy ammo, use in the AUCTION to buy Uridium items, or whatever they want to do with them stealing a source of credits is not the way you should be adding more items to the game. The fact that you now have some NPC's that are not dropping anything (I am assuming it is supposed to be Plasmide since this is an ore I have been unable to collect out of the regular maps) is just another slap in the players face.

    I understand we have bugs/glitches/code conflicts but making a Major game change every month or less (3rd one launching tomorrow in 2 months) without correcting the current batch of issues does not seem like it is smart business. PET was affected by the "Visual Upgrade" and I do not think this was ever acknowledge as an issue, the LAG seen by the PET was compounded with the Launch of the A.S. causing the Protocols to no longer work and making the game unplayable and now we are still "instructed" (as recently as yesterday) to remove our AJP-01 to solve an issue that has been reported as being fixed, how is removing a feature from the GAME FIXING an issue? CBS's can not be built as the modules disappear when put into place (and I don't mean from the CBS but the actual players Inventory), a FAQ is posted of Resources being available in SHOP but no one knows when this is going to happen.
  10. it doesn't say that on the uk site. its always the normal amount.
  11. ~Monster~

    ~Monster~ User

    Says the same thing on my site.

    What I am trying to say is that the percentage more you get is already calculated, so when it says "330,000 98%" the 98% is already calculated and is part of the 330,000.
  12. 98% refers to the amount you would normally pay if you bout it at the rate for 5K uridium it is a savings not a discount so the percentages posted earlier (even though correct are for discount not savings). It is to entice people to buy more to save even more. It has nothing to do with the price having changed.
  13. ]ГоРн[

    ]ГоРн[ User

    KrisKelvin, when introducing Ship Customization, I hope you have taken into account the mission to certain kinds of ships? For example have a mission where you have to destroy the Goliath 750 ... we can now destroy the Goliath in any design and it will be taken into account in the mission, as well as the will was the case after the introduction of Ship Customization? We need to look for 750 ordinary Goliath in which no one is flying, or the quest will make changes?
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  14. The Quest is not going to change a Goliath is a Goliath whether a design or not it has never mattered, but it could be a coming glitch if the Dev Team has not tested this against the old code. It could be smooth transition or could be a major glitch fest since the designs are now SHIPS they could need to be added to the acceptable parameters of the Quest, but as I was informed in another thread we will have to "Wait and See" what is going to happen with this.
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  15. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    We will be reworking these quests, of course, so that nobody will have to find 750 simple Goliaths. I don't want to derail this topic, but in general we are not happy with current state of PvP quests. They are in general very grindy, often direct players to hunt in enemy territory, where new players get the hardest hit, and so on.
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  16. ODoyle

    ODoyle User

    sry for the off topic. but is there any plan for really new quests ? i mean NPC quest.... 500 kristallon and so one, i really miss them... im already UFE and the game is pretty boring on a dead server with only pvp quests( im not that pvp guy anyway).
  17. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Let's move this discussion to the separate thread, I don't want to make moderators work any harder :)
  18. ODoyle

    ODoyle User

    im sry but i hope i get a clear answer on the other thread, it would be nice.... do could be so much more fun if you have something to do, like quest (npc)
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  19. @KrisKelvin i have some questions to you.

    Why you invest so much time in one update which isn't important for the game? Now everything is awkward. Noone understands the update. So much questions in the forum. But for what? Before the update was released all was fine. We changed our design in a few seconds.

    As well before the update was released if i want to change from for example Sentinel to Surgeon i just put 1 more Generator in the configuration and now because the Surgeon has one more Generator, i can't change from Sentinel to Surgeon because of the Generator. So i'm forced to rebuild my configuration from Sentinel to Surgeon. It may takes 5-10 minutes and before the update i need like 10 seconds.

    The point is the update is useless. Sorry for this but who needs this? The only one thing is i can transfer from EQUAL equipment number but which ships have the same equipment numer? The most important ships like Vengeance, Cita, Goliath and Aegis, they all don't have the EQUAL number of equipment so it is useless.

    I see only negative things in the update:

    - More time to change design/configuration
    - Cannot rebuild from lower number of equipment to Surgeon ( because 1 more Generator )
    - Cannot rebuild from normal Vengeance to Pusat and not from Pusat to normal Vengeance ( because of the Laserslots )

    Finally: Why you don't create a "safe configuration button" with this update?
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  20. Silviu

    Silviu User

    That's not true, i'm not a wallet warrior, yet i haven't picked up a single cargo box in years to farm credits or Xenomits. Xeno is not a rare resource, everyone has hundreds of thousands or millions of it. You can find it in bonus boxes, you get a lot from the GG materializer so it's ok.

    Yeah, having to re-equip Surgeon is a pain, but they're gonna work on it. I can't see how someone can't undestand the new hangar, it's very simple and clean and i love it. The only things that bug me is that we cannot order the favorite ships in the order we want to.
    We finally get on Independence the stats Hezarfen had, and that doesn't make it useless anymore, it's now my favorite gate bashing ship.

    @KrisKelvin I found a small display bug in the new hangar, the repair credits and the jump credits have their amounts displayed in eachothers place. And also, if you guys find a way to give us back the basic versions of the ships that went missing after the update asap, it'll be awesome.
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