The W.S.P. Chip

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by VESPID, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Ironic that you were the one who decided to turn a simple mistake into... well this. Keep it up son. ;)

    How about you just suck it up, accept that by saying what you said you were out of order. I accepted the mistake but still feel the pointless need to carry this argument on. Like I said in a professional debate saying to someone "you fail to read properly" would be considered rude, insulting and out of line and in turn you would be asked to either stow it or leave.

    First off you have said elsewhere that you're Vespid's neighbour, considering that I think we have one pretty solid reason why you're sticking up for him on this. Putting that aside though I'll repeat myself, it was a mistake, I have the tendency to read the core of the idea and yes I admit I do end up skipping some details and I accept that it was a mistake on my behalf.
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    VESPID User

    Very honorable, thank you for your honesty.
    I'll include the idea of the damage reduction to my post, thanx DD.
  3. Vespid, you should post the idea about bigpoint reducing lag in darkorbit...
  4. 1: I made a mistake of not putting a ? at the end of "I'm throwing a fit" it should of been "I'm throwing a fit?" But i was in the middle of talking to someone at the same time.

    2: He isn't my neighbor, yet again, a failure to read, he is Vespids.
  5. That's what I meant. I will fix the wording error now.
  6. All, in all, no...@ vespids idea.
  7. I don't get it, isn't it only Vespids?
  8. Yes, i said '@ vespids idea' incase someone thought it was directed at them due to the amount of replies, on this thread.

    VESPID User

    Well I still like this idea, it may not be for everyone but it is sound.
  10. I usually skip most of the replies and read the idea, too many fools in these forums reading most of what they say is pointless, i say whether i like it or not, and than give my input on what can be done.
  11. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    That is the way is should be.
  12. VESPID

    VESPID User

    My thoughts as well, thanx guys.
  13. 100% percent shield penetration ONLY if you have ALL shields on drones...where do you get these ideas? They don't fit the game. We don't have requirements for chips or lasers, we just put them on. I don't care if you're reduced to 15 lasers, 100% shield penetration is a bad idea plain and simple. With this chip, you could just go bk all day using less ammo and getting uri faster. No thanks.
  14. So because he made an idea that could bring some ideal logic to the game, no one agrees with it? lol
  15. Oracle

    Oracle User

    As it is now the idea is useless.Why would you even need that chip??If it is only for mcb or lsb and for low hp ships whats the point of it anyways??Noobs wont spent 80k uri for that.And if drones hold generators, even with 100% penentration the max damage would be around 1,5k for x1 etc.With moth We can get 25k per x4 hit max(If max lf4 ufe damage is 90k ).So why should I or anyone else spent 80k uri that we could save up for moth to buy something useless??? It's an 100% NO from me...Think of your deas first my friend...Think of all the sides...


  16. Whats the point to have any kind of shields existing in game, if its efficiency could be completely erased with a single chip !?!
  17. Oh Hell No you lunatic.
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  18. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Wow, haters gallore!!!
    Looks like another party thread to watch.
  19. You know what, This idea is so awesome. I wish we had more ideas like this, I mean, why do we need shields. Whats the point of them?

    Why not just have hitpoints.

    (for those who don't understand, I'm being HIGHLY sarcastic)

    But serious, this is a bad idea. lol
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