Treacherous Domain Event Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jun 18, 2024.

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  1. so if it's group orientated, it shouldn't have allowed me to jump in solo, and say you need at least 2-8players, like the QZ gate does
  2. Thats what WIKI says. I am on discord and the same there. If I attack I die...if I move I die...if I stay still I Reminds me of the movie War Games where the only logical move is not to play lol

    Not group orientated. You go in solo like everyone else and all solo scores are combined is what I understand it to be. I can only say read the game on WIKI and see if you choose to play.
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  3. Yeah i did read the wiki and thought i'd give it a go on easy first to get a feel for it, but i just went boom as soon as it started, this can't be as intended surely
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  4. Cool event, very cool. Boss only is very unreadable in phase 2, it's not clear what to do to not get popped.
    People seem to have lots of skill issue with this one.

    You spawn at the bottom and need to go to the top, avoid mines, DON'T go into red zones they instakill you. When boss targets you with laser there's a countdown, if it goes to 0 boss fires beam, so you need to dodge, move sideways. Yes you need to do it while going up at the start too, when you avoid mines and killzones. It's not hard, if you can't do it it's time to retire I think..

    Then second phase just chase and kill, then rocket phase you need to dodge by moving closer and further from the boss (you can also camp corner to repair on this one) and then last phase again just chase and kill.
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  5. ok, i got somewhere this time round but still managed early on to move into a red zone lol, but least i got some shots fired off on the boss
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  6. Read a 3rd party site description.... the event is terrible and the developers/managers/etc. leave it to others to attempt any sort of help description. Guessing it is because they are ashamed of the entire idea. on a score from 1 to 10; it isn't good enough to even reach as high as 'ZERO'.
  7. Imagine an event where it says you are going to die. You will not defeat the boss the best you can hope for is to damage it with the help of others..all solo of course..and maybe get farther and farther as it gets harder and harder. I will not compete as my ship is not that strong after coming back from a few years away but just playing on the maps is terrible. SPOTTY flying and lag just like when I had dsl.Have 100/100 fiber optic connection and a gaming pc and play is tough.
  8. I'll give this a 2nd try, but Yesterday I went thru 5 lives in less than 10 minutes.

    Dev's,.. let come up with something that is literally "Doable"!

    UPDATE: At least today the event worked for Easy, we will see if the Hard Gate works tomorrow!
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  9. I found most of the info on Discord Dark Orbit and it may have mentioned WIKI I believe
  10. Started of a bad event now i know how to pass the waves in normal mode lol end rewards suck
  11. Should be extended 2 days since the first 2 were unplayable!
  12. so since being guided on how to approach it and the server sync reducing the red field radius which was still giving me trouble, have been able to get to Sunder Star 4, but i'm at a loss how to beat it as i take damage an ever increasing amount of damage from the boss which destroys me before i'm able to inflict any kind of real damage on it, this is frustrating as objectives are awarded for killing this level but I'm just at a loss too
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  13. ZabusXant

    ZabusXant User

    Today I was able to get it 3 times (easy) and almost got it twice on hard and I am not UFE yet.

    Stage 1: use instashield to clear a path to the boss (3 seconds is plenty time to get to there) and all you gotta do is just sidestep as the countdown is expiring for the beam and you should be taking 0 damage if you do this correctly.
    Stage 2: kill it ASAP since it attacks slowly but consistently enough so that you cannot really repair.
    Stage 3: This stage can take longer since the boss just stays in the middle and if you take too much damage, just go to a corner and repair and get back at it again. You can be bursted here if you aren't careful.
    Stage 4: I die here almost killing the boss so I don't have much to say about this one. Would appreciate tips from someone who manages to do this stage consistently.
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  14. I don't have insta-shield but found its easy to get to the boss dodging the mines but sometimes the drop luck gives you mines in bad places at the top but found that as i use x1, you have enough time to hit some outta your way and repair yourself as you wait the 3seconds to move from the laser.
    with stage 3 i found that if you circle the sweet spot around him you keep clear of the inner and outta explosions that do 30K on ya, and yeah if not careful this will get ya lol
    As for stage 4 its like stage 2 but harder, as the damage dealt increase every time it moves and just can't with stand that kind of a beating, i'm not UFE either and could do with some advice on whether i'm doing something wrong here or i need more gear that helps with evasion etc
  15. **Scarab**

    **Scarab** User

    you seem to be missing the point here guys, yhis is supposed to be the easy gate, try doing it in a leo or other newbie ship, its impossible, devs obviously have no idea of the players majority of ships,
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  16. This has got to be one of the worst events BP ever came out with gate is boring event last less than 15 min per day and it's all over!!!
  17. ZabusXant

    ZabusXant User

    I personally prefer that it's less than 15 min per day. I wouldn't mind if all of the battle pass events lasted less than 15 min per day.
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  18. i do 2 astral gates and dont received rewards :(
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  19. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Could the overworld boss health be reduced so we can actually reach level 50 during the event period on the server. Even with 90% of the people doing it daily, we're barely in the double digits.
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