Trial of Terrors 2021 Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Oct 14, 2021.

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  1. Me and a friend agree halloween is probably the only good event they have now, everything else sucks. The xmas one last year was okay, though I ended up missing out on the remaining week because I got falsely banned and it took them over a week to admit they screwed up.
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  2. skubo

    skubo User

    it would help if there was a list by ship name then mods that work with best on top and there source ,to check off what i got.
    ship ####
    mods ####
    does the phantasm solarus have a ability like the other 2
    i has the +15% dmg-npc01, shd-sen01,spc-spd01 are any of the 10key mods better that work on the sentinal
    do the 20key orcus mods work on anyship ,not sure if i have that type

    i got some oil playing gate, used some keys for abr to get what i has to level16, should i use keys for level17 or rarest item
    not sure how much iac i can farm with silver keys.
    used 125ee to finish building a kappa better than the 50ee i got from a key box.

    i has over 100 gold corn, 50k corn, l4 fuel ,alien pet.
    ? hp beacon ,or salvage can more than one salvage be used would it help farm more events and gates faster for the beacon and cromin
    is the hp beacon just this event. would it help with the mindfire quest
    is the goal of this event the level 4 pet

    does the muti gate choice influence the rewards or background obstickcals ,getting to close to the spikes will slow down my ship or pc
    the first time i think i got 50k uri another 58 uri
    25 gold corn twice sometimes
    and a bat or skull drone from a red cube.
    is there a rare item at the end.
    most of the time i exits each time to rest before the red uber , melter wave and check my ammo ,sepron

    ?whats the best way to unstick or reset the mouse when it wont move or slides off to side of screen and wont move or cant find it.
    most of time i has to use ctrl-shift-del
    might i be bummping to many buttons or combination of ctrl and mouse buttons
    shutting down all the way before restart seems to help longer.

    KILABOT™ User

    best event by far. make it monthly event, surely will be flooded with good feedback here and there. its the event which bots and freeplayers dont mind complains.
  4. When are we getting the rewards for completing all of the objectives and the honor points for all of the extra candy corn?
  5. Looks like today as ranks changed pretty hard on ships that had a *lot* of candy corn from *dedicated playing*
  6. I got nothing...I completed all the objectives and had a lot of that candy and got nothing.
  7. Funny ice cream cone, nothing else :)
  8. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thank you all for your feedback on the event. We've gathered the feedback and sent it up to the game team.

    Closing as the event has completed.
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