[TI] New Customisation Feature Issues

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  1. west-star

    west-star User

    darkorbit should be ashame of itself ..

    ASTRAEA User

    Please know that these issues are being addressed and we do appreciate all of the feedback you the players have give to help us see the full extent of the issue.

    As always we appreciate your patience.
    Have a nice day
  3. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    That was obviously a bug, as Kuiper gate was giving more than invested, thus breaking game economics. And the bugged update was fixed urgently and promptly - because it went into players' favor.
    GB1 became a ghost town, like 5 people in chat...
    Updates are rushed but:
    • Are we experiencing minor bugs? If you're not reading around, please look here
    • There were lots of compensations in mid May as can be seen in this thread, so seems like lots of problems were bugging the game and most are still present, meaning more untested updates preceded the last one
    • The Devs had 12 days but fixed virtually nothing, last thing we have from them is updated list of known issues (that is incomplete), instead of a roadmap of future steps to resolve the current mess

    Players are generally unable to get into test servers, another thing that should be changed. The test servers should give opportunity to every interested player to take a look into upcoming update, but is opened too shortly and not announced enough in advance.

    Thank you ASTRAEA for keeping us informed.

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