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    Below is a list of 18 of the titles that can be found throughout the space maps on either NPC's and or Players. To obtain the title for your very own, you will need to kill the one wearing it.

    1.Master of the Orbit

    2. Space Cleaner

    3. Dark Pilot

    4. Emperor

    5. Newbie

    6. Goli Hunter

    7. Boss

    8. Alien Hunter

    9. Sharpshooter

    10. Space Whiz

    11. Orbit King

    12. Phoenix Shock

    13. Chaos Pilot

    14. Most Wanted

    15. Portal Guard

    16. Battle Master

    17. System Lord

    18. The Legend

    There are rules to having a Title and Keeping it.


    1.You must kill either an NPC or Player to Obtain the Title.

    2.You must login at least once every 48 hours from the time you obtained the title or the title will be gone.

    3.You must not be in a Demilitarized Zone for more that 2 hours at once.

    4.Your time holding the Title will only increase when you are online.

    5. When Dieing to a Player, the Player will take over possession of the Title.

    6. If you Lose you title because you failed to comply with Rules 1 or 2 the Title will be place on a random NPC/Alien in a Random map.

    Additional rules were added with a sync 30 August 2023. See this post for details.

    Special Event Titles : Permanent

    These titles are Different than all the rest as they CAN NOT be transferred to another player because of a kill.

    These titles were won by the participating players/clans during a special event. (This is the same on all servers)

    Spring Fighter MMO 2

    Spring Fighter VRU 2

    Spring Fighter EIC 2

    Pirate Hunter

    Pirate Destroyer

    Pirate Slayers.

    ** At this point in time we are not sure if the Pirate Event title will stack or if they will be replaced with the Newer Title. We will update this information as it becomes available.


    If I am logged in and sitting at portal, will my time be counted?

    No. Your time is not counted when sitting in a Demilitarized zone.
    Also if you sit there to long, you could lose the title.

    If I go in an Invasion gate will I lose my title?

    Yes, if you enter in to an Invasion gate and are killed you will lose the title.
    only way you will keep it is if you stay alive until the Invasion gate ends and it jumps you out to a base station.

    If I die to an alien will it take my title?
    Yes it will.

    Will I lose the Tag in a Galaxy gate?
    No you will not lose your tag if you die doing a galaxy gate.

    Will I lose the Tag during a Team Death Match or spaceball?
    Yes you can lose the tag during this event, if you die.

    Does my time count when doing a galaxy gate?
    No, This is considered a Neutral zone.
    If in a Galaxy gate to long you could risk the chance of losing the title.

    Can you get a title from a member of your own company?
    Yes you can... But we don't always recommend you shoot your own company for a title. As it could start other issues.

    Where do titles go on ships that don't log back in?

    The are placed on random NPC/alien on random maps.

    How do you find out who has the tag?

    Located in the Hall of Fame - As shown Below

    Can A Level 1 Player get a tag in the X-1 map?

    Is the X-1 map still considered a demilitarized zone for level 1 players who have tags?

    Yes it is a demilitarized zone and you can only be in there for about 2 hours before you will lose the tag. *** Best suggestion is level the ship up quickly and move to the next map.



    I someone gets on my account an loses my title, can support get it back for me?
    No, Support can not return a title to a ship. Furthermore account sharing is against the T & C.

    Why are some titles different colors?
    Some are transferable, some are permanent. The Yellow are transferable and are the ones you are wanting to kill NPC's/Aliens and or Players for.
    I killed a player with a Pirate hunter Title and it didn't give it to me.
    That is because that is a Permanent clan Title that was won during a special event and is "NOT" transferable.

    Thank you to Whitelazers for their participation in this thread.
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