the last test server has a place to comment? ...

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by theOtherKey, Sep 14, 2014.

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  1. as it says on the tin :p is there a Forum comment page/post for the last 'TA' Test?

    all I want is the internal address and I will post my positive comments

    thanks FMs and enjoy
  2. Think they've forgotten to post -_-
  3. so pleased to hear that... I thought I was losing it :p

    We will have to wait for this opportunity then :)
  4. In Training Arena , i've matched with an Admin in test server :D /o/

  5. nice ;) i hope this "TA" will be implemented in all servers faster :) i like it :)
  6. hey guys, how can i access the test server?
  7. unfortunately the test server is not 'generally' open as it is for Testing new stuff... when they/GMs have enough comment they go back to make it better or even an addition in-game when they are happy ... :p :)

    but I liked this last test and the 'TA' , I think, it would be a great asset to the game...

    The new people, these days, don't realize that this is fundamentally a PvP game

    maybe a reality hit will get the game going... and help the noobs with some experience.. maybe even, as an addition, the chance to make a comment to your opponent about their performance and possible improvement would be useful if asked for by the lesser/greater player !
    Too many players are playing as if tomorrow doesn't exist and that way it may not!!

    (my only comment really was that I didnt have a fair match when I tried but in-test maybe not enough 'equal' players)
  8. Ah ok, thanks, I would love to participate in the testing one day, Offer feedback and all that stuff
  9. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    It's on right now.
  10. Shifterai

    Shifterai User


    Sorry to you all for not being able to post your feedback, as you can now use this thread to do so for the last open test server.

  11. Thanks, but where do I find it ?
  12. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User


    To get the server menu click on the globe icon that is top left of your backpage.
  13. Fact you guys don't even bother to make your own threads for these updates no more is dumb.

    The TA Arena size needs to be increased, 2 battle configs aint exactly what I call fighting which is what everyone seems to use on test, you don't learn anything as no-body uses 2 battles in planned 1v1's let alone when flying around in the maps.

    You cant exactly use a speed config against someone with 2 decent battle configs as you basically hit a wall and don't have enough space to get/move around.

    Am apparently told to post here according to reply from support, I will agree the rewards update was a great improvement to the crap that we use to get....Winning could be abit more then just double what you get for losing, kind of pointless that is :/
  14. open the test server ta combat training has some bugs still fails to be fighting
  15. wat are the reward of training area
  16. i think they should remove the reward from training arena and make it just for fun, go there, fight, use everything you have, and get them back at the end of the fight, so you don't waste ammo and don't gain uri, just for fun
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