Trade excess Apis parts for Zeus parts

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by TitanAce, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Back on topic - I wonder what will happen when Zues parts is filled when you already have a Zeus drone?
  2. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    I think you have misunderstood the idea of the thread. My idea is to level the playing field a little by making what is currently a useless premium item (once you have made Apis) into a viable, useful item.

    The gap between Rookie, FE and EFU is about 5 years and several thousand dollars.
    Having parts for a premium, elite drone sitting there not able to be used is just waste. If the idea is so that I can replace my Apis drone "if" I lose it, why should I bother paying for a premium account which gives me free drone repair.

    Maybe, just maybe, if people found it a little easier and had options to obtain Zeus, it might encourage them to spend some money on trying to get LF4's or run more gates to try and get Havocs.. Having 26 Apis parts (obtained during two Zeus drone part events) just sitting there being useless is not going to encourage me to spin the credit card for the next Zeus event.

    Everything to get UFE is left to chance and from what I have seen so far the odds are slim to stacked against you, so why not lower the bar a little by allowing player choice as to what they do with extra Apis drone pieces.
  3. TitanAce if you are spending cash for damn keys and you are getting nothing, then maybe buy uri and pay zeus 1,5 mil. what do you think about that?
    drones are easy part of ufe, lf-4's are different story. i have 45 parts for apis and i have pay 550k uri for apis back in 2012 but it is ok i dont cry that is how this game work.
    however i do agree that some things should be easier for new ppl, but only because we don't have many ppl playing now.
    if i managed to get everything and i am free player then i dont see why you complain so much...
  4. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    Why should I have to buy 1.5mil URI for a drone, that according to DO you can get parts for by being involved in specific events? Maybe DO should increase drop rates, maybe
    So, I'm not sure here. When you paid 550k URI for apis were you a free player, did you buy URI?
    Since 2012, how many times have you lost Apis and had to replace it with the spare parts you have?
    Are you now UFE and did you get it by not investing any money into the game?

    Yes I agree the 10th drone is not a major part of becoming UFE, that is my point. I don't want or need all the extra parts but if during events for LF4 and Zeus I am getting more Apis parts and not what the event is advertised for, I want to be able to use those parts for something.
    Yes it is the way the game works, it is also the reason there is so little pvp content because so few want to spend 3, 4 or more years to reach the top level and be able to compete.
    I have no problem with pay to play, as long as pay to play has value for $.
    Therefore, I don't plan on spending $200 to buy a drone as it is not important enough.
    I'll stick with what I have and as I said earlier, when the novelty of getting insta popped by UFE wears off I'll find another game that has better value for my $.
  5. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Zeus event of yesteryear was giving one part in 50 keys .....

    Zeus event of today gives one part in 200 keys + on average

    BØØGΞYMΔИ that is how BP works
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  6. i know that pečanin.. i spend around 1k keys for zeus my self,and still had to pay 414k uri for it later.

    free. i had premium from friend invates, and kamikaze didn't have cool down back then. thats how i made my uri for it.
    i never lost drone not even flax, but i know some guys who have lost all 10 drones. i see what you want to say,but still it's how this work. you should think about it before you get your apis. imagine if you dont have apis now and you use all those keys on zeus day-- it would of be win win situation, when you have all 45 parts you dont get parts for that drone anymore, so when your apis is full you can make zeus and get them both without extra parts.
    ufe yes, and i did spend some cash for premium box doubler and rebate from time to time.
    but dont get me wrong i didn't spend cash to get equipment for ship i had to do it to make all that ammo for fights not for zeus or apis or lf-4's. i start paying when i had all 10 drones with lvl 16 upgrades and more than 20 lf-4's.
  7. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    I'm curious, I have Apis +28 parts for a 2nd Apis. You (and others) have said, "once you get 45 extra parts you no longer get Apis parts". What do you get instead?
    I was under the impression what you got for your 1,400 URI (boot key) was random and would be worth at least 1,400 URI, so if you click an Apis part what happens to it, or are just simply donating 1,400 URi to DO?

    My proposal was for a way to use extra Apis parts, you would need to already have built Apis for them to be extra parts. You would also need to have 1 Zeus part for each group of Apis parts you wanted to use towards the build.
    For example - If you already have Apis + 28 extra parts + 4 Zeus parts you could opt to trade, as an example, 28 @ 4/1 Apis parts for Zeus parts. That would give you a total of 11 parts with which to build Zeus.
    That then leaves you with no Apis parts so during the next Zeus Drone event, if you happen to get 4 times as many Apis parts as you do Zeus, you can trade them again for Zeus parts.
    If you happen to lose your Apis, you would need to collect 45 parts to get it back (without spending URI)
  8. Thats why don't spend ur booty keys on lf4 event, it is zeus event to get zeus not lf4 even or days without event. Your problem if you can't even save bootys or uri for zeus event.
  9. i don't know it is like nano hull in gg, when your ship is full you do not get nano when spinning. now you tell me what do we get instead of nano?

    this game is not sprint it is marathon. what that means: you should make plans how to do stuff. if you don't plan you will waste more time and uridium on things.
  10. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    Had you read the initial post you would notice - 300 boot keys used in the most recent ZEUS event.
    From that event, I received 1 Zeus part and 15 parts for Apis (which I already have).
    So you choosing to respond to only part of the post (about LF4 events), with what I can only guess is what you perceive to be a clever response, is a little bewildering, unless English is not your 1st language and whatever translator you use has limited functionality. In which case your obvious lack of understanding and seemingly deliberate attempt at misguided humor could be explained.
  11. Silviu

    Silviu User

    If when you have Apis built and gathered another 45 blueprints for it, you get Zeus parts instead, it would render the Zeus event useless as the Apis parts can be found in the Green booty boxes.

    The fac that you weren't lucky enough. In July i've opened about 150 keys during Zeus event in 5-2 and got 6 parts, which are useless though as i've built the drone already.
    Just get 20 Zeus blueprints and buy it with uri then, Apis too. It's a no from me.
  12. Don't need to be rude if you are just a nooblet. Get full apis (45) and you won't get it again. wohaa you will get something else instead of it. This is zeus event, i spend 1.1k booty on zeus event and got 22 parts, then i got a rebate and prem and bought my zeus. Do the same. Oh i forgot you don't spend money on games... Guess what, you should.. If no one would pay, then this game would be full with adds and unable to play, or just would not exist anymore. This is how it is. Someone need to pay darkorbit bills. Server maintenance not for free. Invest something, not everything in life is for free(like you willing right now).
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  13. Silviu

    Silviu User

    I agree with you. Everything can be achieved for free, but it takes time. Who doesn't want to wait, should pay. This is how the game works, deal with it.
  14. Yea, someone need to pay to get this game work. If game will be to easy no one will pay bills for server maintenace, and game will be deleted.. This is how this is.
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  15. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    So you want others to pay so you can play for free.. Good plan..

    As for being rude.. Had I intend to be rude I would have been.. my response was based on your reply.. You obviously hadn't read the full thread or you just find it easier to respond only to certain parts.. This I pointed out, if you deem that rude - That is your problem not mine.

    "free like you willing now" - I have no problem with pay to play and never asked for anything for free, you again changed the meaning or completely disregarded certain content in composing your response.. I would suggest you learn to respond to what is written Not what you think is written.
    For over 5 years (I'm no noob to DO) I've been hearing the same old argument - "Someone has to pay so I can play for free".. Yes they do indeed and if it wasn't so hard to achieve a level where you can compete in the game (without it taking years), more people would probably be prepared to spend more.. Fact is - the game is currently facing a slow death, has been for a number of years. Why?? because it is simply too expensive for the average person to pay play and be competitive. Personally, I am happy to pay to play but don't like the idea of spending my money on a chance result - $30 to buy 1500 free spins, you may or may not open a Zeta for that, you may or may not get a Havoc when you finish it. That is not pay to play, that is simply throwing money away.. Yes you can build gates for free by boxing or spending hours in palli maps, that isn't pay to play but has the same chance return as someone who does spend money.. Sorry but that is not how it should be - If you pay for an item you should get that item, not a "chance" at it.

    Just because "that is how it has always been" does not make it the right way.. The game is all but dead on most servers, maybe it is time for some changes to try and put some life back into what was once a fun game. Trying to continually extort money from those few who do pay to play with LF3 sales and the like is not the right way to go.

    You also tell stories that don't add up to what (many) others say - You spent 1.1k on boot keys and got 22 Zeus parts?? If your going to make up stories, at least try to make them realistic. 22 parts with only 100 boot keys?? So what botting program did you use.. Personally I've had Zues parts drop at a rate of 1 in 300 boot keys, others have stated between 150 and 300 per part, so are you a cheat or just Stretching the truth to suit your biased reality.

    NB; Kulius - Use another translator, yours is way to selective in what you get as a translation.
  16. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    Everything can be achieved for free - Is a nice notion, if your prepared to spend 5 or 6 years to do it.. I don't have 5 or 6 years to waste being fodder for any UFE who decides he is bored and wants easy kills. As pretty much everything needed to be able to compete at the top level is at best, hard to get and is only available during very limited chance events, pay to play is still a long term commitment. Not wanting to spend 4 or 5 years (and paying) trying to reach the top level of any game is I believe acceptable.
    DO is afraid to change things for fear of upsetting the older players who are UFE. My opinion, the game would be better without a lot of them. Most of them no longer pay to play, they contribute nothing but grief for newer players, so why pander to them?
    The game would be far more interesting with 1000 "noobs" flying around shooting each other than it is now with 100 UFE the only ones getting most kills.
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  17. I pay by my self. every month rebate + prem + when started got 1mil uri :)
  18. I like the idea of exchanging 3 apis for one zeus particularly because it is annoying to keep getting apis parts when you already have one. Yes, this is good for those that don't have premium, but for people like me who have over 3000 repair credits (some may have more) and over 200 drone cpus in their hangar, it's worthless. The biggest reason for bigpoint to implement this idea is because they should know that it will make the game more interesting as well as reduce bullying of noobs who do not have the zeus drone yet. If more people are just as strong as each other, it becomes more like the private server, where only pvp matters.
  19. what about vise versa.... so 1 zues for 3 apis ?
  20. tbh i feel robbed im never going to need the second zeus or second apis i have premium always i have rep cpu on ship always by letting me pick more zeus parts and apis when its full is just plain wrong .you know that all the players know that!! howmuch uri to build second apis second zeus is ridiculous when i see you received i feel REALLY REALLY ANGRY
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