[TI] cant turn off background (none)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by _Minon_, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. I don't like backgrounds and switched it off my entire life.
    have been like that from the time 3d came out and I hope Do fix it soon.
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  2. I have the same problem cant turn off background.. Now im getting headaches with it on Motion sickness me thinks?
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  3. There are bots in 2-2 all the time cant even blow them up with mines? its not fair on us honest players!
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  4. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Why are these backgrounds still here? I'm a paying customer and have not been able to play due to these backgrounds making me and many others feel literally nauseous! That's a whole week worth of prem/reb/doubler totally wasted! I will be asking for compensation!

    Can we have a definitive answer as to when these backgrounds will be getting removed:rolleyes:
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    V~NIBBLA~V User

    The solution to the x-2 map bots was always to have another company send some UFEs to clear them. You can use mines to blow them up too but that will also affect your company's new players. EMP mines use up their cloaks, DDM mines use up their drones.
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    V~NIBBLA~V User

    This motion sickness effect is a well known problem for about 10% of the population, it's seen in flight simulators, driving simulators (think hazard awareness tests), etc., where the brain attempts to link movement (inner ear balance, touch, etc.) with visual perception. Playing Doom on a company's network of an evening in the 1990s was the first time I encountered this problem, 2 of us out of 16 players suffered & had to cease playing. Taking travel sickness tablets will help, but, I'm certain that it would be safer just to code the game properly so that these effects don't arise (Elite - Dangerous takes a few hours to have the same effect as 10 minutes of playing DO with the backgrounds on for instance).
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  7. RickDekard

    RickDekard User Team DarkOrbit Team Darkorbit

    Hi all,

    Expect an update for the backgrounds later today. I'll let you know if this plan changes.

    Thanks for your patience.
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  8. I remember those days... but wouldn't it be better if they were excluded from play PERMANENTLY...
    I hope that this discomfort has achieved some part of this :rolleyes:..
    ty for the update RickDekard

    V~NIBBLA~V User

    Thankyou for the update.
  10. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    At last they have gone:cool:! Will we be getting compensation for a whole week worth loss of prem/reb/doublero_O?

  11. Ty RickDekard for the update and the accurate (this time :) ) info... hope you all achieved what we all want... so hopefully this Thread can be closed..
  12. compensation for not being able to go to some maps because they give migraines?
  13. Ddraig

    Ddraig bp_phrase_Forum_General

    Hi guys,

    I hope all your backgrounds are now back to your preferred setting. As the problem is now resolved i shall close the thread.

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