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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by MassiveX, Jun 4, 2020.

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  1. MassiveX

    MassiveX User

    Hi; fairly new, but have been playing for a while (236 hrs. Heh heh); yet recently I notice that when I go into the Hanger that none of the tabs are working if I click on them, I can't access my drones, nor my PET - HELP!!
  2. Svenning

    Svenning User

    Same here:(
  3. MassiveX

    MassiveX User

    Hay; how long have you been dealing with the problem?
  4. *THEODOR*

    *THEODOR* User

    *For the players that have their PET and drones hangar broken, it should be fixed after clearing of their browser cache.
  5. Planearium

    Planearium User

    Have you tried shift-clicking them? I know that helps when you can't click to unequip stuff from drones, maybe it will work in your case as well.
    But as stated before me, clear cache and cookies, that fixes most issues. And sometimes it's just your browser that's acting up.
  6. MassiveX

    MassiveX User

    Hay; thanks for your reply, I took the time to apply your solution, though my settings says "clear data", I hope that was the correct choice, but it didn't work - the "tabs" highlight, yet the screen doesn't change. I was considering reinstalling the game.
  7. MassiveX

    MassiveX User

    Got it; "Clear Browser Settings", sheesh! Right there in may face.
  8. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue User


    We got many complaints about the bug If your hangar not working, clean your cookies/browser and it will work :)

    closing as answered

    Regards Rogue
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