Trade excess Apis parts for Zeus parts

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by TitanAce, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Apis and Zeus fall in the same group. Apis is full will result in the same what happens with Zeus. I highly doubt they will mention that your Apis is full - you will get nothing - hehe :mad:
  2. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    Not true - Zeus is far harder to get than Apis. Apis parts drop so commonly they become useless, Zeus parts are hard to get, even during Zeus events Apis parts drop at a rate of 15 to 1 Zeus part.
    As for getting nothing - that unfortunately is true. I for one am no longer prepared to spend money on a game that, at best, is likely to take 4 or 5 years before I can compete.
    DO is not so much a game as a gambling site with really poor odds for $ invested.

    I'll play for free - Spending money and getting "nothing" in return is not for me.
    Most games are about competing with those as good or slightly better than you - DO is about a few UFE engaging in fights they know they can't lose.

    (all subscriptions - cancelled. payment information - deleted)
  3. ok here is the thing, first, apis and zeus are parts that are not meant to be readily available, so therefore they must remain as a rare item. Secondly, your math around it is not good in my view, you should use more apis part to receive 1 zeus, so say 10 extra apis parts for 1 zeus. That way, it is still rare but a bit more achievable.
  4. What I am referring to is that I already have the parts - I don't need anymore pieces. Some need an extra drone because they lost it :eek::mad: - hehe - poof - not paying attention.
  5. well yeah I like this Idea, although maybe need more apis pieces then a zues to buiild it
  6. TitanAce

    TitanAce User

    The amount of Apis parts to make 1 Zeus part was only a roughy example. Yes 10 Apis for 1 Zeus would probably be a far better option, considering how hard it is to get Zeus parts (even during Zeus events).

    As for not paying attention and losing a drone - Ok that happens and is something that would not happen, if players paid attention. Right now the easy option is, you just build another one. Why make it so easy for someone careless enough to lose a rare, hard to get drone?
    You lose Apis or Zeus drone, you should have to work to replace it not just go to the tab and click build because you collected the parts 2 years ago.
    Trust me, there is nothing funnier (or sadder) than seeing a Saturn with Zeus, Apis, 1 Iris and 7 flax drones. I saw one yesterday and although I felt bad for the guy, could not help laughing at how stupid he must be feeling.

    I don't need 45 spare parts when all it takes is to open "equipment" while repairing after being popped to see if my drones need repairing. If that seems too hard, fit a drone repair CPU, takes all human error out of the equation. Lazy, careless players should not be the reason for not changing "the way it has always been".

    NB; I now have ZEUS but still believe the change could be good for the game.
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    Enjoy the game.

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