Tetrathrin Daily/Weekly Missions Quest Giver Name

Discussion in 'General Issues' started by HunterCataOfficial, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. There are daily missions and weekly missions that give you tetrathrin once you complete 'em. These quests have a quest giver whose name I don't know. Can I know his name? If there is a thread that contains his name, link it instead.

    The information can help in understanding more the game's lore.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Quest giver used to be Nyx but ive not played properly in a few years that may have changed?
  3. There are lots of quest givers:
    • Nyx (gives out some event quests, lvl 17 daily quests [quests that give you 4k uri] and certain normal missions);
    • Your Company Leader (gives out most of your normal missions, challenges, lvl 3 daily missions [quests that give you 1k uri, even tho they're unlocked at lvl 5] and certain event quests);
    • Enemy Company Leader (gives out black light related quests)
    • Amita Mishra (gives out some black light missions and lvl 10 daily quests [quests that give you 2k uri] and probably certain event quests).
    • Black Light (gives out the "We Own Your Identity" quest, i think!)
    • M.A.S.Q.U.E. (gives out certain M.A.S.Q.U.E.-related event quests)
    • MINISTRY (gives out most of the black light quests)
    I don't know if HULL, UEF and HELIX are quest givers, but they're mentioned in mission "Death is Fleeting" and "Player 4, Press Start", so I felt like adding them here, but not to the list of quest givers.

    This is the guy I'm trying to identify. If you know his name, let me know.
  4. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Hello HunterCataOfficial

    I asked around yesterday

    And we really don't know ..Lol

    I hope to give you an answer soon :)

    Regards Rogue
  5. Hello, Rogue.

    When the answer is known, I would advise you to send me a private message about it, so we don't keep this thread open for a long period of time, as it has been open for quite some time.

    With this message, I would like this thread to be closed, with the condition that you send me in private message the name of the said quest giver.

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