The W.S.P. Chip

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Jan 25, 2014.

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    VESPID User

    I had the spear and leo outside of the lowers in mind with this idea.
    To make things interesting I'll restrict the ammo to just MCB and LCB ammo only.
  2. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Well that sounds all fine and dandy but being a lib pilot for the last 3 days I would appreciate any help these ships get but it is for more than just the credit ships isn't it.

    Any time bro.
  3. I enjoy open minded people but no the Idea sucks.
    Speaking for Myself I pay thousands into the game so that it may not be on equal terms; I enjoy having the upper hand. :p

    Lots Of Love To All <3
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    VESPID User

    It will only work with laser damage only and even then with LCB and MCB ammo only.
  5. Vespid you need to understand that UFE's could still use this chip, and how bad that would be. UFE's in a spearhead can hit hard still, as people have said. You keep thinking how this chip will be used in the hands of noobs...thats ok...but think what a UFE Spearhead would do with this ???? It could scrap a goli , and leave it dead with 500k shields but no HP left, again as others have said, which makes all those BO2 shields almost useless.

    You want a shield-by-passing / hull eating machine? Run a suicide moth config with saturn or a damage skin goli.

    EDIT : I just saw you post above about only working with mcb / lcb ammo.....So what is the point of the chip then ?? cus you can't hunt with that ammo?? Is it to shoot aliens and kill them slightly faster??? That's not much of a return for an 80k chip now.

    This idea is stuck between a rock and a dead place , you had some others that are getting ok tho ;)
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    VESPID User

    This idea is still evolving, I'm sure it will improve.
  7. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I like how it is only active if the drones have generators in them only.
  8. Blah

    Blah User

    if this idea is for the noobs then how do they get 80k uri? and I think u made this idea because ur too lazy to kill the bk's or whatever alien u shoot in that spearhead of urs. No offence, but this idea sucks and wont help anyone but lazy people.
  9. Okay so the strongest ammo you can use with it is MCB-50 (x3 ammo.)

    Goliath has 15 lasers. For this we'll say 15 LF3s

    15 x 150 = 2250
    Add in all the bonuses (counting boosters, sep, bio.etc) that can be taken to 4545.
    If the LF3s are level 16 the damage would be 4817 (decimal rounded down)

    Level 1 LF3s sepped/doubled/fats/havocs/x3: 13635
    Level 16 LF3s sepped/doubled/fats/havocs/x3: 14451
    Level 1 LF4s s/d/f/h/3: 18180
    Level 16 LF4s s/d/f/h/3: 19270 (decimal rounded down)

    Now that's not a lot of damage normally, but with 100% penetration that can easily wipe out a standard FE goli. Someone could use crab yeah to bring the penetration down to 80% but if someone is using moth that would put that back up to 100%.

    Thinking about this on a programming level, this could be glitched with moth to bring the penetration to 120%. This means 120% of the damage would go to the hp directly allowing for a possible exploit to gain a pretty significant damage boost using a formation that wouldn't normally give a damage boost. (So if a moth user is normally hitting 10k, this exploit could be used to bring that to 12k.) It's easily fixed but if it is added and that exploit does exist it would give people hell and no one knows how long it could take before dev team would catch on.

    Note: That last paragraph is just theoretical.

    Needless to say... no to this.
  10. He said MCB not MCB-50, and ships with less then 160k hp, so you don't know how to read clearly.
    Meaning could be x2. Honestly, if this was just for x1 and x2 i'd support it. They won't get anything done with x1 or x2 in a battle of just lasers on the ship. It's perfectly fair, and could help noobs with the bigger npc's.

    But to knock some of the big haters down, make it so dmg is reduced by 5% when using the chip.
  11. Ooh... resorting to insults are we? Very mature... o_O

    Fair enough I didn't see the 160k hp bit, but still even a leo (which has exactly 160k hp) has the damage of 12 lasers in its home lowers which still is pretty nasty which full penetration if he does mean MCB-50. But it's kinda confusing when he just says MCB. Does he mean MCB-25 (x2) or MCB-50?
  12. No and no.
  13. I have loaded up a leo with all my LF4s a leo with just lasers on the ship is still nothing compared to a goli. And i didn't insult you, i said you clearly don't know how to read, not an insult, a statement.
  14. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Oh the dream demon knocks it out of the park!!!
    VES says thanks.
    His comp broke down so he his here at my home to keep up on the current.
    He also liked the 5% idea.
  15. Well either way it wasn't nessecary.
  16. Just a simple, the game is full of lag... we better protest about lag and later we can keep the upgrades and stuff... so yeah...
  17. What you find unnecessary isn't my concern, learn to read before dissing an idea. I could care less about how someone felt because i "insulted" them, or they THINK i did for this matter. You brought it upon yourself when you failed to R-E-A-D the idea.
  18. In a professinal debate do you see others insulting another's intelligence? No. Yes, I simply skimmed to the core of the idea and I've accepted that mistake. No need to throw a huge fit over it.
  19. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I'm with demon on this one, why blast threads without reading them first?
  20. I'm not throwing a fit, the one complaining about being "insulted" is the one throwing a fit. :)
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