Treacherous Domain Event Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jun 14, 2023.

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  1. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I thought it was fun but lagging in rewards big time. No uri for killing npcs even after wasting all that ammo. like always to carft something will cost way to much ammo in this gate. then like most you will not be able to save it for the next time the event happens so you'll be able to use it. So I'll pass on this event, kinda nothing but a waste of time.

  2. I tried strating on tier 5 and apparently things are absolutely frivolous from every point of view.

    this was my first try

  3. as your friend from other company i'm guess thats is the difference ...
  4. Excessive

    Excessive User

    That could be it.
    If that is the case then there should be three sets of rewards, One for each company and an overall rewards section for the server.
  5. Oddy

    Oddy User

    Event itself and the idea of it is alright.
    Problem is that it is not rewarding: Sunder Star doesn't give exp, honour, credits, uridium or even cargo drops. It absolutely should give rewards for killing it because the gate is a huge time sink to do (for those who don't have the best equipment).

    There should be rankings for 101-500: overall ranking from 101 to 500 could reward players promerium, x2, x3, sab ammo and some infiltrator fragments while daily ranking could give infiltrator fragments.
  6. AVIT

    AVIT User

    i like it ,it is nice they gave us a different event to do so i a happy man . i lIke the fact as usual the F&Q take some working out ,,but lmao thats part of the events when new ,,(working it out) makes it a puzzle too to be solved .. Nice one to the mods thanks for making something new worth doing .. My only complaint would be the ranking rewards ,,,give some IAC in that ,dont give lot but just a little ,it would be an incentive to carry on doing the event once all the objectives are completed ..
  7. Hello, It's me or I see players with too much damage in the ranking
  8. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    So you like actually having to do nothing to get rewards?
    The best way to do this event is with X1 ammo and just don't move inside the gate.

    Boring as, no skill required just good shields and Solace ability.
    I don't know how these guys have so many hours in the gate, I'm at 2 hoiurs 43 minutes and BORED out of my mind..
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  9. Weak

    Weak User

    This is one of the most insufferable events I've ever played on.
    No point of doing this one.
  10. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    I do hope DO take a good hard look at how this event plays out before putting it in the game again.
    No1 on the server has; 72 hours overall (on day 4 of the event) -102638000 overall damage, 14 hours today with 86 million damage for the day.
    (Not sure what the Minus means, I know he had more overall damage than he does now)

    For my company the Sunder is at level 6 so not likely to reach lvl 50 before the event ends.
    As the rewards are based on ALL those who take part, the less active your faction is the less chance you have to get in the rankings. Even worse finishing the objectives is extremely limited due to the level of the Sunder not going up. Can't collect enough Fragments to craft things or finish the objectives when you only get a few from each gate.

    Game balance should really be a thing, this is far from it - Those who sit in the gate 14+ hours per day are not "average" players.

    NB; The guy who is number 1 for this event is also number one for Astral Rankings.
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  11. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Treacherous Domain - Worst event with the laziest development.
    Obviously Developers didn't do any background work with players to see what might work.

    An event based on Spending as much time as possible in a gate while killing NPC's as slowly as possible IS NOT good game design.

    Making the Event Company based isn't balanced for those in a company that isn't active. You can't achieve rewards and complete objectives if there aren't enough people doing the event to level up the Sunder.
    Done this gate 5 times per day for 4 days and still don't have 2500 shards. This event penalizes players based on a lack of activity on the server.
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  12. Oddy

    Oddy User

    o Bug: Fix: Boosters affect dispatch drops – FIXED
    o Bug: Exploit with using SAB-50 ammunition – FIXED
    o Improvement: Battle rewards - We raised the amount of Infitrator Fragments that you are getting after each battle

    tldr: Sunder doesn't have shield anymore so it's lot more better to kill without worrying its' shield regen. Good updates.
  13. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    Only problem with that is, You don't want to kill them too fast if you want to get into the damage rankings.
    You need to farm the gate slowly to maximize "Damage Done", made harder now there are no shields to add overall damage done.
  14. Oddy

    Oddy User

    I don't think most people care about the rankings, me neither. I am all there for able to craft oils, ABGs and IAs with better rate. I am happy that they made the gate not more time consuming.
  15. id rather they put the shields back on
  16. A gate that takes on average about 3 minutes to beat but yet some people are clocking up 70 hours. Seems legit.
  17. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    I beg to differ. I was ranked 17 last night when I went to bed, this morning I am ranked 122.
    ?? If you want to complete the battlepass you need to waste 10 hours doing the gate over and over.

    Don't know what server you are on but I'm VRU on US server, the Sunder is still at lvl 9 (for 2 days now) so I'm not crafting stuff because I don't get enough fragments upon gate completion. I've so far crafted 1 upgrade module (which was rubbish)
    If you want to do the damage ranking side of the event you need to spend HOURS doing each gate and farm them as long as possible.
    I agree 70 hours in the first few days is over the top but you need to do big hours to top rank. Sadly a very poorly designed event.
  18. Larrakin

    Larrakin User

    So for the 3rd day now the Sunder is at level 9.
    No chance of getting 20k shards to complete the battlepass.

    Pretty sure whoever designed this din't take into account some companies just don't have enough active players to level up the Sunder and complete the pass.
  19. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    really boring event, rewards are well pathetic, just another event for the botrs who bot 24/7. and surprise surprise, they get all the rewards. very poorly planned , and looks like no one thought about the rewards for non botting players, in a ward more of the same old GARBAGE!
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  20. Good job at testing the event though, only 3 days left max level is 50 my server hasn't even got half way.
    Just shows how interested they are in being a game designer for this game!!!
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