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    What is the Training Arena?
    The Training Arena is a 1 vs. 1 PvP arena where players can fight against players in 1-on-1 battles. Participants will get rewards for their fights and there are ranking lists for the best arena fighters as well.

    The Training Arena is working cross-server, so there should be an opponent at every given moment.

    You cannot lose anything fighting here. Ships, Drones and P.E.T.s are being repaired to how they were before the fight and you respawn close to the nearest gate on the map you were on when the match started.

    How do I take part?

    To participate in the UBA fights, you will see a new icon in the general client menu: (As seen Below)

    When you click on that icon a window will appear and you can confirm that you want to fight in the PvP arena.


    Once you have decided to participate, the system searches for an eligible opponent to battle against you.

    While you are waiting for an opponent, you can keep playing.
    If you log-off or cancel the request you will be removed from the waiting list.

    Once an opponent is located you will see a window giving you the option to Fight, or cancel.
    (As seen Below)

    Once an opponent has agreed to fight you,


    Once you have clicked are automatically placed into the arena at opposite corners. (As seen below on the mini map)


    In the arena you will fight a “Best out of three” match. You will face your opponent in two or three rounds and the first to win two rounds wins the match.


    After the first match you will see one of the following depending on your particular outcome.




    These pop ups make it very clear as to who won and lost in the event of 2 players dying very close together.

    Once the Match is completed you will see a Window showing the event as a Victory or Defeat as well as your rewards. (As seen Below)


    The winner gets a point for winning. These points are counted towards the player’s ranking on the Training Arena ladder.

    If you enter a Galaxy Gate, Team Death Match, Sector Control, or the Jackpot Arena you are removed from the Training Arena waiting list.

    How can you ensure that fights are fair?
    Only players with level 5 or higher can participate.

    The system calculates a “Score” that takes into account your equipment and pilot skills and pits you into a fight with a player with a similar or identical score.

    If you are disconnected during fight and do not reconnect within 90 seconds, you lose the round. If you are starting the third round and do not reconnect within 90 seconds you lose the match.

    About that ranking: How does that work?
    For every victory in the Training Arena, you receive one point.

    These points vs. the number of fights you fought will determine your Win Rate – which is then calculated towards your ranking. So a player with many battles and many wins will have a higher ranking than someone who won 5 of his 5 fights.

    What else should I know?

    The rewards are selected from the following tables. Note that you need to be online and logged in to receive your reward:

    You have a chance of receiving one or more of the following:

    ACM-1 Mine
    EMP - 01
    Extra Energy
    Log Disk
    Laser ammunition

    Loser Reward Pack
    You have a chance of receiving one or more of the following:

    Laser Ammunition

    Restricted Equipment
    You cannot use the following equipment during fight:
    • Cloaking (CPUs, the Spearhead’s Ultimate Cloaking is allowed)
    • Jump CPUs (All Types)
    • Ship Warp
    • Nanohull (will not be displayed in TA but will be available again after matches)
    Note: Nano Hull and Ore Updates are not available in the UBA and are not counted against the gear score.

    Other conditions
    When you are in the Training Arena and the JPA match starts, you lose the match and do not receive any rewards. Your ship however is put back into the state it was in before the Training Arena match started.

    When you are ready to start a Training Arena match and are waiting for your opponent to join, you cannot be attacked and cannot attack other players. Note: This is no emergency exit. When you are in a fight you cannot accept Training Arena invitations.

    A round lasts 5 minutes. If nobody wins the round, nobody gets anything. If for two rounds nothing happens, the match is over. If nobody wins a round, both players will go home with zero points. Example: Player A wins round 1, but nobody wins 2 and 3, player 1 gets the prize. If both players fail to win round 1 and 2, the match ends and nobody gets anything.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q: If i participate in the Test Arena, if I lose... Will I experience drone damange?
    A: No - Participating in the Test arena will not effect the drones.

    Q: If I die during in a Test arena Match, do I have to repair my ship?
    A: No After the duel your ship will be returned to the map you were in before with Full HP and sheilds.

    Q: Will I lose my title if I lose in Training Arena?

    A: No. Titles do not enter into the training arena with you & will restore upon exit

    Q: Will I earn rank points if I win?
    A: No, win or lose it will not affect ranking
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