[TI] Doesn't let me log into the servers.

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Napsie, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Napsie

    Napsie User

    As I wrote this last few days or a day even, I am having a big trouble to log onto my account which is based at Global Europe 1. The problem is that once I type my login and password in, it doesnt take me to the game but back to the home page :/ This is what shows up in the search browser: http://int1.darkorbit.bigpoint.com/index.es?action=externalHome&loginError=calmDown
    I have been trying to get this sorted but it doesnt work :(

    Please help me :( :(
    ID: 30806496:(

    Am I banned or something?
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  2. Hello. Yes this could be because of a ban. You have done something that the administrator doesn't like. I think that you should wait sometime. I hope I helped you. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HUNTING!
  3. White_Pepper

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    Due to the nature of this issue you will need to contact support.

    Closing as directed to support.

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