Trial of Terrors 2021 Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Oct 14, 2021.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Trial of Terrors event.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
    (Reminder, this is not the place for off-topic posts and player questions. This thread is reserved for feedback regarding this event.)
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  2. hdinis09

    hdinis09 User

    Where can i check the description for each Level 4 Protocol from Assembly?
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  3. 10+ Really liking it so far, the gate seems more easy than it was and now I'm accually motivated to do it completely. Rewards for the gate are nice. Battle pass missions had pretty good rewards but most of them were completed quickly, I did 19/22 on the first day. Boss cucubitors give good loot from the boxes but the bonus uridium which you have chance getting is pretty low amount. The only thing that seems bad is that there is a solaris desing as a battle pass reward and also desings for sale in shop so why not include it in the battle pass instead of zephyr which was during previous battle pass as well
  4. apetown.

    apetown. User

    So far very nice, the gate gives ~55k uri per run and curcubitors on map are worth to participate also. Unfortunately the sentinel design from battlepass looks like cheap copypasta from lava sentinel.

    However I would like to ask, will bat fromation be in sale as its been every halloween event so far? At least now there is no bat formation in sale.

    Check the PET10 FAQ, section Protocols :)
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  5. A few years ago and for the first couple of years it starts out at 100k uri per day doing this gate, then it got reduced, then reduced again, and now reduced again. Checked twice the last two times, got 45k uri each time. o_O:(

    Cheaters botting the event gate as per usual. I see them sat at port unable to get in after either losing all lives or completing the gate. :rolleyes:

    But then this is the reason the company "little pointless" has reduced the uri and other rewards from boxes in the gate over the last 3 years now, a collective punishment that has no impact on the cheaters and just means us non-cheaters get punished with less rewards. :mad::(

    "Little pointless" could of course put in place a permanent sanction on the accounts of the botters where they received a minimum 75% less rewards from everything while us non-cheaters benefit from original rewards. :)

    No positives anymore really for this gate. Less aliens means less rewards. Less red boxes getting dropped for things like ammo too. Very disappointing. :(

    Objectives are lacking too. Could have gone for a good 40 objectives and have more destroy normal/boss/uber sibs and the halloween aliens, and do damage to aliens in gate as well as let the enemy damage you in gate etc. given that most players will be doing this gate daily. :rolleyes:

    Missed opportunities as always on more objectives and rewards for these events but as a non-cheater I know I am being unfairly punished because of the cheating players "little pointless" does nothing about to protect the money the cheating players also spend on the game. :(

    It is a shame that the SBL-100 ANTI-SIBELON BATTERY is not available much in gate from red boxes. I have not stolen tens of millions of uri like 99% of players so 5u per round is a steep price for a non-cheater. Even at 3.5u per round with prem/rebate it is still 35,000u for 10,000 rounds and I am only getting 45k uri from the gate. o_O:( I have not stolen tens of millions of x4 ammo either. o_O:(

    With all the waves of sibs, boss sibs and uber sibs, more red boxes could have been added for ammo with 50% of them containing the SBL-100 ammo.

    Could make the JOB-100 ammo do 7% damage pve exclusively in the ToT gate which will help a lot of players out, especially the not so strong players but who may have a good amount of this ammo from collecting it in the gate. :)

    I have not stolen tens of millions or x4 ammo either as I do not cheat and steal galaxy gates and their rewards.

    Could have still had 20 additional waves of a single easy kill aliens paying 1,000u each and dropping red boxes with ammo. This could have gotten the gate back up to "65,000 uridium".

    The Frightful at the end does not pay uri either, huge disappointment. o_O:( Could have made it pay 5,000u and with the above "20 waves" could have gotten the gate back up to "70,000 uridium" to make the whole gate more worthwhile for us non-cheaters.

    If the cheating players had that permanent minimum 75% reduction for rewards sanction on their accounts then they would only get up to 25% of these rewards per day! This includes a 75% reduction in points and rewards from boxes too. :)

    No doubt next year the gate will either be the same as this year or things reduced yet again. :(

    I just feel like I am being unfairly punished in game with lesser rewards each year for certain events because you let players cheat to protect what money they do spend on the game while letting them keep their stolen ships/drone/designs, stolen lasers/shields/rocket launchers/upgrades which they are able to use to permanently benefit and prosper from despite your claim this would not be the case because you have absolutely no interest in properly punishing this cheating and deleting such things from cheaters accounts and end up punishing us innocent players instead. :mad::(

    Again this year, ridiculous amounts of candy corn required to craft items. Could reduce candy corn per item by 50%, especially on the level 4 PET protocols. We're not all botting curcs/event boxes, some of us, I included, can rarely get on when curcs are out due to work and having things to do in real life! :(
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  6. I would like to see them take out any boosters as a reward unless we can accept them as a reward when we need them, I work so last night was first day of event i did the event gate and got the reward for the uber damage booster logged out cause i am tired from work logged back in next morning and all the time from booster is up didn't get to use any of that reward so for me i didn't even receive any reward as i wasn't able to use it. Cheers
  7. After some time playing noticed few things:
    1. In the battle pass key exchange the amount of seprom is displayed wrong, it says 5000 seprom on large font and below it in lower font 1000 seprom. Accidently used some of my keys on it.

    2. There should be more use for candy corn and golden candy corn, After you have made the protocols you want there isn't much use for them. For example there could be exchange for JOB-100 ammo, WIZ rockets or other consumable items

    Edit: 3. Why you didn't bring the bat formation for sale? After all you brought JOB-100 ammo on sale after a couple of days have passed since the start
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  8. I need 10 million uri to get the ball rolling. I used to chase ranks but it's impossible these days. I always look forward to events and wont bother paying for nothing because I am up against way too much competition and I agree something needs to be done in the new advancements on the game which leaves normal players at a huge advantage. For example, unbottable gates, events and maps.

    In the past, Dark Orbit let everyone chase lf2's, then 3's and 4's, rendering the previous lazers useless. This tactic is very useful to rebalance the game and let everybody move forward. What I suggest is maps, ammo, aliens, events etc that supersede the bot tool where you could make the botting useless too. For instance, the retrievers; a good idea, however still not as good as cheats running on gates 27/4. Come on Dark Orbit, sort this out once and for ALL!
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  9. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    I got what I wanted out of it, the gate for me was way to long after 2.5 hours got bored and quit its just a best ammo waster.
  10. Not bad, but at least everyone can participate in this event. The rewards aren't too bad for the early game players, but they're not the best either, of course. I've also noticed some pretty good regular candy drops from the Boss Curcubiums on X-3 and X-4, but I'm incredibly sure it's way better on X-8. This still doesn't really justify the huge cost on ONE FIREWORK, mind you.

    It takes 5,000 - 15,000 - 35,000 normal candy for ONE Small - Medium - Large firework, AND some scrap which makes them just as undesirable as possible. It would be great to bring them for credits, like in the past, or for uridium, OR nerf the amount of candies required for them to 2,000 - 4,000 - 10,000. These aren't some godtier meta-breaking items.

    The lvl 4 protocols are nice and pretty-well priced, I don't have anything bad in particular against 'em. They're rare and that's the thing that makes them special.. besides higher stats. The gate remains a pain to clear, like in the past events. The objectives are just as stale as the ones from the previous event. Make them more special, like, destroy a Uber Sibelon as a specific credit ship (ex: Nostromo, Big Boy, etc.).

    Also, still no event quests! If you say that objectives are event quests, then they would be so garbage even the main quests give better rewards. You might aswell delete the event quests tab if you're not going to get them back, or replace them with a "Quest Archive", where you can see all of your completed quests, at what date you've completed them and what kind of quest they were (event/normal/daily) AND, in case of weekly/daily, how many times you've completed it.

    In conclusion, a little disappointed but it's not incredibly bad. It's good for all kinds of players, but some quests and better objectives that aren't repetitive would be good. Diversify the objectives and bring back event quests.
  11. The reason why they are given in such small amounts is due to lag they cause when people used to spam these. You can also collect them in pumpikin boxes and with box doubler you can get a good amount quickly
  12. in the gate I will get with double box and lvl 4 sal gear full set, example x4 72.000 rb ammo 105k uber 7500k no skill tree bonus hmmm
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  13. I chocked on my water the first wave I saw spawn over a dozen ubers around me but it wasn't difficult, and I guess it does what it needs to do, question for anyone who can answer, is it on a 20 hour reset timer like last year too? Haven't had a chance to check but that's a terrible feature don't know why it was ever added, should just be a server reset.

    EDIT: Confirmed it's on the timer, they really think everybody has time for stupid ideas, I missed I think 3 gates so far cause it's not available when I am sometimes.
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  14. lybert

    lybert User

    yet another wast all you x4 event is every event on this game made for cheater who do you expect to have all that time or x4 i use over 100k x4 40k x3 and spendt the entire day one it
  15. If this hasn't been posted yet, I'm gonna come out and say it. The mines that drops from all the mobs is ludicrous in amount and makes it difficult to do normal gameplay on the lower maps. On a server I'm on, a newbie is having trouble completing quests because their ship's too weak to frequently withstand the blasts of the mines, or the damage output from the sticky bombs that the boss Curcubitor yeets at ya. (The mines from the concurrent Agatus event increases the difficulty level, tbh, imo.)
  16. The gate isn't hard, never has been, I breezed stuff like this as a f2p player for years. The only bad feature right now is the timer on it. Other than that, the event is rewarding enough, building more T4 pet protocols is worth it.
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  17. apetown.

    apetown. User

    Agree, and to to be honest the gate is currently the easiest it has ever been. Before there was those "lovely" ubersib waves at the end :D
  18. evansnow

    evansnow User

    i also agree and you gotta love all those melters. i'm enjoying the event.
  19. thor_3344

    thor_3344 User

    there's no enough informations, is mini phatasm pet design cosmetic or boost one? And generally this is problem always. Since game isn't that popular u can't find anything on internet so please be more specific in the FAQs and stuff...
  20. LEO|123

    LEO|123 User

    only cosmetic, no boost
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