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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    General information

    Challenge yourself in a battle of wits in the Trial of Terrors! Chase after the Frightful Curcubitor and snatch its shiny hoard of candies for some excellent rewards!

    Are you ready to battle in the Trial of Terror for clues and destroy the alien threat?

    Here’s a short overview of what is happening:
    • Trial of Terror Gate with new Frightful Curcubitor boss NPC
    • Cargo Boxes from NPCs and from players look like Halloween Candy
    • There will be Special Boxes looking like Pumpkins that appear on maps 1-1 to 3-8, battle maps and pirate maps additionally to the regular Bonus Boxes.
    • Curcubitors will spawn on maps and killing a certain number of them will cause Boss Curcubitors to spawn.
    • Gather Candy Corn from all types of Curcubitors, and Golden Candy Corn from the Frightful Curcubitor to exchange for rewards!
    Battle it out in the Trial of Terror maps, with a brand new Frightful Curcubitor boss NPC to defeat in the final map. And there are a lot of refreshed rewards, additional recipes, and new items in this spooky Trial of Terror event.

    Curcubitor event schedule
    The Curcubitor event will spawn curcubitors at the following times:
    · Monday - Friday: between 19:00 to 23:00 every day (4h)
    · Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 to 15:00 (4h) and 19:00 to 23:00 (4h)

    Ammo / Drone Boxes

    ToT Box A

    ItemAmount Chances
    ToT Box B
    ItemAmount Chances
    ToT Box 3
    ItemAmount Chances
    Indoctrine Oil3030%
    Drone Design Box (Dropped by Demon Drones)
    Green Bat11%
    Green Skull11%
    Green Reaper11%
    Red Bat11%
    Red Skull11%
    Red Reaper11%
    Blue Bat10,5%
    Blue Skull10,5%
    Blue Reaper10,5%
    Additional Boxes
    The Pumpkin boxes will drop Candy Corn with a certain chance while the Curcubitor Boxes and the Frightful Curcubitor Boxes are dropping Candy Corn with 100%.

    There’s also a chance to get Golden Candy Corn either with 100% from the Frightful Curcubitor Boxes or with a small chance from the Boss Curcubitor Boxes.

    Important: Leftover Candy Corn and Golden Candy Corn will be exchanged into Honour at the end of the event!

    Frightful Curcubitor Box
    Log Disks3%
    Extra Energy6%
    Golden Candy Corn100%
    Candy Corn100%
    Please note the following: Only the Demon Boxes, Box A and Box B are affected by Bonus Box doubler, Pilot Bio points and P.E.T. protocols.

    Important: the Frightful Curcubitor reward items will drop after defeating the Frightful Curcubitor and the completion of the gate will not give a reward!

    Pumpkin Boxes

    In addition to the regular boxes, there will also be special boxes looking like Pumpkins that appear on maps 1-1 to 3-8, battle maps and pirate maps.
    ContentDrop chance
    R-3109 %
    PLT-20269 %
    ECO-106 %
    Candy Corn14,75 %
    Credits15 %
    Xenomit5 %
    Extra Energy5 %
    Fireworks ammunition5 %
    SAR-026 %
    SLM-015 %
    P.E.T. Fuel3%
    Repair Voucher5%
    New Curcubitor Boxes
    When the Curcubitor event runs, Curcubitor NPCs are spawning on the X-2 to X-8 maps and they will increase in difficulty and drop rewards depending on where they spawn.

    Kill Curcubitors to spawn the Boss Curcubitor! On death, the Curcubitor drops a trick or a treat.

    If Trick, the Curcubitor drops a mine with 20% (of players’ hull) damage after 2 seconds. If Treat, the NPC drops a reward box with random rewards.

    The Treat rewards in the Curcubitor box will be a certain amount of Candy Corn with a 100% chance and additionally one of the rewards below:
    Curcubitor Box
    ContentDrop chance
    R-31014 %
    PLT-202610 %
    ECO-109 %
    MCB-5015 %
    JOB-10015 %
    Xenomit10 %
    Extra Energy2 %
    SAR-0210 %
    PLD-810 %
    PET Fuel5 %
    Candy Corn100%
    After having killed a special amount of Curcubitors during a special countdown, 5 Boss Curcubitor will spawn on the map. You have 30 minutes from the initial Boss Curcubitors spawn time to kill all 5 bosses. If the 30 minutes are up, all unkilled Curcubitor Bosses will disappear.

    On death, the Boss Curcubitor will drop 5 boxes to the top 5 damage dealers. The reward for these players will be a certain amount of Candy Corns with a 100% chance. In addition, the boxes contain the following rewards:
    ContentDrop chance
    Uridium15 %
    UCB-10010 %
    Log Disks4,5 %
    SR-514 %
    DCR-25014,5 %
    PLT-202120 %
    Extra Energy6 %
    SAR-0215 %
    Golden Candy Corn1,0 %
    Candy Corn100%
    Please note that the Curcubitor box as well as the Boss Curcubitor box won’t be affected by any booster bonuses.

    The Candy Corns can be used for crafting recipes. All Candy Corn and Golden Candy Corn stocks will be removed 48 hours after the event ends and changed into Honor:
    • 1 Golden Candy Corn = 20,000 Honor
    • 1 Candy Corn = 1 Honor

    Objectives & Battle Pass

    When the event starts, there is a battle pass and new objectives available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards and completing them with the Battle Pass even gives you better rewards.

    Together with the objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives.

    IMPORTANT: If you buy the Battle Pass after having completed some objectives, you need to claim the Battle Pass rewards of the already finished objectives in the Objectives Window in the game. If you complete the Objectives after buying the Battle Pass, the rewards will be booked automatically.

    New event recipes

    There are some new event recipes which can be crafted during the event. There are a lot this time and it might be that you’re not able to craft all of them during the event. Just pick those recipes that you want to craft!

    Event recipes will end 24 hours after the Trial of Terrors event ends.
    P.E.T.G-FS1 Level 4115 Golden Candy Corn
    50,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI-R1 Level 4115 Golden Candy Corn
    35,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI-S1 Level 4115 Golden Candy Corn
    35,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI-LM1 Level 4125 Golden Candy Corn
    50,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI-AL1 Level 4125 Golden Candy Corn
    50,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI-E1 Level 4115 Golden Candy Corn
    50,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI- SM1 Level 4115 Golden Candy Corn
    50,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple times
    P.E.T.AI-ECO1 Level 4125 Golden Candy Corn
    45,000 Candy Corn
    Multiple Times
    P.E.T.G-BH1 Level 1135 Golden Candy Corn
    45,000 Candy Corn
    Ships / DesignsPhantasm Goliath Ship Design135 Golden Candy Corn
    50,000 Candy Corn
    P.E.T.Phantasm P.E.T. Design130 Golden Candy Corn
    45,000 Candy Corn
    ExtrasIndoctrine Oil5025 Golden Candy Corn
    95,000 Candy Corn
    20 Scrap
    ExtrasSeprom100010 Golden Candy Corn
    65,000 Candy Corn
    20 Scrap
    AmmunitionFWX-S110,000 Candy Corn
    5 Scrap
    Multiple times
    AmmunitionFWX-M120,000 Candy Corn
    10 Scrap
    Multiple times
    AmmunitionFWX-L145,000 Candy Corn
    15 Scrap
    Multiple times
    Event ammunition: SBL-100 (Laser Ammunition)
    Years of research on the Sibelon race of aliens have culminated in this laser made specifically to deal with them: 4 times stronger than conventional lasers, and a total of 8 times the damage against aliens of the Sibelon race!

    New Ship Designs: Phantasm
    There will be 2 new ship designs coming together with the event:
    • Phantasm Diminisher (available as reward in Battlepass)
    • Phantasm Goliath (available as event recipe)

    New P.E.T. Design: Mini Phantasm Curcubitor
    A new P.E.T. Design is availble during the event: Get your very own Phantasm Curcubitor P.E.T.!

    An errant, mini Curcubitor with a conscience injected by researchers at the Skylab is now ready to assist as your P.E.T.

    New Tech: Anti-Mine Transmitter
    A new Tech is available during the event: When used, the player will not activate mines if in contact with mines. This effect lasts for 60 seconds.

    New Level of AI-Protocol: AI-ECO4
    Level 4 of Alien Protocol: Decreases P.E.T. Fuel usage by 6%

    New P.E.T. Gear
    G-BC1: Combat P.E.T. Gear
    Once you activate this P.E.T. gear, your P.E.T. will drop a beacon that strengthens all ally ships' damage within range at its current position.

    G-BH1: HP Beacon P.E.T. Gear
    Once you activate this P.E.T. gear, your P.E.T. will drop a beacon that strengthens all ally ships' HP within range at its current position.

    New sprays & emotes
    During the event, some new sprays and emotes are available.
    • Jack-O-lantern Emote
    • Jack-O-Alien Emote
    • Night Prowler Spray
    • Drowning in Nightmares Spray

    Green Items are changes made after the Open Beta
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  2. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Changes after Open Beta Test:
    • We doubled the amount of golden candy corn that can be earned from the Frightful Curcubitor.
    • We increased the chance of earning golden candy corn from Boss Curcubitor.
    • We improved the rewards you can earn from Curcubitor and Boss Curcubitor
    • AI-ECO1 Level 4 can be crafted multiple times instead of once in the Assembly
    • Trial of Terror is slightly harder
    • We improved the battle pass rewards - some objective changes, more PET related rewards and swapped out HP-D01 with HP-DIM01
    We've also fixed some issues reported by the players, like:
    • Frightful Curcubitor not shooting lasers. It should be shooting lasers now.
    • Improved display of the HP Beacon's visual range
    • Improved click area of the Boss Curcubitor and Curcubitors in 3D
    • Fixed Curcubitors and Frightful Curcubitors not counting towards Battle Pass objectives
    • Old halloween quests were still appearing. They have been turned off.
    It was also reported by players that Curcubitors do not drop "Tricks" in the Trial of Terror Gate, and only drop "Treats". We have decided to leave this as it is, it‘s a small reward and further encouragement for you to take part in the Gate. This does not affect the mechanic of Curcubitors dropping "Trick" or "Treat" outside the Gate.

    Another point in the player feedback was that there’s no longer a random P.E.T. protocol level 4 given out upon completion of the gate. However: In this event, the reward gives you golden candy corn which you can use to actually choose what level 4 P.E.T. protocol you want. And the increased amount of golden candy corn that you can get allows you to earn those P.E.T. protocols more easily.

    Your Darkorbit Team
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  3. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    One additional note:

    The Trial of Terror gate will have a 20 hour cooldown after the player loses all their lives or completes the gate.

    Your Darkorbit Team
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