The Mimesis guide (the most lowkey OP ship in the game)

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by TheShadows, May 30, 2018.

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  1. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    This guide will allow you to 1v2, 1v3 or even 1v5 with ease and come out on top.

    Mimesis is a ship rarely used in the game and so I would like to introduce a guide which would outline how to set up configs for it and also how to PvP with it and hopefully other people would have as much fun with it as I have.

    Mimesis faq:

    Mimesis configs:
    Equip 2 speed configs
    1. One speed config with 4 shields* on drones, rest lasers
    2. One speed config with full shields or almost full shields with some lasers on drones.**
    Basically the secret to unlocking a Mimesis's true potential is to have high damage while having less shields (while having scramble ability activated). This means that you can activate scramble and sab away your opponents shields while evading most of your opponent(s) damage. This means that you can easily keep your shields almost permanently topped up and scramble abiltiy running indefinitely.

    *Shields should be around 150k in damage config and not more than 200k. Also use drill while in scramble.

    **The second config serves as something you can switch to once your shields on the other config run out and run away or give you time to use the Phase ability.

    Drone formations
    1. Star Formation - Gives 10% evasion amongst other bonuses bringing up your evasion to a total of 102% (10% from Star Formation + 80% evasion from scramble ability + Evasion pilot points 12%). Extremely good and a must have, even better than using drill. Allows you to dive a cbs and not get damaged by its lasers, rockets etc.

    2. Drill? Maybe as a finisher, when you opponent has low hp. Otherwise stick to Star Formation.

    PvP tactics:
    • I usually engage with the other tanky config to get a lock on to the opponent first then switch to the high damage config, drill* (due to the patch star formation is now my go to formation), and start my ability.
    • Cycle between rsb and sabbing this will keep the ability running for a really long time.
    • Once their shields are down, finish them off.
    • Keep a close eye on your shields and the opponent(s) shields
    • Switch between opponents if one uses insta-shield or emp to continue to keep your shields up and ability running
    • For Cyborgs, save your emp until they use their ability out of frustration at not being able to bring your shields down :D
    • Rinse and repeat.
    • Also note that u can run away using your phase ability if you get completely overwhelmed (or once scramble ability runs out)
    • Use back-up shields and other techs as needed

    Other Tips
    • Do not change config while scramble ability is active as it will cause the ability to end.
    • Try to spread your opponents out especially if you are versing a lot of people at once. One combo can sneak past your evasion and end the ability and you'll get popped before you can react.
    • Try not to vs a group of cyborgs because if they are smart all they have to do is bait out your emp with one cyborg ability and just use the rest on you when you do not have emp hence killing you relatively easily.
    • Could also sab npcs to keep ability running for longer if you need to.
    • Try not to dive someone who has run to a CBS, as modules seem to ignore evasion and you will die really quickly.

    Enjoy. :)

    Some videos for your reference (not made by me):
    Mimesis (1v4+)

    Mimesis (1v3)
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  2. Very informative.

    Thanks for this post :D


    Only those who will risk going to far.. will find out how far they can go
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  3. TheShadows

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    Thanks :)
  4. Gudinden

    Gudinden User

    Good and informative guide ;) Thank you for the guide :D
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  5. TheShadows

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    Thanks :)
  6. 102% doesn't exist with evasion, 100% is a cap. Small difference is there if you would deduct anti-evasion abilities. Same thing with crab and respective pilot bio, your shield endurance also doesn't go to 112%, only 100%.

    Otherwise good and informative reference guide, mimesis is truly broken ship and I can confirm that it is possible to 1v5 with only 180k shields, as long as luck is on your side. And if it's not, you're dead meat. That's what makes this ship so much fun and annoys the hell out of enemys.
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  7. TheShadows

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    Mimesis can be countered, they just have to play smart xD
  8. PurpNGold

    PurpNGold User

    Needs a nerf in my opinion, rn it feels almost as the diamond bug a couple years ago. Only way it can lose its on 1v1 by being dumb, literally any player with half a brain can go from not knowing how to fight to being able to 1v3 on it... on a group fight it wont lose unless you have a spearhead, since it can sab from anyone..

    counters are useless too(on group fights):
    -Smb really doesnt do much too it plus, they can always use rep bot or tech.
    -pld8 with targetting works a bit sometimes but not good enough.
    -dcr + target tech and kami can do good, unless they are decent and ish your kami.
    - you cant use ish/emp to make them lose time on ability because they will switch lock and sab.
    -ONLY decent counter on group fight is to JamX
    - if the player is dumb he will step on mines lol.

    1v1 counters are slightly better:
    -target tech and dcr + kami and smartbombs, then slow mine and kite.
    ^ if the player is dumb he will mess up, if not he will go sab an alien XD
    -cyborg skill or venom if you manage to make them emp; but then again you dont have to emp or ish when you use that ship ( unless you are dumb)

    its funny only bad players will defend it, lets be honest on this game pvp is about who makes less mistakes; with mimesis even a bad player has like 99% chance of not making a mistake. RN it truly is like diamond bug, except you cant moth it now.
    butttt im not a salty person, im glad people find creative ways to fight; its also fun to see how people i 1 fig can put up a great fight (its amusing and fun).. sorry for bad english its not my language.
  9. TheShadows Since the Mimesis nerf it would be nice to see an update to this thread!
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  10. Remember when this ship was good? Yeah, me too.