[TI] Client Freezes when i shoot something or when something shoots me.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by McJazzerton, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. I have to re-log to keep playing. Kinda unplayable.

    Global America 1
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  2. -themaras-

    -themaras- User

    same here
  3. -themaras-

    -themaras- User

  4. _prude_

    _prude_ User

    Same here: server GE4, cleared cache and everything. Game can't be played at the moment.
  5. dontknow

    dontknow User

    global 7 same here
  6. I have the same. cleared my cache, restarted everything still not playable. I shoot something bam i freeze and log in again and freeze and happens up until i pop... GB2 ^^
  7. East 3 -- same story and it happened right after the server restart. You take damage, you freeze up.
  8. MyEICship

    MyEICship User

    2-2 locks up when i fly by an npc and get shot- same thing earlier ad it said i was destroyed by unknown. Replace my repairs please

    East 1
  9. RickDekard_old

    RickDekard_old Dev Team Team DarkOrbit

    It should be fixed now. Sorry for the bug, it only happens sometimes so we were unlucky that it didn't show up in QA.

  10. dontknow

    dontknow User

    it work...
  11. _prude_

    _prude_ User

    It's fixed for me :) thanks
  12. Fixed on USA East 1. Thank you!
  13. White_Pepper

    White_Pepper Guest


    Any further questions or may I close this thread.


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