Trade excess Apis parts for Zeus parts

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by TitanAce, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    This most recent "golden booty" round has seen me end up with a total of 31 (15 of those from the recent event) parts for a drone I will never be able to produce. It got me to thinking of ways to utilize an otherwise unusable item that has cost me a lot of URI.

    Create a way to use excess Apis parts toward making Zeus drone.
    When you open the "Construction" tab and click on Zeus, you have the option to use Apis parts (only if you have already made Apis) to reduce the cost.
    For every Zeus part you have, you can exchange 3 Apis parts for one extra Zeus part.
    1 Zeus piece + 3 Apis pieces = 2 Zeus pieces.

    Alternate idea;
    Allow a 2nd Apis drone (for a maximum of 10) with the attributes of a Flax Drone + the ability to take damage as a standard Iris. It would survive 60 destructions before needing repair or being lost.
    This drone could then be traded (destroyed) and replaced with a Zeus when (if) the player has enough parts (or URI) to build the 10th drone.
    The 2nd Apis would not have a design slot so to have a full set of Havocs or Herc's and get the bonus you would need the Zeus drone. It could have a different color to other drones to indicate it's type.

    Allows those who chose to, the option of a 10th drone albeit with lower attributes than Zeus (and Apis) but the same cost as an Apis. Puts to use an item players spend a lot of URI to obtain that otherwise has no use and is in no way redeemable. Drone formations don't look lopsided due to a missing drone.

    Some of those who already have 10 drones will feel slighted because - They did it the hard way so everyone else should too. (Same could be said about the current Kronos gate event)
    If you lose your Apis drone somehow, you would need to collect all the parts again.
  2. I kinda like the exchanging the 3 Apis parts for 1 Zeus. Not too OP or anything.
    But, there are elites who had to do the the original way, and I kinda want to also :p
  3. Great idea. To date I have fully made 5 Apis drones. Can only use one at a time, so the rest is 100% wasted Uri to me. Main reason I no longer purchase Booty keys.

  4. 5 apis drones all together, you mean drones in boty or parts?
    when you have 45 parts in tech for apis you don't get parts for apis anymore.
  5. You people that can't get most of your stuff always have to come up with ideas to make things easier lol. Just work for your Zeus drone during the special event.
    Besides, even if they did implement an idea like this it wouldn't be 3 parts of Apis. It would have to be atleast about 5 parts.
  6. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    The most recent Zeus event (finished about 24 hours ago).
    300 boot keys on Golden Booty (especially for zeus parts).
    1 Zeus part + 15 Apis parts.
    - - - - -
    Even at 5 to 1, at least you are getting "something" in return for your URI.
    If 1 Apis part reduced the cost of Zeus by 1,500 URI (the cost of a boot key) you are getting something in return. As it is now, you get nothing but to look at a bunch of drone parts you can't do anything with.
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  7. UFE stuffs won't get any changes, I don't think. Atleast not in the near future. Even if you find APIS parts, that's 45 keys. After that, there's no chance of finding APIS parts anyway.

    But you can always hope, I guess x)
  8. It's such a great idea that Dark Orbit will never implement it.
  9. I think its a good idea. I also think doing it like gate spins are would also improve this. Say you have 2 apis built every piece from that point on goes to zuse. that might have already been said a lot to read threw. As for trading 5 for 1 I dont like that idea now 3 to 1 sounds better.

    And as your negative to ppl doing it the hard way dont really matter anymore. Look at all them ppl who bought the designs for mad cash and now they can be bought in auction.
  10. trading apis parts for zeus parts = pop gose your apis and u cry to support u cant make another lol
  11. Exactly, yet I pay 1500 Uri for the chest to receive yet another part/print. All together now I have built the Apis drone 5 times.

    You have one Apis in use and only one allowed as spare in the event you loose your first Apis at 100% damage. Those I have, but have also collected enough "prints" to actually build 3 more complete. Mathematically, this shows as an extreme 100% loss of hard earned Uridium.

    45 x 1500 = 67,500 x 4 = 270,000 Uriduim lost never to be recovered.

    My friends wonder why I don't continue to purchase booty keys.

    On a side note.. more LOSS 27 enforcer designs, had the enforcer long before booty keys where released. 27 LF-3, I've been FE years before booty keys released. Countless BO-2 shields and engines.

    On topic: I think we should be able to "exchange" the prints received for Apis if we already have 2 completed.

  12. ramnik

    ramnik User

    +1 from me
  13. That is why i said 2 built every piece after goes to zuse. If you loose your apis you have 1 in stock and then can build another apis till maxed out and go back to zuse.
  14. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    And there lies 99% of the problem, the gap between Rookie, FE and UFE is not governed by game play or any type of skill, it is purely related to $ spent.

    I pay for premium because I like the benefits that come with it. I repair my drones early because I don't want to lose them.
    If for some reason I was to lose Apis I would work to replace it by collecting the parts (spending more URI).
    I don't want or need parts for a drone sitting there "just in case".
    Once you have built Apis, you should have the choice - Yes I'll save the parts because I don't really pay attention to what happens to my drones and might lose them - No I don't want to collect parts "for a rainy day", I want to get something in return for my investment.

    If as you say Hades, you can't collect Apis once you have 45, what do you get instead?
    Or is it like boxing with a full ammo hold - You can not collect because you have the maximum amount.
    If that is the case, Do should make it clear when they advertise the event - There is a chance your URI will return nothing if you have already collected the maximum amount of a premium item.

    I had no problem spending money to get what I wanted. I do have a problem with not getting value for $'s spent.
    Easy fix, I will never be UFE so save my money and stop trying.

    Most people I speak to, Don't pay for premium, Don't buy Uridium (and have a laugh at those who do). I think due to the deliberate lack of opportunity to be able to compete at the top level of the game. I'll join the ranks of - Free to play.

    After 2 months and a lot of hours (and a few hundred $) I am FE with APIS and 7 LF4.
    Once the novelty of getting insta popped by UFE has gone, I'll probably just quit and find another game (not a BP game).

    - - - - -

    I don't want it for free, I don't want it to be too easy, I do want to feel I am getting value for my $.
    IE; Beta ready, 2 parts needed for Gamma, 1 part needed for Alpha. 570 spins (to try and get Kronos parts) and still need 1 part for Alpha, that in my book is NOT value for $.
    PS; I do have 140k X2 ammo to show for my 500+ spins.
  15. DO will probably just give you a LF-4 :D
  16. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    As unlikely as it is for DO to "give" anything away, 1 LF4 would not in any way change the current state of unbalanced PVP in a PVP oriented game. The only way to do that is to begin to level the playing field by introducing alternate ways for those willing to put in the time and money to be able to compete without having to spend thousands of dollars on chance events that return minimal, if any, reward.

    Increasing the chance of Zeus parts during events advertised specifically as Zeus part events would certainly be a good start - 300 to 1 is not good odds and certainly not good enough for me to buy boot keys in future.

    Having a stockpile of Apis parts is pointless if they can't be used for anything other than replacing a drone you may or may not ever need to replace.
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  17. No, this game after updates become too easy by it self already. If apis parts should be changed, then only sold for like 200-300 ur each.
  18. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    You must be playing a different game to me.
    The only ones the game is "easy" for are those who are UFE, who's biggest problem is whether they have enough Sep and RSB for the next 100 kills.

    Your attitude (which is sadly quite prevalent) is one reason why, the game is currently so unbalanced.
    The less people who can become UFE the better it is for those who are UFE - No competition = EASY
  19. What will happen when all will become ufe? small ships won't have chance to play and they won't even start. Think a little. I also don't have anything much 5 lf4, 1 havoc 0 herc 19pp... lol
  20. This thread has slipped off topic. This is about apis and zuse not ufe and small ships.
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