[TI] New Customisation Feature Issues

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  1. "Hi all,

    The DE1 and GB1 servers will be taken down shortly to implement the new ship customisation feature. This should take around an hour to complete.

    Should everything go well, the rest of the servers will be updated tomorrow (Friday).


    Your Darkorbit Team".

    Why is it that I have several ships missing when I had these originally? .. like the Aegis, Goliath, Vengeance, Spearhead.

    Furthermore, what happens to the hangars that I bought to house the various ships I had so that I could access them quicker?
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  2. The Hangars are there for your use just STAR the ship that you want in a Hangar.

    The ships that were lost are ships that you had designs on or were compensated as stated in the >FAQ<. I am also upset as they did not inform us of the FACT that a ship with a DESIGN on it WOULD NOT be compensated for.
  3. This is total & absolute baloney & pure rubbish.

    I have lost a lot of ships & most were bought with URIDIUM ... not through a stupid auction.

    Furthermore, I have not played for a few days but did log in every day. There is nothing in my logbook showing any compensation & below is my logbook information.

    So where is this stupid compenastion

    28.05.2016 - 00:54 Day 5+ login bonus received
    27.05.2016 - 21:08 Day 5+ login bonus received
    26.05.2016 - 00:26 Tech production started
    26.05.2016 - 00:26 Tech production started
    26.05.2016 - 00:24 Day 5+ login bonus received
    25.05.2016 - 16:48 Day 5+ login bonus received
    24.05.2016 - 09:04 Day 5+ login bonus received
    23.05.2016 - 03:29 Day 5+ login bonus received
    22.05.2016 - 00:50 Day 5+ login bonus received

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  4. Check your ammo...
  5. HeyItsMe!!

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    check your keys
  6. This is what I found in my logbook.

    27.05.2016 - 08:42[​IMG]Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    27.05.2016 - 08:42[​IMG]Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    27.05.2016 - 08:42[​IMG]Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    27.05.2016 - 08:42[​IMG]Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    27.05.2016 - 08:42[​IMG]Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    27.05.2016 - 08:42[​IMG]Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    Did you have any duplicate ships? Were they wearing Designs that are Ships (Aegis, Citadel, Spearhead, Lightning, Pusat, or Goliath Skill Design or Surgeon)?

    Have you done the normal computer cleaning that is always told to be done, history, caches, modem/router, and restarting the system?
    Check you gate spins. Check you LF-4's. Star your ships you had active in the Old Hangar system and see what you have there (should have everything you had assigned to the Hangars) exception would be if you had 2 ships that did not have a design assigned of the same type like PSK~SUNDANCE having 2 Nostro's.

    Actually I have my system working with the same issues that I had after the release of the A.S. but do have some ships I feel need to be replaced or compensated for, but that is for the Dev Team/Support to iron out for us.
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    at least your logbook is working xD
  8. Lost Aegis, Spearhead, Goliath, Vengeance, Razer Goliath that I am aware of.

    Have not got any keys, ammo or rockets etc.

    And yes, I know quite a bit about computers & cleaned my cache before logging on & again afterwards before relogging!!

    Furthermore, had I got anything, it would be in my LOGBOOK!!
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  9. Razer is in drop down tab for Goliath ship (top right of the ship page click the Goliath) and it will show all the skins you own. Aegis and Spearhead, did you have design on these as this is why I lost mine and I think it is wrong. Vengeance, did you have Pusat or Lightning designs assigned to it? Goliath what design was assigned to it as I found any ship wearing a design did not get a compensation issued and credit ships were ignored all together. The only ships I got credit for were ships I had in the Allocate tab of the Hangar on my other accounts.
  10. Solid_Eye

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    Please bear with us on this. If I'm caught up & understood correctly, they are looking into the base forms of ships (goliath, citadel etc) not being there despite pilots having owned them at the time (design forms of the ship are there, just not the basic form I believe).

    Designs like Razer & Iron I think should show with the basic goliath ship as suggested above (I haven't gotten as far as being able to check it all yet today myself)

  11. @Solid_Eye thank you for the acknowledgement of the issue hope to see a correction to the ship inventory soon, or additional compensation issued in the case of Vengeance and Goliath skill/special designs assigned to base ships.
    This is the same as it was in the old Hangar system you could buy the Cheaper Designs in auction and wait till you could get the ship before you could actually see the designs. The main item to remember is the Customization designs are for specific ships ONLY and is only seen when that ship is selected (e.g. Aegis Frost is only for Elite, Goliath Skins are only on Basic Goliath). Glad to finally see a picture of what I have been trying to explain to everyone.

    Thanks again.
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  12. Solid_Eye

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    You're welcome. I wouldn't expect anything new this weekend, but hopefully we'll know some more next week.

    As an added note, I've seen some mention of Frozen designs missing and the like as well - I believe what's happened there is with the base ship not being there (for example, if you owned a frozen spectrum but not an actual spectrum design) the design is inaccessible without the base design. At least, that seems to be the case when I tested a bit a little bit ago (I then went and bought the spectrum to see if the ship would show, and it did as shown below). Hopefully we'll know more with that next week too

  13. Drop down tab is non-existent except in case of Nostromo .. which shows normal Nostromo & Razer-Nostromo.

    Issue is that if it works for the Nostromo, then I should have the other basic ships (Goliath, Vengeance etc) & be able to use the drop down tab. But the rest of the ships are missing & as such, I cannot use the drop down tab.

    Further, I bought Aegis & Spearhead with Uridium, so I want these ships back!!

    Also, why do I have to select each ship as a Favourite before I can access it in the Ship Warp feature.

    Clearly, either not enough testing was done or else they didn't give a damn about the ****-ups & just released the feature as they normally.

    Why do this instead of fixing previous errors .. like the Salvage Protocols not working for the PET, which has been ongoing for nearly 3 weeks or so now & is costing players (including myself) countless Uridium as well as Credits as I have a permanent drone & can sell cargo straight away.
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  14. The reason for the need for the "Favorite Hangar" is that every ship you own can now be equipped and flown in the maps, having to look through 25 ships to see which one I want to warp into would take forever so they came up with the "Favorite Hangars" to return the 10 ship maximum to the warp system. If you own any of the SKINS for a ship it add the drop down menu for that ship, whether the frost designs for the SKILL Goliaths, the Company Colors for Goliath, Frost for the Support Trio of ships they all have the drop down menu IF you OWN any of the Customization skins.

    This has been in the works for quite awhile and is supposed to be the stepping stones to removing some of the OLD code that is causing us most of the problems. The next step is the one I dread the most (moving this into the Game Client). But this step has also made it where we no longer need to choose which ships we want to own and can own every one of them if we want.
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    I don't understand why are things put live untested, when they should in fact be alpha version?

    To make things even more ridiculous, ships were deleted on GB1 one day earlier than other servers that I play on. I noticed new hangar system but thought I don't understand it or have to try "clear-your-cache-reset-your router" thing that never solves the real problem.
    My logbook from GB 1:
    26.05.2016 - 22:59      Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    26.05.2016 - 22:59      Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    Then today, the thing went live on all servers 24 hours after people lost ships on GB1.
    My logbook from GE 1:
    27.05.2016 - 22:36      Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    27.05.2016 - 22:36      Bonus booked: shipCompensation
    But this is much worse, as I lost Aegis and Spearhead.

    I got new Goliath and Vengeance from Auction just to prove it has nothing to do with cache and routers - I can choose Sapphire, Jade, Amber, Razer or Crimson designs for Goliath and the ships have a "checkmark" instead of an odd circle and having dimmed picture.

    And on top of all, this change was done right before weekend. Some people NEVER learn...
  16. Hi,

    A little help please....

    In the FAQ it states:

    “Favorites” – these ships you own have been marked with a golden star for use in the Ship Warp. They are listed before all other ships.

    How do you mark a ship as a favorite? Also when I click on the ship warp on the game screen I get the following messages:

    Cannot warp. You do not have a flight-ready ship.

    However, when I look in the hangar I have 3 ships fully configged.


    T <3
  17. If you look in the hangar on the ship page you will see in the top right corner the "I" for information and the Star for the "Favorite Hangar" when you have added all of the ships you had assigned to hangars in old system you will have the ships assigned in the same place as you had before. the exception to this is if the ship was one that was compensated for and not replaced so you might have a change to the order of hangars. Transferring Equipment also moves "Parked" ships to the x-1 map so be aware of this otherwise everything can be just as it was with the old Hangar.

    All ships you own can be played but only the ships with stars will be used for warping.
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    Are you sure? I used to have one Goliath on 3-6 for Kristallons and Cubes and another Goliath on home map for gates. So it never required jumps, or flying back and forth just moving the equipment.

    And can you trust your equipment will be moved correctly when even jump and repair credits are messed up? Use the transfer, jump in gate and realize that the function didn't equip Repair Bot. Not helpful, as I will manually double check the transfer or doing it myself anyways.

    Sheesh, instead just changing the skin, a whole ton of items are moved around. Like instead going to mountain, make the mountain come to you.
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    Not sure why I have to see ships I don't own. Not sure why I have to reconfigure the ships I do. DO never fairly compensates for this crap. Just another way to tick off the players. real nice DO.
  20. My signature shows 2 accounts and both of them are as I said the exception is I lost 2 ships that were assigned and the NEW design Ships replacing them took the last 2 spaces when I assigned them to the Favorite Hangars and I had every thing exactly where I had parked them 3 other accounts I have ability to view also had the same thing happen so I can say I AM SURE.

    With anything NEW you need to VERIFY it is working properly and if it transfers most of the items it is better than having to delete 2 configs and re-equip all of the stuff individually.

    Is it convenient to deal with what we are dealing with? NO it is not as we are used to the OLD way of doing it, however, if as they say it makes changes easier in the future then who are we to complain about change? YES we have a right to complain about the bugs and glitches but the overall plan is something that needs to be seen. The EXPO 16 skins could not be released until this was launched so it was needed.