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  1. So here goes....

    I'm Tina!!! (duh) AKA Tina-The-Impaler, (and Tina-Princess from old Forums)

    I started 4th of September 2010 I play on US East 1
    I am married, 28 years old, and have two girls. We live is Alaska
    I have a dual degree in English and History with minor in Mathematics and have also studied Computer Science. In other words, I'm a Blonde with a Brain. :) I do, however, reserve the right to have blonde moments. :)

    Below is a list of common questions I get in chat.

    Tina’s Top 10 F.A.Q.’s

    Q: Is that you in the avatar?

    A: Ummm.…Yes
    Q: Do you have facebook and can I get link?
    A: Yes and NO Only if your in my clan and I like you.

    Q: Can I have a pic?
    A: Ummm….NO

    Q: Do you have TS and will you come to ours?
    A: Yes and NO

    Q: Is that really you in your sig?
    A: What do you think?

    Q: Do you really live in Alaska?
    A: No, I'm a secret agent for the CIA and currently living in Canada protecting Elvis.

    Q: Will you join my clan?
    A: Ummm…NO

    Q: Why you pop me?
    A: If you haven’t figured that out yet you really need to change games. If not then, deal with it.

    Q: How are you? (usually in a whisper)
    A: I am Fine. I am always fine even when I am in a bad mood I am FINE so stop asking.

    Q: Are you a girl? (personal favorite :))
    A: Ummm….let me check….yes Im a girl.

    Honorable Mention:
    Q: Do you have to write everything in Pink

    A: Mostly
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  2. {CripZ}

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  3. Drone types i.e I= Iris
  4. Nice to meet you Tina:rolleyes:. Say hi to Elvis for me ;)
  5. Hello Tina :)
  6. lol, how did I know you would be one of the first to post in here. :D Tina, you are great! ;)

    I wondered why the forums didn't seem complete. I hadn't seen this yet. lol
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  7. I thought I recognized the name. It's Tina (I love pink) Princess of Impaling. :D
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  8. Hiya Tina nice to meet you even though I sort of know you from east1 already and pink is one of my fav colors:)
  9. Thanks Dude
  10. Hi Dudes,

    So I havent played in almost a year and it feels like a new game. I forgot how to do a lot of stuff. But I am a quick learner.
    Say hi to me if you see me on the maps.
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  11. Sub Zero's Nickanme is Subby Wubby :)

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  12. Pyro

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    I want to pat Elvis.
  13. ha ha
  14. New Video....A Gate Trying to get Faster and Faster...This one took 21 mins 45 Secs....Any constructive feedback on getting my times faster would be appreciated.

    T <3
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  15. Nice to meet you Tina:) giggles at all that stuff up there:)
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    It is fantastic to see you back Tina. If I am not mistaking you're in [FST] now? Any-Hoot for a memory sake ... I arrived in 25-10-2009 and a FYI I kind of miss JuicyLucy since she hasn't played .... That little Brit had spunk and and fire .... My bad . This my Respects to you Tina ... along with all the 'girls' that enjoy [​IMG]
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  17. Hi Tina,

    Like the name and I'm in USA East 1 too. I'm a lot older than you are so I could be your dad's age for sure and maybe your granddad almost. I have grand niece that are 23 years old. Hope to see you around. I like to see young people playing the same games as I. With that, I hope that it will keep the game alive. I'm an old war gamer that plays with lead. Yes, Lead Figures they are still around. I belong to a club HMGS.org. We are a bunch of old guys and gals and it brings joy seeing new blood. That is one of my fears seeing a game die, which I love, with its players.

    It is great you have a degree. Education is very important, and something you will have forever. I have a BS in business and my wife has a PhD in Physiology. We been married in May 37 years. Do you teach and if you do what grade?

    Been to your state, beautiful!

    Take care,
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  18. Thanks ...dont play as much as I used to.
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  19. hello to Tina :) i am a 33 year old i start player 2010 and 2018 from east usa 1 and to east usa 2 now every one you have a good night take care

    by UltimateBlade or Blade JD or Steel Blade JD :)

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