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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by AnimalLOU, Nov 26, 2023.

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  1. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Hello! I used to play darkorbit about 10 years ago, but after the introduction of lf-4 I quit.. Here I decided to start again, however wherever I search for a beginners guide, everywhere it says about literally the most basic things like Leonov, x-2 x-3 and so on.. However I have another question. After taking the double bonus quest and passing the 10 prometheus missions, then what comes next and are these missions the most important to begin with, since I read somewhere that level 1 prometheuses aren't actually that good and they are like useless.. After these missions, should I continue with the X-BL missions or focus on passing portals? And also currently which is one of the best ships for 5-2 missions, farming kristallin/kristallon and npcs in general? Orcus maybe? Thank you in advance!
  2. For best ship that you can easily get is Solace. It has good ability and you can get +15% npc damage module relatively easy and that would be my go-to for 5-2 missions and other npc farming. Orcus is hard to get unless you want to pay and it is pretty useless unless you have great modules, then it will become the best ship for galaxy gates.

    I dont know why someone would say that prometheus lasers at lvl1 would be useless since even at lvl1 they are much better than lf3 or lf4. leveling them to 16 only gives them 7.5% damage boost. Enhanced lf4 arent really worth getting.

    But for the action that you should do after getting 20 prometheus is either starting to do Zeta gates since you will need a lot of keys for the rest of prometheus lasers, logdisks for pilot bio and havocs so you can make spartan later or go straight to 5-2, join a group and start doing the big pirate missions.

    There are few good guides on internet but unfortunately I can't send links to them since externals links arent allowed. [REMOVED]
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  3. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    If there isnt a clan or group to run with, these missions at 5-2 or X-BL are going to be a HUGE hassle.. Just imagine 20-25 unstable lf-4s getting "tortured" against impulses, so whats left for attends?... :D
    Realistically, the game is so screwed up right now that you're either dependent on a group or you just need a clan to progress much faster, which is still kind of a dependency.. Orcus is useless at your point, except for some Mindfire Behemoth missions.. Id prefer Goliath Plus, but for that you either need to put in a serious amount or play a lot until you get there. Level up for Pall, do Zeta 5-6 times at double rewards for havocs and some other log and loot, then a good group or clan for the Blacklight missions and you will gradually "rediscover" where the game is going..
    In addition to solace, diminisher and venom are also a very good option, and you can get all three of them directly by collecting the necessary resources when you open the green boxes during zeus day - only then is it worth opening them when getting these two drones..
  4. madhatter2

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    Dont bother m8 the games full of cheats and they have all the new gear, to get that you need months of graft, or loads of money
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  5. I returned after about a 10+ year break recently about 3 months ago. My knowledge still isn't there but I think I have a decent idea of how to get started. Most of the "advice" you will get it to to not play even though everyone commenting is still playing so hopefully I can help you a bit.

    After the 10 prometheus missions to get the 10 from missions, what comes next is continuing to make prometheus lasers by farming Rinusk and booty keys. Booty keys you will get from Zeta gate. You should just keep running zeta gate gaining booty keys and hopefully get your 10 havoc drone designs (10% damage boost to all drones). ONLY do gates on Sunday as you get double the rewards (50 keys and possibly 2 havoc designs). DO NOT do them on any other day. You can farm rinusk by leeching off bigger players and bots by doing a little damage from invokes and picking up the boxes later (top 5(?) get the box). You can save ammo which you will need on adepts for your prometheus missions. If you can find a group to help you with those it will make your life much easier but I was able to do it completely solo because I had a ton of 4x from when I left. It takes forever though and a group will make it so much easier.

    Ship.... it should depend on what modules you have. Wasting resources on getting a solace when you have 0 modules for it is pointless. If you have multiple modules for a diminisher/solace/orcus/etc. Get that ship that you have stuff for and worry about getting others ships later. When I returned all I had was a old school goliath. In 3 months I have several "end game" ships and have never bought any with uri. An important ship I would recommend you get is an Aegis. It's not a damage heavy ship or an end game ship but you can use the 3 abilities to stay alive forever in 5-2. This makes the pirate missions a breeze and easy to farm. If you have a pet with kamikaze and premium you can just kill endless NPC's in 5-2 and tank most of them with little effort. It also makes farming cubes as a solo fairly easy until you have a ship with 3 decent modules.

    Last but not least. Do the events. The current one probably isn't going to be easy because it's PVP related and you won't stand much chance against others. But most events will allow you to pick up modules, ships, etc. that will make you more competitive. Do the daily/weekly missions for booty keys and log disks to build your skill tree. I'd recommend looking at guides on how to spend them properly and not waste them.
  6. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Thanks for the replies! I notice in the groups and chat that a lot of emphasis is put on the Hades portal, but looking at it in characteristic, it's nothing special, but there must be some "secret".. Unfortunately i play in a pretty weak server (USA West), where it's very hard to find a group, and what about an active clan, since everyone wants strong players.. Impulses are still pretty hard for me and it's going to be an awful lot of grief until I can get the right amount of rinusk for just 1 prometheus.. what about more?.. I guess I'll focus on portals for like bolster myself with resources for some weapon updates and then think it through on the fly for x-bl missions.. Really, i don't see how i would do that, but it wouldn't be interesting if it was easy..
  7. Hades is not something you need to worry about right now. You need to complete ZETA gates for the booty keys as well as getting your havoc drone designs. There is no reason to consider any other gate right now. Don't waste your time/energy on that right now. They are doing it for something you don't need.

    I don't play US west so I can't speak for how that goes but you can gain a ton of rinusk by just hitting invokes a few times. Go run through the area where they are and hit each of them a few times then run away. Eventually someone will kill it for you and you can pick up the box that contains rinusk. The boxes never goes away so you don't have to stick around or even be in the same map when they are killed. Do another mission and then by the time you return you might find a bunch of boxes sitting around for you to pick up. If you see someone shooting a invoke.... join in. Unless there is a big group you should get the box.

    Prometheus lasers do 3.5x damage to BL NPC's. Each one will make a HUGE difference in your damage to them. It will become much easier to kill aliens with each one you have. And you'll also find it much easier to get rinusk when you leech off the other ships killing invokes.
  8. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    you forgot to mention only the top 4 damaging ships get the cargo for risunk, as i said before it would take months of graft to get 30 prom lasers,
  9. USAGeneral

    USAGeneral User

    Hades is mainly for ranking points - something you don't need at this stage. There are also different strategies with boosters, max passes portals after portals.. you can reach 500-600k ranking points, even in "certain conditions"(if u know u know), can be around a million.. basically this is all about hades..
  10. test020

    test020 User

    something it is advised when you have some people to play with is to wait until the robot has done 90% of the job and kill him granted there isn't any choo choo's nearby, finishing invoke as the robot runs repair routine and keep doing it, also it's top 5 player if the one that did the most damage gets killed or jumps away.

    old tactic that some players used to do when doing the damned kill 200 sibelon mission.