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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Oct 16, 2020.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Trial of Terrors Event.

    YOur Darkorbit Team
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  2. seriously ?? you guys never listen, 50.000 candy no legit player will get that, it's just another event for the botters.
    you keep saying you are doing things to combat them, and then you just constantly give them rewards, !!¬!!
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  3. evve1

    evve1 User

    Like the halloween animations ...
    My less constructive feedback is that you should create events and do new things that cost a lot of money along with new bugs and a lot that does not work since before that you obviously ignore so maybe you can start doing two levels at your events. New and low players surely think this is great fun?! ... No! How do you think here? If you want to include your players in the entire register, that is a good idea.
    I also wonder how you think up there about your events in general.
    Otherwise, I like the theme.
  4. You get about 10k from one gate, it is easily done
  5. usa server- event gate still ported to x-1 map....
    In assembly missing event things...
    Fix this please
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  6. lowacc1

    lowacc1 User

    what a shame that the protocol drop from finishing event gate was removed :( makes doing the ubersibelon wave worthless
  7. Fizzana

    Fizzana User

    Hey yo, did not rx any reward after completed trial of gate.
    this suck man after spending of hours on weekend!!
    Pls get into my account to cx

  8. PORG-44

    PORG-44 User

    jumped out of gate and now getting a 'connection error', unable to login to front screen..
    back screen is working fine and i have cleared cache etc.
    tried on normal client as well as DO one..same problem

    id 41964142
    Server GE5
  9. The wave with boss sibelons, boss kristallons and ubersibelons is just plain annoying and time consuming, there is no reason to go further in the gate as the rewards are not worth it
  10. Ok would like to know if anyone else has did trials of terror and then been killed at the uber kristollin wave. how is anybody suppose to get passed them with out being like lvl 100+ super elite. A i would like to know why i lost my candy corn i picked up in the trial of terror
  11. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    > Let PET pick up candy corn.
    > Amount of candy corn should be higher: Level 4 protocol: 3 gates needed for candy corn, while 1 is enough for golden candy corn.

    bug: PET active when going into new wave through gate: PET button is play in stead of stop. Need shortcut key to deactivate pet.
  12. Yes, I have seen pet bugged out while in trial of terror gate. It is stucked on play(summon) and cannot be put away(stopped). Other than that the candy corns do need a an increase in terms of gold candy corns I think, because that effort needed to run through that gate is a disappointment in rewards. I have done it twice and I do not plan on going again because the rewards didn't pursuade me enough to give it more attempts. the first was to gage the gate itself where as the second was to see if its a random amount of golden candy corn which it wasnt. However I did appreciate the random amount and types of ammo gained as they have proven to be quite useful in tackling the gate, but in the end its very time consuming and the reward just doesn't quite cut it and leaves you feeling a bit dissapointed.
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  13. Jumpy lag.
  14. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    I don't do all gates to the end. You need more gates for normal candy corn, so I bail out after the payout wave (suicide x5). I only do to the end if I need more golden.
  15. I play this game since 2010 and I'm a F2P player. I climb my way up to become full elite(I'm still not a UFE player, I'm mid there). I finish the gate in 1hr and 30mins in my record. You just need patience and skills when encountering horde of aliens. But yes I can say Trial and Vortex of terrors are not meant for players with less 40k dmg in x4 (as of now I dmg 100k in x4), they will have a hard time. so maybe they can add a gate were you have an option if you like easy or hard and the reward varies. So all can participate and enjoy.
  16. Ok so its very situational, in your case you needed the general candy corns, however I found that very easy to obtain since there are like 5 boss cubs spawning on maps and they drop like 2-4k candy corns and you can even do the gate to get some including the 1000 from frightful cub. however in contrast for me it is the golden candy corn because you can only get golden candy corn from the gate which you have to complete and its very little amounts, not to mention the time needed to do the gate along with massive lag spikes due to the amount of aliens sometime spawning in waves, and they aren't regular aliens of course some are Ubers and Bosses. I'm Ufe but am not saying the gate is bad in fact its perfect; except for it could use a little more bump to the golden candy corns maybe even as little as a 30 instead of the current 20, because I just feel its a bit too low... every time I finished that gate it never made me feel good considering you use a lot of ammo and sep/prom that you have on your lasers that will need to be refilled and everyone lives in different time zones so it can be complicated... for me I barely get home from work to manage to do the gate before it resets for a new day, so I end up burning a lot of ammo unnecessarily to try and beat the time only to get 20 golden corns ._. otherwise I would take my sweet little time(lol) with x1 or x2 .
  17. D34mon

    D34mon User

    The gate feels fine overall. The one thing that feels wrong is there being no greater reward for finishing off the final boss. I see a lot of people complain about the lack of corn they get however it can be obtained quite easily by killing the bosses on regular maps especially the higher maps where you get more candy. I can also see how it may be too challenging for newer or weaker players but I feel like you struck the balance right.

    TLDR: The gate is quite long and well thought out but the lackluster final reward makes for a grindy and unsatisfactory final reward for finishing the gate.
  18. Preposterous amounts of candy corn required to create level 4 protocols. Not everyone cheats in maps like 99.99% of players big pointless appeases these days. Players like I still have to work etc. so we cannot come on and farm Curcubitor/bosses for candy corn and/or collect boxes especially now for the former are only available during set times so people like I have no chance of being in maps during the week and have little time on the weekend to do it too. Either reduce the candy corn for recipes or increase the amounts you can get in gate.

    Could have been more objectives as there is plenty of things to help achieve more objectives in the gate. Could have had up to 50 objectives for this event in the gate.

    There could have been objectives to destroy boss Sibleons and boss Curcubitor. More objectives to destroy the little Curcubitor. These additional objectives could have given the x8 damage Sibelon ammo, npc nukes as well as a little more abr as we do not all bot for gates to steal abr along with other ammo and tech items, maybe lump sums of petals and candy corn too.

    The 3 uber sks could have dropped red boxes for Sibelon ammo and level 4 protocols too.

    It will have been nice if there had been like a 10,000/15,000 uridium bonus for destroying the not very frightful Curcubitor at the end.
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  19. My Dear Darkorbit Admins, Game Operators and Developers and ofc Executive ones:

    from who was the briliiant idea to have AGATUS and CURCUBITORS microevents at the same time? we have enough dealing with the damn bots killing cubes, invokes (and some of them the mindfire) and now you go to any x-8 map and guess what, a bunch of zombies killing the things that should be a reward for those who are still investing money and time (most important), i bet you have your tests servers and sandboxes free of those "human npcs", but you can go and watch from time to any of your "products" and check.... mmmh, perhaps i'm being to idealist at asking to see to someone a bit blind?

    If the idea was to get the gate as the main focus for players (and bots) why you put such a tiny reward compared to the x-8 (legally or not) curcubitor hunting? we need a bit of common sense in there!!!!

    P.D.: i'm in anger because i'm tired to do the stupid role watching zombies atm!!!!!
  20. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    had a weird one last night every thing was fine untill i got to the mass of meltar round at the end of tot and for approix 15 mins couldnt shoot lasers or rockets no matter how many times i circled them guns wouldnt fire so i shut down back page and i was able to shoot again but kamikaze pet was giving no damage as you can imagine it took ages to do that round ,yest (thurs night ) was a night mare .as more and more aliens appear it does make the gate lag apart from that game play was ok
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