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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by º¤»ĐЯΣΔΜ◊†◊ÐΣМΦИ«¤º, Jul 4, 2014.

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  1. Ddraig, with the same configes as mentioned, on config 2. i hit 38k x3 on npcs with moth, and 25% dmg booster. In exhalted design.
    A friend with about 10 less lf4s and over 1mil uri less upgrades. hits 45k, same configes and boost.
    A friend with the same stats as me, hits more as well. My damaged is bugged, i'm tired of this.
  2. Still waiting on something to be done, i have another account with lf4s same configes, way less upgrades, yet i hit 45k+ and here i am today hitting 38k on confige one. Can't tell me nothing is fine with those numbers....
  3. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I wonder if there could be something all of us are missing.

    Can't damage from everything else (rockets, PET) be stacked into one damage counter?
  4. It can but i tested all that.
  5. dani

    dani User

    mine hit 52k x4 double booster 27 lf4 not full upgrade...i saw a guy with not double booster, x3 44k dmge (wth)...and with hercules...i dont understand...can some1 explain lol...
  6. It's kinda funny though, my west ship is smaller then my GA1 but it's dmg is gaining on it. lol
  7. try to buy new goliath on trade and allocate it on some other hangar.
    with full lf-4 config even without upgrades you should be abble to hit over 50k with seprom up to 60k.
    max dmg with 35 lf-4 lvl 16 is litle over 65k without boosters just seprom, standard formation.
  8. should be and are are 2 completely different things fyi so might wanna look into that
    but as for the damage ive noticed over the years different aged accounts hit harder than others and some around during or near the time they changed the laser damage typically have lower damage than older accounts
  9. This ships from 08 though lol
  10. Hi dream :D

    Thought I'd throw in a prime example of random damage numbers...

    My noob ship with 11 LF-4, seprom, double boost, pincer, havocs and PvP BIO is very capable of hitting anywhere between 58-63k slightly above average considering the LF-4s are not even level 16...

    Evidence of this can be found on my YT (incase a forum or team member doubts it).

    So yes the damage calculation is pretty whack but hey I'm not complaining because my damage is particularly nice :p
  11. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    There are many factors on this issue: and it all comes down to Why.

    Why why why. The point is why does he or she hit harder than me.... I have more lasers and LF4s

    There has always been an issue with this I have seen peanuts hitting 250k and here I have elite ship that only hit 75k with full LF 4s wow... Okay this goes on and on as why why why...

    Lets look it it like this

    more slots on ship and on drones can be many factors and this is a mystery that most have not yet been able to figure out

    1. upgrades on lasers and drones
    2 Boosters regular, maga, and kappa
    3. ships that are around him like a Spear Head with boosters or CBS may increase his damage
    4. type of ammo used

    Who knows only the ones doing the deed

    I have given up on this topic since it will lead you to nowhere and you will have nothing resolved only way to look at it is

    There is always going to be better accounts than yours no matter how much money you send to Big Point.

    Big Point loves to take the money they we send them but they don't give anything in return

    No Love lol only make them haters lol
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