Time to go 'all out' Dark Orbit!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ZÿИΛPS™, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. Sell LF4's for christ sake...The games got to be saved!!:eek:.
  2. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

  3. You just solved all the game problems.
  4. Maybe not all problems but most. lolz plus 1 from me.
  5. This is a terrible idea. Do this and you destroy the game for good.
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  6. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    For who?
    The ones that have them now or the ones that will get them?
    And how?
  7. I shouldn't have to do this but.. sigh. Making lf-4 buyable will kill off any ufe, if not 99% because fairly sure all of them spent at LEAST $100 to get to their lf-4, if not thousands of dollars. This would not help the game this would kill the game. Wallet warriors would get all lf-4 instantly, ufe's quit, noobs quit, people who bought lf-4 rage then quit at money lost. And even if any ufe did stay, any people who don't pay, which is quite a bit, would leave. Bazow. There's your reason
  8. relax

    relax User

    Ok sell them all, then I want alll my money for upgrading them to lvl 16. MONEY! Not uridium
  9. Blurry

    Blurry User

    $100 to get most LF4s. $100 is only like 1mill uri. You can just about get FE with that much.
  10. Are you saying that's what it costs to get an lf-4 all lf-4 now or what it would cost? Cuz let me tell you those who paid to get all lf-4 spent well over $1-2000. $100 is laughable.
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  11. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    The reasoning that everyone will leave the game is just as foolish as saying that 30" tv owners will stop watching tv if they become cheaper or outdated.

    I remember when 30" tv's sold for $2k each or more "My dad had one back then" but now they sell for like $600 bucks. Point is he understood that it was the price of being one first to have one that mattered.

    The first ones to have LF-4's should be mature enough to realize that others may get them easier in time, I believe that time is nearer than they and you think. Why else would this topic keep being asked in forum.
  12. Laughable, not so much. Tbh we have quite a few people who didn't pay a dime for LF-4's, or Havoc's or Herc's. There are only a handful of players per server that paid thousands in real money to become full UFE. AS the game is right now LF-4s should be easier to get for free to low spenders.There should better chances in booties and gates. They should be available at least in weekly auction and for sale. Somehow DO must get LF-4's to the space pilots that deserve them. Its a shame, people should be able to grind for LF-4's or pay for them like in the old days. All this chance crap has resulted in people having 75, 100 or 150 LF-4's while some only have 10,15 or 20 for similar efforts. Something needs to change and quick. Bottom line we all will have to make sacrifices if we want to turn this game around.There are 5 or 6 ideas floating around the forum that are radical but just might do the trick I believe this is one of them. We cant keep making excuse anymore.
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  13. *chokes on diet coke* yes. Only a handful per server pay. On east 1 alone, one of the many tiny servers I know 13 people who pay out of the 30 ish friends I have on there. 4 I know for a fact have paid over $2500 to become and stay UFE, rest don't know exact numbers but I know a but 6 have paid over $500 as well. So... Out of my small minority of friends, on one of the smallest servers, pay over $10,000.... So what does that tell you. I also know a guy who... Knows a guy who has put $4,000 in DO so he could win jackpot and get it back.... Ofc he didn't but what does that tell you too? Out of the hundreds, if not thousands of players on DO over the what, 7-8 years it's been running how much money do you think this game has made? Answer? I can betcha its well in the millions
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  14. Also please don't talk about bad chances there is no such thing. It's just chance. I've had 3 accounts. None got anything good really, lf-4 here, bo2 there... The. I made my 4th account. Got lightning, 5 lf-4 solace, 6 bo2's 8 7900s, 4 lf-3 and 17 Apis parts from under 300 boxes. Of course now that account has been hacked by some arse, but still. Don't make ideas based off your bad personal luck and hearing about others bad luck. Learn more about the game and the way it works before you suggest ideas like this - trust me I have done the same as you lol. We all have.

  15. No LF4 to shop or to auction!
    Putting LF4 to shop would lead to new item like LF5 or new shield etc.

    That would be nice, wouldn't it... We could throw all our LF4's to thrash can.
    Then we would need to start over collecting new even more powerful item from booty boxes, and waste our life.

    For idiots, who dont get what im saying i repeat! : ( Putting LF4 to shop or auction = LF5 from booty boxes.)
    In practice, all would just start over. :mad:
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  16. They wouldn't HAVE to create LF-5's if they made LF4's more available. I see why you would say that from DarkOrbit's own perspective to make money, but they certainly DO NOT HAVE to do that do they ? And that's the point of the thread, some things do need to change.
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  17. They have to do that, because without money income, there isn't darkorbit.
    Money is very essential part of making games, and keeping them alive.

    I've made my point , and its true even if you wont believe it.
  18. Making LF4's cheaper would not hurt DO's revenue in any way and here's why:

    They have made the cost of battling so high, that people must buy premium and rebate packages, and box doubler's. Then there are all those gate spins for X4 ammo, then rsb and hellstorm's and tech items ...the list goes on and on.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not hating on the subscription packages, they help spenders bring down the in game costs, which even after getting full UFE, are still very high (for all the above reasons).

    So no, I totally disagree that making just LF4's more available in some way would shut down Dark Orbit's revenue stream. If anything it may do the EXACT opposite, which would be to create a buying frenzy for the LF4's.....lots of MMH purchases from players who finally think that it is worth spending again.

    EDIT: I think the hidden point which you don't want to address, is that you don't want anyone getting something for cheaper than you had to pay. Another poster brought up the very valid point about deflation over time, and that the premium people pay is to have something FIRST, which was a HUGE advantage while the free players caught up over the next 2 years.
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  19. It's stupidity to go assume things like that.

    You probably didn't know, but i'm free to play gamer. I have played since 2009, and i don't whine for such things. o_O

  20. Maybe, Dark Orbit would sell something more powerful eventually (LF5's), however, I don't think they'd do it straight away, would they? Therefore the game would become playable in the short run. It seems like it would be a temporary fix and players are quite right to be concerned.

    My main point is, I believe many players may be leaving the game because of the 'long haul' trying to be rewarded or finding LF4's....

    Lastly, considering the struggle LF4's it is definitely something to consider in some sort of buy.

    I say, let everything become buyable at a reduced price (x4 too).
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