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  1. Bugs and Glitches will always be a part of D O Updates and often are not fixed and WE all are suffering from the problems you mention. We all adapt accordingly or QUIT the game altogether. Getting upset over things we can not change is a waste of energy that could be used for creative issues, like making suggestions to changes made to make them easier to use.
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    Alrighty, I'm probably not going to address everything that as mentioned since my last post but I'm going to try to touch up on some of the things that stood out to me at least and weren't too far off topic

    The ship customization was tested, and even on the test server a couple times. The difference between there and the live servers and whether or not we might've noticed ships or equipment missing I think can come a lot down to the fact we spend a lot more time with our main ships than the one on the test server & not everyone lost every basic version of a ship. Even on my own main account post-update I have some basic forms of ships and not others.
    So... it was tested, but as things go... not everything was caught, and somethings may have seemed a lot more isolated or like a random hiccup while on the open test server.
    (I'm not saying no one might've noticed a ship missing or whatever, I don't know^^ but I think it's a lot easier to notice on ships we spend time with 'every day' vs a ship we see once every few weeks more or less)

    The "Ship compensation" in log books is not compensation for the missing basic forms of ships (ie your aegis is missing and you got a compensation notification in your log). I don't know all the specifics, but I think it may have come down a bit to if you had multiple versions of a ship - lets say four hangers with different goliaths - only one goliath could make it in the new system and then all of your designs.

    Those struggling with "how to"s and all that with the new system, we'll have some visual aids and added infos in the FAQ as soon as we can. We're still a bit swamped from all this, but it's on the to-do list D; then hopefully it'll help those who still, or will need a guide:)

    I don't think the goal is to release stuff on Friday so that we all *enjoy* the weekend so much anymore - for example, assembly was launched on a Monday, and I'll leave that fire as is. Point being, I think the team is trying to move away from doing that

    Did any of these issues crop up on GB1 or DE1 Thursday? Probably. But I can also tell you the reports of what issues were abound Thursday vs Friday was quite a gap. Thursday night when I signed off for the night I thought we might be in for a quiet weekend (whoops ;p) so whether or not any of it cropped up on those two servers, the difference between how things appeared at the end of Thursday and the end of Friday when the update was everywhere was considerable to say the least.

    A note on game teams being split up into different areas - I'm not an expert on game development, but I think I'm familiar enough to say that's pretty standard. You have different people responsible for different tasks - I mean, your art team may not quite be the master coder you need to work all the quirks out. They might have some teams pause what they're doing to pitch in during certain windows, but for the most part, having a developer broken into different areas/tasks I'm fairly confident is normal.

    Ship cost reductions like the Aegis - before we needed the Aegis to use the Elite or Veteran design. That's not the case anymore, so I'd have to guess that the chance most of us are running to use an Aegis with nothing additionally special is a bit limited. If nothing else, the lower cost may be more beneficial to new players if they decide to see if the ship suits their playing style and needs.

    Transferring from goliaths to Surgeon / vengeance to pusat & vice versa: I get the impression the dev team is looking into this for the future (post-current issues:rolleyes:). So while transferring between a Venom and a Surgeon doesn't work now, maybe after a rain dance or three we'll know some more about what's to come :)

    Finally, why have we had to leave the old system behind for the new one?
    DarkOrbit had a lot of "power/skill" designs (now ships). One major complaint over the last few years? More and more and then even more damage increasing updates leaving more and more pilots behind who're still catching up on past updates.

    DarkOrbit is at it's heart still a free to play game, but free to play still needs revenue or it won't be around very long. One way to make revenue that is tried, tested, and true is vanity options. Vanity allows a break from introducing more power options, and lets us all deck out our ships and whatnot how we want. Don't want to pay for a purple/pink ship? No problem, there's more to choose from and the purple ships aren't going to hurt you anymore than the sentinel you might already have :)

    They split the drone designs bonus vs vanity easily enough - I mean, we had all of three drone designs that gave us something extra. Ships on the other hand? There's quite a few more of those, so splitting up power vs vanity for ships was inevitably going to be a bigger change.

    Now most of the designs we used to have are now their own ships, and what remains is vanity versions of those ships. Want to fly your Razer Nostro? Visit your friendly Nostro in the hanger (yes I know some of us are waiting on an update as to our basic versions of ships that peaced out, but all the same^^). Want to fly your purple pusat? cool, go select it and select your preferred version of the pusat ship - because lets be honest, the way it is now leaves some more room for other vanity versions of ships like the pusat.

    So, there we are, a new system to replace an old one we were all rather used to. For better or worse, a new, updated system was going to come along someday. Are there improvements that could be made? I'm sure there are, but issues aside, it's going to take a little getting used to and a little time to work out.

    *Now*, the original query of this thread was the missing versions of basic ships, and additionally, the hangers being replaced (sorry I don't think I actually commented on that when I posted before ;o). The ten hangers are gone, that's replaced and moved on to the new system. The bonus for those of us who filled up all our hangers is that in theory those ships made the transition, or the duplicates were reimbursed (see my four golis mention above). As for the basic versions of ships, the devs are still looking into that as of this afternoon. With a bit of luck we'll know more in the next few days.

    So as much as I appreciate that there's a discussion going on in thread, some if it would really be best moving to it's own thread or feedback so we don't spam this one too much more.

  3. Can I ask WHY we can not create FEEDBACK threads in that section? Or why there is not a FEEDBACK thread every time we get an Update so every thing is in one place to see what the issues are instead of us having to start so many similar threads all the time.
    Thank you for the response, it really would be nice to have a Bugs/Glitches/feedback for everything we get posts if being added to the game. I do understand the Flaming "you broke it" posts need to be removed as it helps no one but having one area where people could get used to looking for issues is a good thing.
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  4. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I tend to make them for new releases, and was away until late Friday - by then was clear a bomb already went off^^ Have been trying to keep up & catch up since.

    Tonight before I go or tomorrow when I come on I'll look at throwing one up - I'll admit tho I'm not rushing for one mass "you broke it" thread over actual feedback on the feature itself. I haven't gotten to read every thread but I'll wager we have a fair few "it broke" threads already.

    As for user accounts making feedback thread - it's just how the forums are set up. I'd imagine to help control dup feedback threads as well as random things. All the same, if a proper feedback thread kick off for something new before we've made it, it wouldn't be the first thread we've moved over and dubbed the 'official' feedback thread.

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    Please, take into account that I don't have Veteran design and Elite Aegis negatively impacts shield and HP repair abilities. Hence I was flying bare Aegis quite often. Same thing with Elite design of Spearhead, which increases ultimate cloaking ability cool down and I don't own Veteran design for spearhead either (and Spearhead price wasn't reduced).

    Excuse me, but I got impression that deleted premium ships are regarded as obsolete and your post only touches this issue as a minor side effect, with the main focus on other issues and bugs. Whether the removed ships are deemed obsolete or not is quite subjective and personal (depending on game style), but the fact is they costed me the real money. And even if they have no advantages as base forms, I want them as trophies and as a matter of principle. Plus, I didn't lose only some of them but lost all of them.

    Also, as we all know, there were lots of issues and compensations lately because of the problems the new game features and events created, and some of them are still not solved after about 3 weeks. Yet new major bugged update was aggressively pushed onto us.

    So you have to drop your admin stance and look at this from a perspective of ordinary player. Will I wait two, three days, two weeks or a month to get what I have paid for - or maybe it will never happen? This is the thing that goes through my mind when I think of this game, instead of having fun and good time.

    And really, I am not exaggerating when I say that I have started wandering and even fearing what will vanish next. My PET, drone formations or designs, or maybe my whole account?

    The bottom line is that going through this for 4 years has worn me down. I can give a full list of things from those that got me upset to the issues that prevented me from playing altogether. But you know that it would be quite a long list.

    Short post about current state of the issue and planned way to fix it coming directly from the development team member would restore the confidence, but we only see their announcement through mediators and in current issue it comes down to "we heard from the development team they will do this or that" - in practically plain hear/say form, which is way too inadequate for the magnitude of the current problems.

    This is not meant as a rant... There is always the last straw that breaks the camel's back, and I guess losing ships was the last straw for me.

  6. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    bisphenol, I'm not sure where you got the impression the intention was for you to lose your aegis from what I wrote... I understand you don't fly an Elite or Veteran Aegis, and that's fine, no one has to. I'm sorry that what I wrote made you think that was required for everyone to fly just those versions.

    From what I gather I don't think it was intended for the basic forms of ships to up and walk off, that's why it's been reported and that's why the dev team is looking into it. How long until you have your aegis back? I have no idea. I'm hoping sooner than later, but that's not something I have control over.

    I won't say the recent issues of late have been ideal because that's certainly not the case, and I understand that takes it's toll, believe me.

    For the moment the dev team is working on tackling the issues that have arisen, some are more complicated than others and I'm getting the impression that the missing ships, like your aegis, is a little bit more complicated. When we know more we'll pass it on, and I'm sure when the dev team is a little less concentrated on fixing the issues at hand, they'll crop back up in here somewhere.

  7. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Thanks for your reply. I assume that as a gamer, you are familiar with the burnout phenomena and can understand it. I think I just passed the event horizon. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate what the admin/moderating team is doing for us by relaying information to and from the dev team.
    It is just that I think the connection should be more direct, and certainly on a "red alert" conditions like this one.

    I have even quoted parts of these announcements so am aware of all of them, including your suggestion.
    But I am not ready to take suggestion where to spend my next holiday while I'm hanging on the cliff from a tiny branch - my main concern is first to get out alive. If you can live with whatever is thrown at you, I have no right to tell you otherwise.
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    The Current Issues thread says "Should be resolved for all servers now", mods responded that "there's still minority of players missing the ships". But I asked around on servers and was unable to find anyone who have already gotten their ships back.
    Because of that and some illogical obvious things, I expressed my concern in another thread that getting our ships back will be very long, frustrating and grueling process.
  10. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    No^^ The missing ships issue has not been resolved at all. There were some things (which did include a few ships/designs) that got lost in the transition and those were recovered, but the "basic ships are missing" issue has not been resolved yet.

    They're effectively two separate issues

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  11. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Thanks for the clarification, but it looked like these lines in the "Current Issues" were referring to the missing ships. I was also watching the latest twitch session that just briefly mentioned "some players still missing base ships like Aegis and Citadel" without clear emphasis, hence my wrong conclusion. Thanks a lot for clarification that these are actually separate issues.

    However, my impression is that twitch session was pretty unclear about the resolution of this issue as words 'reimbursement' and 'compensation' were preferred over the simple 'giving back'.
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  12. The issue is why bother bringing out the New Customisation Feature when there were several more issues which had been previously created when the Crafting Update was released - most notably the fact that the PET Salvage Protocols did not work.

    This was & still is not a small problem - it is a HUGE PROBLEM.

    There are players who have a permanent trade drone & will have missed out on OODLES OF CREDITS.

    However, the bigger problem is that many players collect boxes. Just think of the amount of Uridium & Gate Spins players have lost. Some players make over 100k Uridium a day collecting boxes legitimately. They will have lost out on a lot of Uridium.

    Just do the maths ... 36% of 100,000+ multiplied by the number of days salvage protocols not working ... which in some cases will be well over 1 million Uridium!!

    How hard would it have been simply to postpone the New Customisation Feature knowing that problems existed & that many more problems would arise (because they always do) & simply fix issues created before.

    But, OH NO!! Bigpoint & DO cannot get off their silly & stupid high horse & continue to PLAY GOD!!

    It is no wonder that servers are dead & people are leaving this game!!
  13. bisphenol

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    I gained two ranks since the latest changes and major issues have been introduced into the game by doing absolutely nothing.

    And this is not the first time of major issues being caused by pushing untested updates while the other serious problems still exist and are not resolved. But I guess whoever doesn't learn the first time will never learn... or is just refusing to learn for the reasons beyond comprehension.
  14. jackknife

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    Remember that BP was bought out and the new team which i assume is in China not India is having a ton of problems unrevealing 10 years of broken and patched code.

    It might take them a bit of time to get fully on board.

    Their ideas are not bad at all it's just the application of those ideas have ran into problems that they couldn't foresee ( it is an old flash game)

    I wish them luck,
  15. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    The coders and the Dev Team wasn't replaced, only company ownership. It's the same people working on the game and bringing out untested updates.
    It's not like the new Chinese owners brought in their own coders that have to first make themselves familiar with the code before starting making fixes.
  16. need to have a look see if the sale went ahead cos bigpoint have posting nothing on the matter that was meant to happen in april

  17. not to bright are you name me 1 untested update?

    bother of the last 2 updates was tested by a lot of players and the devs them selfs a lot of bugs don't get found until it goes live when people have a real good run of it
  18. bisphenol

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    What, are you awake? Problems existed on Test servers, existed on GB1 and another DE server one day prior it went live globally. Lots of time to notice a problem.
    And by the most basic logic - if the update was tested, how come we now "suddenly" have so many issues?

    Beati pauperes spiritu.
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  19. we had 2/3 test for kuiper gate that went live and look what happened 100% chance of uri/design i don't no if that was a prob on test but as soon as it went live it was spotted not all bugs can be fixed on a test a lot pop up when the update goes live ... but i can say i think a lot of the updates are rushed out if the update is stable then it stays and minor bugs can be fixed later and you may find bugs on test on the 2 test rat servers :p GB1/DE but not many report them or report them in the wrong place or just hope bigpoint will find them

    but as i was pointing out they are tested reason behind test1 and test2 ,test1 been devs test server test2 been players test server