[TI] cant turn off background (none)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Minon_, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. I don't like the 3d and I've played without a background for like 6 years or so. I like options/choice
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  2. I have the same problem

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  3. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Hi all - we are aware of the fact that backgrounds are currently showing for all players (and bots) on all instances.

    This will be the case for at least one more day.

    We have almost all the data we need for now.

    We appreciate your patience with this.
  4. all you had to say was we did it to catch the bots and people would have understood. lol
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  5. DO decided to play Star Wars - may the forced be with you o_O - glad the BOTs were caught. Can't tell a thief when you will surveillance :confused: Look up a camera, duh :rolleyes:
  6. Guys, pls calm down, SMod GhostOfJupiter told me they alrdy talked to some devs and they want to bring back the option "none backgrounds"
    I don't know why they removed it ( rlly I don't understand this stupid "fail" ) but just calm down and let they do their work ^^

    Regards Jan
  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There's developer reply 3 posts above yours ... just read the thread before commenting I guess.
  8. I wont complain ... I am just adding my opinion... I cannot see after about 20 minutes (eyes watering)... I need this asap... sorry Okapi32 and RickDekard if this is as stated... there needs to be other ways... I want a bot-free game as much as any but..!!
    but I have had to log off the maps
  9. sometimes i wonder who is at the helm of this ship, pls lord tell me its not the boss of VW
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  10. w0und

    w0und User

    so a few days you guys said we would have to deal with this for only a couple more days.. I've waited patiently for 3 days has there at least been any word on when they "might" turn the option back on
  11. Thanks but when JPA?o_O
  12. Close chat - that is one that adds to memory for no purpose. Also, need to get rid of the respawn on map feature after being shot down aka poof'd. Go back to base :rolleyes: and repair and learn your lesson for the next battle :eek: Use up a jump credit while you are so eager o_O
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  13. Turn it off! gimme black screen!
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  14. this stupid background hurts my eyes, -.-
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  15. V~NIBBLA~V

    V~NIBBLA~V User

    The background movement induces vertigo, I can't play the game without the option to remove the background.
  16. Only DO can turn it off and they wont for a while its to catch pixel bots and im sure there are a few in here who use it thats why there complaining so I point at you and say happy trails.

    ps. rapid flashing lights causes Seizure not still light thats why you see and rapid light changes in a game they have a warning label if your pron toSeizure dont play this and all DO did was turn on the back its not dmg anyone except the lag thats crazy and they said one more day and that was days ago, I respect what they are doing but why not do it like on a monday and thurdays less active people so less complains plus I know its working bc on youtube the cheats are going nuts and trying to get people to use the autoclicker but LIke we see them so do those at DO now the cheats are backed up to a corner there scared now.
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  17. hello bob_splendy
    I will ignore some of your inference... My eyes are getting tired (watery) from the brightness and I am having to take time away from the screen ... I suppose I could wear sun-shades to prove I am not a bot :p... as I said in my earlier post..I am happy if they are trying to eliminate the cheats of all kinds but I wish they could find a less visually extreme way of doing it..
    Have a good day
  18. V~NIBBLA~V

    V~NIBBLA~V User

    The problem for me is with the differential movement of the two backgrounds, effects are those of motion sickness, limits me to only playing for short periods of time.

    If the changes were for catching the bots then that's a great idea, but these backgrounds are also present in the maps where the bots aren't seen such as 4-5 where I'm busy doing missions. I still see bots operating in 3-5 so I guess they're unaffected anyway. These backgrounds were also active in the invasion gates last week where a few of us were left feeling pretty queasy.
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