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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jun 14, 2023.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Treacherous Domain Event. Please be thoughtful in your comments here and feel free to create new posts in the appropriate areas for your questions or event discussions.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

    Thank you,
  2. Excessive

    Excessive User

    So, we have a brand new event, based on "who has the strongest ship" and DO thinks this is fair to all those who haven't botted their way to the best equipment.
    To craft a Ship Upgrade you need 2500 fragments, so if you are a strong player and finish 1st you can do this twice and craft a module BUT if you only strong enough to get top 100 you have to finish in the top 50-100 25 times to craft a single module. Yep seems balanced and fair to me..
    To help keep the event balanced for all levels of player, once the boss reaches lvl 50 it stays there, ok so as the boss levels up one would presume the damage it does to players also increases. Once it hits level 50 those without the best of equipment have less chance of surviving meaning only the top ships get a chance at the best rewards.

    To cap it off. Finish in the top 50-100 each day, it takes 25 days to craft one upgrade module. While the strongest ship can craft one in 2 days. Even finishing 4-5 in the daily ranking you can only craft a module every 4 days.

    There is no mention of how players who don't/can't make top 100 get these new Fragments to be able to craft things.

    Is PVP allowed in the gate, just to further limit how smaller ships progress?
    Are the gates Faction specific or is it "ALL IN"
    If you jump in with a group, Does "DrawFire" work in the gate, again limiting who hits the boss the hardest?
    2 Cit+ in a group means only their group hits the boss if DrawFire is enabled..

    Another potential problem for those not the strongest, after a few days the top players have done the battlepass and so do the event less. Unless of course the uri and rank rewards are good, then they just farm it to the end.
    This leaves weaker players with a level 50 boss and less players to help shoot it OR the event remains full of top players farming the event for uri and or rank.

    Did the Designers of this event consider HOW the game is played by the top players when putting this together?

    As this event is a TOP damage event, requiring X4 and Sep, a little more information would be helpful..
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  3. Stuck in easy gate . no ncp to kill .. cant mine myself .. cant logout lmao
  4. Timed BP Challenges, the gate is too easy for these.

    I can do the gate in under 5 minutes. Assuming I do 5 a day, 25m a day. I wont even do the 5hr one, never mind 10hrs...unless i afk in there.

    Futhermore, this event is lacking so much content it's mindblowing. You've created 2 new NPCs, made a gate so quick it's basically a boss-fight not an event gate, it's not even an event too. Its an event only the top 10% can join in, if the Battle Pass wasnt here, this event would be the worst ever.

    I cant give any constructive feedback here, simply because this event is poorly designed, poorly executed and just pure lazy from the Dev Team. You spent 3 days on Facebook hyping up a 5-10m boss fight we have to rinse-and-repeat 5 times a day with basically no enjoyment whatsoever.
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  5. cant justerfy the battle pass as we dont earn any uri from gate
  6. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    no uri no ep and no hon, not my sort of event think ill skip this one as i would like some sort of reward for the sepped ammo and pet fuel etc that,s wasted
  7. I think the new boss design is really sweet and the new gate mechanics are refreshing.

    It kinda feels like the event should have been reversed so that the gate starts on the hardest difficulty and becomes easier over time. Not sure if yall will agree on this, but I figure this would make it feel like there was actually something to do at the beginning instead of just a 5 min gate. It would also provide something to work towards as people would be motivated to grind down the world hp so it becomes easier and maybe even becomes doable. People might have to start in the easy gate instead of being able to sit still in the hard gate and finish it no problem. I think the boss design and mechanics are cool but you don't feel like it is even a threat atm and that's pretty disappointing.

    Also maybe adding a gate completion drop reward of something like ammo, honor, URI, or whatever similar to the Plutus gate would make it feel much more worthwhile and rewarding.
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  8. A true waste of boosters and ammo. It has the game play of a 1980's Coleco game.
  9. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    another event for the botters, last quest : stay in gate for 10hours, ! seriously. the only people doing that is the boters, your dev team are a joke,,,,,,,,,, and rewards are pathetic.
  10. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Not sure how anyone would get the 10hrs as it kicks you out after 5 minutes 10 seconds. You need to do the gate 12 times just to get 1 hour.. That works out to roughly 120 gates or 5 per day for 12 days.

    Not sure about "rewards" from the actual gate completion. All I got was 108 Fragments, which means I need to complete 23 gates (5 days) to craft a single ZPVE upgrade module.

    As an event this one is little more than a Ruse to get players to waste best ammo and sep for minimal return...

    EDIT; I'm thinking there is something very broken in this event.
    Just completed 5 gates (maximum for the day) and did it in 20 minutes 37 second with 11,845,00 damage done. I'm in postion 451, yet the number one guy (who could have only done 5 gates as it's still day 1) has 1hr 14 minutes and 101 million damage. The guy just ahead of me in rankings has 11,900,00 damage, done in 5 minutes 41 seconds.
    I don't know how they can do so much damage in an arena where only X amount of NPC's spawn.
    The damage rankings are either BROKEN or RIGGED.
    This requires a response from DEV's as I don't understand how you can do more damage doing 1 gate as you do doing 5 when the same amount of NPC's with the same amount of HP/Shield should spawn for each player..
    If there is a way to stretch out each gate to get more npc's/more damage per gate, this should be explained in the FAQ...
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  11. The rewards are bugged, I did not received a single XT10 mod from the exchanges.
    However, everything else works fine.
  12. design222

    design222 User

    the event is bugged, it gives nopthing!
  13. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    5 gates, 1hour 24 minutes farming the Sunder Stars, 17 objectives complete - That'll do me.
    Definately not worth doing 25 objectives - 9 more days doing this rubbish just to get a few more battlepass keys that don't offer decent rewards due to RNG - Not for this black duck...

    Got 540 Fragments and certainly not doing this garbage another 4 times just to have a 1 in 74 chance of crafting a decent ZPVE upgrade module
    Assembly - Crafting 50 UBR rockets = 625 Fragments = 6 gates. I used 100 UBR rockets in the first gate, how could you even think crafting 50 having to do 6 gates is even a thing.

    Feedback (for what it's worth)
    NPC's are underwhelming, no rewards is just sad and seems to be the way DO is going now - Punish players by forcing them to use URI (or money), ammo, time and effort for nothing more than rubbish RNG based rewards.

    The only players enjoying this event are the botters who have millions of Ammo and URI to throw around...

    After Astral we should have expected a follow up like this - Garbage Event and actually makes Astral gate seem worth it as you don't use anything but your time for crappy rewards doing it.

    As something new, this isn't even worth a "Good Try"...
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  14. Nice event to eat up boosters, ammo, seprom for a chance at some rewards.
    What about real time boosters bought with money it will eat those up also.
    Lastly thanks for putting more stuff in the already known bug called the assembly,
    tried to look today and see what i could craft 3 times front and back page both crashed as soon as i opened assembly!!
  15. in FAQ it say "The Sunder Star has 50 tiers in total. Once the maximum tier has been reached, it will stay at tier 50." Right now tier 3 give 116 material, tier 4 124. Can you post full table how much we get from each tier ? If we know how much we get from tier 50 and we think its reasonable reward more people might play event and push it to max tier faster. Either way tier highly depend on server activity which is out of control from your and individual players side.
  16. _Cama_

    _Cama_ User

    Totaly [REMOVED] event, i have never seen bigger ******** in this game ... the rank system its total [REMOVED]. its about how much you dont do in the gate to get rank not how much dmg.. you just idle in gate and dmg anything else then the boss thill you get bored... or you do 24h to make top rank... *** its that [REMOVED] ?
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  17. 2010!!

    2010!! User

    Seems to be going up after each tier in +8
    tier 2 108 tier 3 116 tier 4 124 tier 5 132?
    at a guess if stays the same tier 50 will be 400 with initial 100 drop = 500 in total for completion or 2500 for all 5
    • This is totally frivolous, but maybe BP and the developers want to know how many of the daily players left in the game are still actively playing and how many of them are using other illegal programs like autolock and such other thinks. Maybe that was their idea, on the other hand they isolated the trains (still have them) and left everything else that could be used to play dishonest. In this case, he pushed every hacker in this event to sit in this portal and in the end they will reward him properly for being a hacker, but he does not bother other players on the maps and troll them with endless ammo and EMPs killing everything and everyone in his path.
    • It is not mentioned as there is always insufficient info about the event when the event is restarted at 0:00 server time or when the server is restarted.
    • SAB lasers don't count as damage, the loss of a ship's shield doesn't count as damage...
    • Nowhere can you see what damage you have done and their progress in real time. This leads to bad thoughts about who how passes the portal and actually exploiting a newly discovered bug standing in the portal for 20 hours a day not without the help of 3rd party programs ...
    • You can write a lot but they don't deserve it, I thought that normal players have finally stopped paying attention to them, but the gentlemen from BP are constantly bringing new and new unsuspecting players into their trap, robbing the money of teenagers who don't even suspect anything.
    • P.S.
    • The EVENT cannot BE based on how many players I will play in this event because that is exactly what happens. The more players play regardless of whether they succeed or not determines the leveling up of the boss. And this is also based on the number of active in each company as far as can be seen in the ranking.
      I tried strating on tier 5 and apparently things are absolutely frivolous from every point of view.
    • I'm doing absolutely nothing and I'm missing something important, someone **** me please...
    • Anyone who has ever used a train bot is now being cheated again by letting it do damage in the "global" event, so even if it's not someone super well developed, multi-accounting is in its element, every registered ship is useful. Absolute wildness, and every such person is a Graham's number to the power of 10^(10^(10^(10^(10^(10^100))))) (googolquinplex) that it is a bot, it is a game, the proof is 100 million registrations over time ...
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  18. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Looking at my account it seems the tier of the boss is individual, not server based.
    I'm at tier 2 yet a friend in my clan is at tier 7.

    Sadly the information passed to forum mods for event FAQ's is pretty much always incomplete or just missing pertinent information. So there is no real way to work out what works and how.
    For instance, nowhere in the FAQ did it say the most effective way to do this event is to use X1 ammo and just farm the bosses for as long as you can stay awake.
    To most "normal" people - Rank is damage based - Would mean do as much damage as possible but this event is exactly the opposite. The way you get the most rank is by NOT using best ammo to kill npc's efficiently but to kill them as slowly as possible.

    NB; I can't believe the amount of time some are putting into this event. Number one in ranking on a server I play has spent 14 hours a day in the event gate since the event started for a total of 28 hours (checked Friday). Haven't checked today's rankings as I decided I just don't want to spend that sort of hours per day on DO. Or any game for that matter..

    That honestly can't be healthy as "experts" say no-one should spend more than 4 hours per day playing games. My guess, DO just don't care about the health and welfare of its paying customers as this event is specifically designed so you need to spend as much time as possible per day doing it..

    Apologies for my first, way off the mark post. I was writing from the FAQ and the way it is written would suggest it was a group gate where you those doing the most damage would rank highest.
    I actually feel sorry for the mods posting most FAQ's, they must feel pretty bad about the way they mislead players with inaccurate, incomplete, misleading information.
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  19. So really all the event is , is to see how long you can sit in the gate and waste your boosters and time and you will be rewarded with top prizes!!!
    Now how pathetic of an idea was this and who was it that come up with this?

    Pretty soon they will want the game to run on it's own nobody is even gonna have to login anymore just start up the bot's and let them run as long as you like and DO will reward you LOL how ridiculous this game has become!!!

    Don't know who at DO think the game is fun anymore it's turning out to be just a program for people to check on from time to time and see how their accounts are doing!!!!
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