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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Wirwerdenniesosein, Dec 7, 2019.

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  1. Why are aim-bots and wall-hacks a common issue in most first-person-shooter (FPS) games? Likely its for the same reasons why players would use auto-lock in a game like Dark Orbit.

    I propose that Dark Orbit release an auto-lock feature that is equivalent to what we could call an aim-assist feature that are so commonly found in most FPS games.

    There has been an extremely strong desire since Dark Orbit was released for an auto-lock feature, so why not just make one? It'll save a lot of player's pilot careers from a ban, especially at a time like this when the game is already dying. It will also help mitigate a lot of issues with lag delay on a ship.

    It would be a simple CPU that you could attach to your ship, like any other CPU. It would work by setting up a simple key bind (q for example) that players would click, and your ship would automatically begin firing on the nearest player in proximity to you that is within sight range. Exceptions for this include, obviously, if the player is already cloaked. As you can also imagine, this feature would be useless in bigger group fights.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    just use a touch screen. It just maybe what your calling an auto lock. With a touch screen and a mouse you have away to take aim at two things, either way your going to lock on one. if you have time playing with this type of controls you'll even find more ways to use it. I myself don't have a touch screen, My paws knock the screen over.
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  3. c2272

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    I don't know about that, but clicking repeatedly on an empty space to try and click a cloaked enemy is more than enough to make your game stutter and drop your fps significantly, might be worst if you try doing it with 2 functioning clicks at a time.
  4. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    I've have seen it done. The person that showed this to me, only uses the touch screen for enemy lock. So like they told me and I stated : if you have time playing with this type of controls you'll even find more ways to use it. Just remember we all don't play on the same mechine.
  5. So basically your idea is to make it so everyone can instantly target each other? Well, that sounds incredibly lame and stupid.
  6. The only lame and stupid thing in this thread is your comment. How about you actually tell us why you dislike my idea instead of just stating your feelings towards it.
  7. No it's not. Act mature and actually give reasons why you disagree or get off the forums before you get reported for flaming, troll.
  8. **Owl**

    **Owl** User

    man you seriously need to have your eyes tested, 95% of players use a bot.
    and if you think they use a 'touch screen' your deluded.
    and as for an 'auto lock cpu, DO will never give you one of them, they prefer to acquire income from the cheats!!!
  9. Star*Fire

    Star*Fire User

    Some folks just don't cheat and I never said it was all they doing it. Before you call out someone for cheating besure that they just may be good at locking some other way. This game has had bots from the day I started. They do need to do something about that I agree. I have never used a bot and would never. If I need to cheat to play a game why in hell would I play it? I play to have fun!! Using a bot is pretty much saying I'm not capable of this playing on my own. I just don't have the skills.
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  10. Funny idea lol, but let's see the facts
    More than half of my enemies use auto lock and they still die like chickens and then whisper shit to me saying things like: "you f*** cheater, blablabla", so i ask you, for what you want a "auto lock cpu" if you don't know how to use it?

    That's stupid af lul
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  11. There is an evasive type mechanic to the game where we can "dance" around the enemy while they scramble to get lock. Idk how you couldnt think of that since I always see you circling npc in your lightning vengi.... I mean would you want people with everything to just insta pop you? Something most people also miss is that if your dmg is more than the hp and shields of the target nobody even sees your ship fire. Giving a great way for players like me to eat entire clans before any of them get a shot off.:cool:

    This idea goes against the very mechanics of the game, but also proves how far this game truly is falling when ideas like this become more common.:eek:. RIP DO Spring 2020.
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  12. Why dislike your Idea ?
    Do you really not get it ?
    Having an auto-lock is stupid. We already have cheaters using it, fighting with them is no fun at all. You can't use any tricks (see explanation 1, i do not mean anything illeagal, just some game mechanics that u can use to avoid getting locked) to avoid getting locked.
    Autolock would destroy this game even more than bots, the lf-4 release or the Prometheus release did (the later two are named cuz people complained about way to high dmg when those lasers came out and quite a lot even left due to that).

    Let me explain:
    First: every beginner would just simply quit the game because they get shot by 300k rsb shots and can't even get away from that.

    Your brilliant Idea would make an EMP useless, would make EMP-Cloak strategy useless (wether or not that is a good or a bad thing is not the question here), it would make it impossible to use protegit around a cube or a bunch of kristallin as a "shield" to not get locked and run away (someting most beginners i know love to do because it's the only way they stand a chance to get away) and so much more.

    Second: It would just ruin the game, DO is its PVP area a reaction game.
    If you take the locking away its just stupid shooting and as soon as more than 1 enemie is on screen your autolock might just lock onto the wrong target if an emp is used and you die because of "bad luck". No fun in that.
  13. I have seen several stupid ideas in this thread over the years and this just might be the dumbest yet. If moving a mouse and clicking is to difficult for you, maybe PVP or any games that require coordination just arent your cup of tea. Locking cloakers isnt that difficult with a little practice and the only reason anyone would want an auto lock cpu to lock uncloaked players is because said player either has no finger to click the mouse or is just too lazy to actually play the game and wants it to be automated so all they do is watch the screen as the game plays itself. Just give up there is no way to rationalize this idea, you only make yourself look worse the more you try.
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  14. If they did bring it out ... It should not count against any sort of kills...That way it will become useless for everyone.
  15. People with everything already insta pop players who have less, giving everyone an weak auto-lock wouldn't change that at all, but what it would do is level the playing field. So now even those with less will be able to fight back against people who have more.

    Oh right, the famous "evasive" mechanic where you can dodge other players' clicks? You are referring to the massive lag in DO, right?--Where people with better connections have tremendous advantages over those with lower FPS and more lag? This is all the more reason why we need to level the PvP playing field with a weak auto-lock CPU.


    COWBOY·FROM·HELL I had trouble reading your comment. To be honest, you look like a complete idiot because you obviously didn't read my post. You believe I am suggesting that the auto-lock be able to lock onto cloakers, when I stated the complete opposite. If you're not going to read threads here then you might as well log off DO forums. And if you did read my post, then you also need to log off DO forums and back to English class so you can learn to read better.

    Please, actually read my post before you comment. My auto-lock CPU idea would not work against cloakers, I stated that in my post. Therefore, the EMP-Cloak strategy would not be useless.
  16. It would still make EMP-Cloak useless, as soon as a cloaked player attacks you the autolock would imediately get him, no reaction time from yourself needed.
    Or do you wanna tell me that if someone comes in cloak and attacks you the autolock cpu would just ignore that player because he was cloaked ? That would be kinda dumb because everyone would simply fly cloaked and your cpu would be useless...
  17. aries_x

    aries_x User

    Nah...It takes out the fun in hunting cloakers.A new item like EMP (anti-cloak) would give more variety disabling cloak.A mines seem difficult.I dont know how to use mines.Anyway,how do you click?i mean do you click the mouse like mad or you got some technique..I've tried different way recently.I put mini map at the edge of screen.Click on mini map once and hold not let go the mouse,drag it across the screen and released it on target.work like charm:p
  18. No scrub, I mean you can maneuver your ship so they cant click on you... Its not lag or some broken thing in the game. Each ship has a click box and thats how you lock each ship but each ship has different sized click boxes. Like a spear compared to a citadel where spear is very small and cit is huge. So realistically speaking I can destroy a suicide cyborg full of proms with an fe spear so long as I moving around "alot" and the only way they can get my lock is to use a program. Your idea however would remove that ability meaning who ever has best gear wins thus killing what skill we have in the game as far as getting locks and avoiding them. If you ever find an NFG member see if they remember the parasite tide event and how I took on their clan solo in 2-5 with my pusat;)
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