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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, May 11, 2016.

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  1. Totally agree with that. I dont know what is point on this update because pretty much every useless design is still useless and its harder to change from 1 design to another especially pusat and surgeon so its useless when its harder for players.
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  2. Yeah, i edited my post. I forgot to say that we can't build from Vengeance to Pusat and from Pusat to Vengeance. It's just awkward. I don't understand the sense with this update.

    I need much more time to change my design or to rebuild from Goliath to Surgeon.

    Please @KrisKelvin , make it able to change the Design from eg Sentinel to Surgeon without rebuild the complete ship. Make it able to change the design to Surgeon and we have to put one more generator into the ship. Make it able too that we can change from eg Lightning to Pusat and put the laserslots in by ourself.

    I thought the update makes anything better but we can only see the opposite.
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  3. If you watched the most recent TWITCH Stream you would know they are working on a fix to try to make this a little more flexible. Yes a Goliath to Goliath change should be easy, a Vengeance to Vengeance should be easy, but it has never been easy to do a Leonov to Goliath change. Maybe with the future updates of this system they will even add this feature. They have stated this was a necessary change to accommodate future changes to the game.
  4. @HelpMeHelpYou

    Can you send me the link of it?

    Who has written about a change from Goliath to Leonov?

    We talked about to change from Goliath ( Sentinel, Enforcer, Bastion, Solace,... ) to Surgeon and back from Surgeon to
    Goliath ( Sentinel, Enforcer, Bastion, Solace,... ).

    Also we talked about to change from Vengeance ( Revenge, Avenger, Lightning,... ) to Pusat and back from Pusat to
    Vengeance ( Revenge, Avenger, Lightning,... ).

    Because Surgeon is like a Goliath and Pusat like a Vengeance.

    The problem is the number of generators and laser slots.
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  5. It is in the Official Announcement and they run them every 2 weeks on Wednesday at about 9 am Pacific Time.
  6. this system can be described with only one word: horrible

    everytime when you change design, you also need to warp it separately and make new quickslot....
    it takes now years to change design, even if just changing between "basic" designs, and with surgeon this is just a one big joke.-

    seriosly? why you run this bad "update" that is no way needed. it was already when showed in twitch most of people was screaming that please dont destory our working hangairs
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  7. apetown.

    apetown. User

    horrible update

    oh and btw thanks a lot, now after is update my enemy kills no more come to mssions!!
  8. -riku119-

    -riku119- User

    i think this event is stupid cant transfer from vengi to goli or goli to aegis but can only do it in each seperate ships.....thats stupid its the same old crap we was on anyways
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  9. I cant open hangar. Keeps loading for ages, tried various browsers and stuff, reloading page, nothing works.
  10. We have never been able to do this so why would you think something new would allow it on the first try.
    I know this is getting OLD but have you;
    • Cleared Browser History
    • Deleted Flash and Java Cache
    • Reset, turned it of for 45 seconds, Modem/Router\
    • Restart Computer
    These seem to clear the Old Programming that causes conflict with the New programming and if you have done this then you need to send a message to Support to see if they can help you correct the issue. Bear in mind to explain you have already done the above mentioned items or they will repeat it again.
  11. drones dont level up
    no enemy kills to tasks
    cant change pet name
    what more??
  12. Lol I have to agree with the guy above. The broken enemy ship missions and the broken drones are something that should have been obvious in the initial beta testing of this event/update release. It is a huge pain to deal with something as blatant as this after seeing this entire event be delayed for a few days, assumedly to fix bugs, just to have these bugs be released anyways.

    Well... Except the pet naming thing that I wasn't aware of since it doesn't really play a huge role in my (and probably also most people's) gameplay.

    Okay, while I do agree with most people posting their feedback here, I have to respond to this:

    Mate. Just.... Okay.
    I am a member of a ton of game communities so I know what I'm talking about here. Hell, I even played Minecraft and "worked" for a server for a while, back where the entire community was complaining about Minecraft servers being PayToWin, and unplayable for the "free" folks that didn't want to (or were unable to) buy anything for real money on these servers.
    It was a huge issue, especially considering the huge underaged population of a game such as Minecraft, whose guardians did not want to purchase the P2W items for their children. But since then Minecraft's team changed up their EULA, so that most of the P2W issue was fixed by making these servers unable to sell things that give out gameplay advantages. Instead, they could sell purely cosmetic items that just make players look fancy in their server.
    This was actually a good fix that enchanted gameplay for everyone, and most people were left satisfied.

    Now, from what I understand you are unhappy about Bigpoint wanting to make their main money off of cosmetics that do not alter gameplay in any way for the people purchasing them (Well, except for making their ship look fancy)?
    I fail to understand what exactly is wrong about this decision, even though I've already had my fair share of complaints like this while working for other places. I've never seen the logic behind this in any game.
    If a company is cutting off most of its P2W aspects and deciding to make money off of cosmetics, then why is this an issue for any of the playerbase? Even if the cosmetics are "overpriced" (which is relative to whoever is considering getting the cosmetics, especially in a game such as DO, where you can actually buy them for a currency that you can acquire without paying real life money, and that is actually acquirable {aka it is a sum that the "target audience" of the cosmetic item in question is able to save up with relative ease}).
    Sure, some people might be unhappy being unable to make their ship look more fancy, because the cosmetics cost real money (which isn't even exactly the case here, as I mentioned above). But does this make a game boring or unplayable? Does this make non-paying newbies get popped instantly by wallet warriors?
    Nope. It doesn't.
    Instead, the "wallet warriors" will just look a little more "fancy" to those newbies. The game is still fun to play for both sides, even if you're taking it with a grain of salt cause you don't look as fancy as your paying friend.

    Compare this entire situation to a game like LoL (League of Legends), where I'm fairly sure you can unlock all playable characters without paying any real cash. You can buy "skins" for the characters that some people would consider to be "overpriced", but they are purely cosmetic and don't alter the abilities/damage that your character deals, other than changing its looks. The game and the characters still function the same way they did without the skins. The Wallet Warriors can't Wallet-Warrior (aka they don't have better chances of winning the game because of buying stuff using real money).

    And besides, I'm sure Bigpoint could throw in a couple of cosmetic designs that cost a couple of million credits for the newer players that want to fancy-up their ship, like that "Wave Formation" 3D Drone formation for 5 mil Creds. Doubt that would be a huge deal for them to add in.

    Edit: Oh, and I just remembered that I forgot to respond to the "Why sell cosmetics that do nothing, who will even buy them?" part of your post.
    Well, I know that I would. I already got myself two Expo16 designs. And I know from experience that many many people like buying cosmetic things because they want to look fancy. I'd give you exact numbers from some places, if I had them on hand (which I don't right now). But they were way up in the thousands. ;p
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  13. Cosmetics is all down to personal choice, if you don't want to buy them then don't. If you do then get your cash out. I think they are overpriced and they could do with bringing out some credit cosmetics, they keep banging on that they want to cater for all. But if they did not as many people might not buy the uri or cash options. Personally, if I wanted to make something look fancy I would go out and buy a new shirt. They said that they would like players to be able to personalize their ships etc, which is fair enough. With all the choices though everyone looks the same lol. I will not put any cosmetics on my ship, pet or drones, there for I will be the one who's different.;)
  14. @KrisKelvin

    i have a few more questions for you.

    You released this update because we can "transfer" equipment from one ship to another ship with "equal" equipment.

    So i want take a look...

    The not important ships

    Phönix has -> 1 Laser -> 1 Generator -> 1 Extra
    Liberator has -> 4 Laser -> 6 Generator -> 2 Extra
    Leonov has -> 6 Laser -> 6 Generator -> 1 Extra
    Nostromo has -> 7 Laser -> 10 Generator -> 3 Extra
    Bigboy has -> 8 Laser -> 15 Generator -> 3 Extra
    Spearhead has -> 5 Laser -> 12 Generator -> 2 Extra

    The most important ships

    Vengeance has -> 10 Laser -> 10 Generator -> 2 Extra
    Goliath has -> 15 Laser -> 15 Generator / 16 Generator on Surgeon -> 3 Extra
    Aegis has -> 10 Laser -> 15 Generator -> 3 Extra
    Citadel has -> 7 Laser -> 20 Generator -> 5 Extra

    So you can see none of the ships have the same stats of equipment.

    Back to general

    You say we can "transfer" equipment from one ship to another ship with "equal" equipment.

    But we can't! because none of the ships have the same stats. The only one thing you have done is that the designs are "ships". You tell us we can "transfer" from one ship to another ship but we don't transfer it. We just change our design with a more complex way.

    In fact the update is useless because ( the most important facts are white deposited )

    -> we can't! really transfer equipment from another ship to another one ( in your opinion we can because now designs are "ships" but that is trash )
    -> we need much more time to change our design
    -> at the moment we can't change the configuration from basic goliath to surgeon
    -> we are forced to rebuild the configuration from basic goliath to surgeon and it tooks much more time as if we put/take away one more generator

    As well the updates takes many mistakes with itself ( The focus takes more time and other mistakes need more time because of this update )

    -> we can't level our drones
    -> certain ships are not showed
    -> ships doesn't count for missions
    -> useless shooting ranking


    1.1) You have done nothing else as sale designs as ships.
    1.2) You have waste your time for 1.1)
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  15. It would be great that you could save settings for each ship you have. For example if you press to transfer configs from sentinel to surgeon, then it automatic ads one more generator for it(what you chose before in ship settings).
  16. @KrisKelvin

    I added some more reasons to delete this update on post #94.

    Finally, the feedback isn't important for the developer, designer etc. If you will read my post #94 you will say to yourself "Hm, he is right with his argumentation. We have done nothing else as sale designs as ships. In addition nothing has changed except the design change takes even more time as before. Don't forget the mistakes which we have done."

    This will be a dream if you say this to yourself and delete this useless update.
  17. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    as this is out of testing phase I've closed it
    post-release feedback is over here

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