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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. Clearly my damage is off, i know it is because my clan member at 4 lf4s no lf3 upgrades and a few upgrades to his lf4, while in a saturn design with lvl 5 drones does 50k x4 on speed. When im using 29 Lf4s lvl 16 upgraded drones lvl 6 drones
    6 Lvl 7 LF4
    4 Lvl 8 LF4
    1 Lvl 10 LF4
    1 Lvl 9 LF4
    3 Lvl 3 LF4
    12 Lvl 12 LF4s on drones
    Bounty Hunter BIO
    and it seems i only hit about 40k
  2. peluchekun

    peluchekun User

    Booster bro, they exist, and your partner may be using one.
    plus formation, and you may not be using damage design
  3. He screenshot and posted me the pic he wasn't boosted. i know how this game works.
  4. ΛTLΛ§

    ΛTLΛ§ User

    clear your cache and flash player your friend darkorbit team
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  5. Hi,

    Damage inflicted can be affected by a number of different factors. Obviously, ammo type and laser type and upgrade level are the primary factors. After that you have boosters, skill tree, ship skills, drone designs, accuracy factor (some volleys miss) and ore upgrades.

    This makes it almost impossible to determine how much each volley should be hitting. That said, we have a great community and I am sure somebody will help you out.


  6. Well, i have more bio then him. I was using my hercs while he uses his havocs, but even when i switched to my tank side with is full havoc, i only hit 50k-55k And we both used x4. Hell, even the next night he hit me 88k... And again showed me he wasn't boosted.
  7. just to let you no tank mean only lf4s on ship and all bo2s on drones and to hit 88k I don't think you can just on x4 and u have to be all the way maxed out that 7% dmg from ship pincer mhh booster trade booster kappa booster all lf4s lvl 16 all havocs on drones and 4 dmg test u need to have RL off and rockets off
  8. The damage amount that is displayed on your screen is calculated differently for taking damage as compared to dealing damage. The amount displayed for attacking is per volley. The amount displayed for taking damage is per second or something. Hope that makes sense.

    Have your friend share a screenshot while he is actively attacking you, and also turn off rockets and rocket launcher if you haven't already.
  9. um no tank means lf4s on ship and drones while shields on ship. that is a tank confige the entire west and ga1 servers know this ans say this.
  10. Basically all im asking is for an admin to run a test based on my post. and tell me if my dmg is right or not.

  11. Unfortunately we aren't in the habit of doing this for players due to the amount of time and complexity involved.

  12. On the last forums a Test (something) came into the thread and said they would happily do this, however i was perma banned from that forum after and never got my answer. They do it.

    ASTRAEA User

    Hello Dream Demon,

    As you know I have never minced words with you or attempted to play off any issue you have brought forth. However as previously stated by Nightmare, a test of this nature for individual damage assessment is not something that we do. This is due to the fact that we have a limited amount of Admins available, and each of those Admins have specific duties that require their full attention. A test of this nature would take a great deal of time to both set up and execute.

    I know that you are a formidable player and will be able to work with the configurations of your ship, pilot Bio, Drones, Formations, and Booster to find the set up that will give you the best performance. Please give it a try and let me.

    Have a lovely day
  14. I have done plenty of tests, i notice my dmg some days just seems to not be what it should be. I could be hitting 37k in goli one day, then hitting 45k the next... Same configes.. I honestly just think there's something wrong with my account seeing as so many people have less upgrades and lf4s then me but still hit about 10k more without boosters. It gets extremely irritating after awhile, which is why i wanted to get my ship tested.
  15. ThcHunter

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    you should hit maximum 60574 with x4 and seprom
    normaly you see like 55-58/59k damage

    4lf4 (lvl16)you should hit: 48288 with x4 and seprom (maximum)
    about 43-46/47k in reality
    make sure yuor friend does not use any rocket(especially for premium users) or pet (the damages overlaps so 48k from x4 + rocket damage + pet damage=big damage)

    sometimes whem warping ,the confi get bugged and you shoot less
    this happens a lot to me if you see that you shoot more against alien then it is bugged (with your pp).
    just re-do the configuration (or take some laser an put it again)
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  16. Hello º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Are you still experiencing this issue?
  17. I made another thread explaining that the Bio is broken. I hit the same without fats then i do WITH them.
  18. The fatter you are the bigger and heavier you are..therefore you hit harder. A 300 lbs. vs. 150 lbs. - 300 lbs. wins :D Mass beats velocity unless your velocity is poor. Keep your Fats...no need to rejigger your bio.
  19. i was resetting bio for something, and had no fats on when i logged in and decided to help some friends with some people, i was hitting the same dmg i did when i had fats lol
  20. buxtawhody

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    I would like to know, as asserted by another pilot in this thread, that the on-screen animations of damage dealt and damage received are calculated differently. I would think that such a situation would be a problem. I don't want to know bad enough to start another thread :).

    There is enough information in other forums to enable pilots to determine "about" what kind of damage they can deliver. If they were so inclined. If that calculated average differs significantly from the data you see on the screen, your argument would be stronger. Let the data do the talkin'. Maybe the forum Admin would provide those links to the relevant forums, if you asked.


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