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  1. God it's so useless. Reflecting damage is pointless when one of your abilities slows you, making it so they can just go out of range from you anyway. And why cant it be a free ISH? It's strong but the ship only has like 6 laser slots, it's so bad.

    And Shield Link.. This skill is just a joke. If the enemy attacks your linked target with moth it's basically just a 1v1 because the Berserker does too little damage to actually contribute properly or if they decide to just attack you it completely removes this ability from your arsenal.

    Having to be on critical HP to deal damage is also a major flaw with this ship, since in fights you'll just get focused since you'll be the damage dealer.
  2. -esox-

    -esox- User

    I disagree.

    Berserker is a special ability ship which can be used most efficiently in group. The clans I am in on two different servers don't wanna miss 1-2 Berserkers in a fighting group already, despite the short time it is in-game up to now.

    The shield link can give a damage dealing player insane protection for long time (one minute.)
    The reflect damage can not only reflect damage, it also damages the attackers by the amount of damage they do (think about suicide configuration meta...some attackers will just one-shot themselves, as the reflected damage ignores both emp and ish of the attacker.)

    Maybe the duration of shield link should even be nerfed, for sure not buffed:)

    If a lone wolf player can't see any benefits for himself in this ship (there are some...), he can just stick with usual solo-play ships.
    Though he will miss the chance to see several "perfectly clicking suicide configuration experts" one- shoting themselves out of cloak when he presses "reflect":D
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  3. After reading some of your previous posts, I'm assuming your new to the game and not understanding why things are the way they are.

    Back when Spearhead first came out, you could hit 160,000 easily in a suicide config. The Berserker also has 5 laser slots. You can deal serious damage if you build the right configs. If you're a solo player and half your equipment is LF3s and mismatched LF4s, yeah, you're gonna have a bad time with this ship. But it's an ability ship. It's not built as a hunting, tank, or healing ship. The low laser count is compensated well with the Revenge and Berserker functions paired together, so well in fact, that I only have 11 Prometheus lasers, yet my friend is a basic general with full prometheus lasers. He died to those abilities paired together.

    If you're just posting in forums for the sole purpose of shitposting and flaming BP, it's not going to get you anywhere, we've been doing that for years. It's taken 11 years to see action against the botters and in the same fell swoop, they pissed off the entire community with diminishing rewards. I usually spend my day off farming to make up for lost time working 2 jobs and doing school work at the same time. I get off Saturday around 12:30am, buy a couple monsters, and I'd spend all day Sunday up through til 11pm farming and doing quests, and after 6-8 hours, I'd start getting diminished rewards, so I stopped paying. It's a stupid system and ever since OP32 joined their team, the game's just gotten worse and worse. It really got bad once blacklight came out and new lasers injected with heroin.

    Again, if you're new here, for some godforsaken reason, find something else to play before this game takes your money. Over 9 years I've spent around $6,000 on 7 accounts in 4 servers just for server merges to remove 4 of my accounts.

    If you aren't new here, you know how BP works. They don't care about your opinion. The update and idea pool doesn't exist to them unless it involves taking money from people.

    All we can do is fly around getting punished for playing the game and killing botters while they rake in as much money as they can before they shut the game down.
  4. They need to either nerf Cyborg or buff the new ships they are all jokes.
  5. I've been testing it for a while and I don't see any of these features. It definitely needs buffs on some abilities, way too useless especially because it has no passive ability. Even Centurion is more useful than this heap of junk.

    It doesn't do anything if you don't have a lot of shield or if they use the moth formation so it ignores the shield, since it only reflects shield damage not HP, meaning many ships will just kill you both no matter how you slice it.

    Yeah but they will just switch configuration when they use their ability or ISH to ignore the reflect for a few seconds, it's very easy to outplay the ability with a suicide configuration anyway.

    They won't nerf Cyborg until they make it easier to obtain by the galaxy gates and stuff, eventually I'm sure it will get nerfed because those ships are still way over used.
  6. Another rant, i don't think you really understand the essence of using a berserker ship rather the moment you notice a necessary flaw on something you initially rant about it and cry over how "flawed" something is, this is an MMO game still in development so why actually expect something so good at the first few updates of it?

    The berserker ship is mainly good at 1v1s and since its abilities requires timing and precise activation on the right moment its not meant for long fights like the Cyborg considering the Berserker ship is meant to take in punishment, use your berserk skill the moment you are on the same level of hp as the cyborg roughly 400k, and deal the damage, and if you can time it right the moment a fight starts and you know your configs, you can activate your berserk skill in order to add in any bonus damage you can on every shot for 30 seconds on any percentage of HP you lost, you don't just activate it at the end where most of your HP is lost and cry how you lost the fight, you slowly draw in power from your Berserk skill the lower you HP is and not use it where you're almost dead meat.

    Shield Link and Revenge is a combo skill, its not a joke but probably you are (fact) but if you know when to time on things all will go well.

    Berserk isn't a god-like ship what everybody thinks after they check it out on Test servers or it came out, whoever bought the ship using money probably is sulking right now, good thing i just bought a 200k uri battlepass and win it without losing anything since that battlepass gave me good ammo and the valuable DMG-MTCH01 ship module where i can use to some of the ships that i use, especially to a hammerclaw when i get one.

    I mainly use berserker to farm BKs, and to preserve my ammo consumption since the bonus damage from berserk really does work best, i deal more damage with x1 than on normal basis with a solace combined with the NPC ship module that adds +15% damage overall to npcs.
  7. There won't be any leveled ships in this game, there will always be a better one since thats what D.O wants, ever seen the stellar pathfinder bundle on shop lately? for 52 dollars you can get yourself a Cyborg, they still need the cyborg in perfect condition to have a wider marketing strategy atleast and to formulate more ways to earn money on that ship, will probably nerf it or add in another and better ship in the game that will be better than the Cyborg, the Centurion isn't better than the cyborg atleast since its only a ship meant to fight the npcs on BL maps but is still good in its customization.
  8. Agreed, this is what happened to BSGO, by the time they've put up goodies onto many players, they've shutdown the game since they can't rake up anymore money from it, but if these botters still continue on giving unfair advantage to these players there is literally no way for D.O to survive the upcoming harsh years of the gaming industry, a lot of game developers out there are more into sci-fi and things are getting cheaper, people who play D.O are commonly veterans from 10 years ago, not to mention they've got a community that is still playing the game and friends that they can't entirely leave the game for that reason.

    If all is well, game might last for a few more years, 2 years tops, since these people are running out of ideas to pool in to the game, they might even be browsing some of the ideas archived already in this forum such as many of my own shared thoughts and suggestions.

    This kid almostfamous is literally just ranting about things, thinks he's helping the community at all by being toxic over some of the people who are just sharing their opinions and thoughts.
  9. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I must say I wasn't aware of the fact that the reflect ability only reflected shield damage. Thanks!

    I'm not saying the Berserker is the best ship but I do believe it is heavily underused. For some reason people stick to the Cyborg like they have some kind of addiction to it, never trying out new things like the Disruptor or Berserker. I feel like the Berserker could be a major game changer, especially in group PVP. I still feel like the combination of reflect, revenge and shield link can be very powerful and overwhelming, especially for ships that are not that strong in resistance and have little time to react.
  10. It can be very powerful in 1v1s if you practice with it, but almost no one does so I think it's better to just change how the ship works. And yeah, Cyborg will always be number 1 because of how powerful the ship is, although lately Centurion has been overtaking it on my server.

    In 1v1s if you use all your abilities at the end of a fight on Berserker you will win any if the other player continues shooting you. But if he stops shooting you while also having shield power, you are completely screwed. That's literally the counter; just stop attacking during the 6 second reflect ability.
  11. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I see, so shield link and reflect are mostly defensive? I think it can be powerful near the end of a fight indeed but perhaps that is were some strategy is involved (apart from group fights as I believe it could have even more potential there).

    So what do you suggest? I find it hard to make changes without breaking it.
  12. Buff...Nerf
    Buff Buff Buff
    Same old same old. reminds me of the Muppets ha ha, when will they learn, lol.
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  13. Hmm, firstly I think removing the ability to shield link base is needed, since you can make it basically invulnerable if you got enough shield. Outside that, I don't really know what to do with this ship except give it more speed so people cant just run away from your ability, in exchange they could reduce the threshold on damage per HP, so you gain more damage when HP is less dropped. In exchange for that they could do something like just change some base stats on the other abilities, since they aren't nearly as important as Berserk is.

    I've been playing with this ship and the speed is really the noticeably problem... You should tell me your opinions, interested in them.

    Go away then. Should call you the complaining warrior lmao
  14. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Good suggestion when it comes to its speed. I feel like speed is the main problem for all ships that try to compete with the Cyborg. The difference between 528 / 540 and 552 is apparently too big for people to choose it. For good reason: after all once an enemy is out of range there is very little you can do. I think a yellow ship module for like +2.5% speed could make all the difference (the Disruptor could use this as well). The developers underestimate the impact of speed.

    I also like the idea of removing the speed reduction while revenge is active, at the cost of some damage. Just a quick question: does revenge reflect all damage (including HP)?

    I'm not sure about this but I think that the main thing that makes this ship so powerful is the combination of abilities (mainly revenge and berserk). Perhaps a mechanic similar to that of the Citadel could be added where it blocks other abilities once one is active (fortify).
  15. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Speed is always the main point people will ever complain about. Even if a ship is only having minuscule amount of less or more speed, people immediately begin complaining about it. That's because everyone expects a ship to be on par with other's in terms of speed, regardless of it's initial strength or class. I don't get it. Get on terms with it, speed should also be a stat that can vary.

    It's called synergy, something a huge portion of the ships are missing. None of the statistics line up for many ships. Meanwhile, Berserker impresses with a rather great balance between abilities, stats and utility.

    Revenge is obviously going to be the defensive stat when you are low on health, combined with slowing weapons, berserk and SR-5, you can restore shields quickly again whilst dishing out immense damage and being invulnerable for up to 12 seconds total if you combine EMP with ISH, too. In other words, Berserker is great. I've been able to win fights against stronger players thanks to this ship.

    Shield link is useful if combined with fusion shields. While the regeneration is active, you regenerate enough shields against almost every enemy. With full fusion shields, you should be able to regenerate 250k+ shields if combined with crab formation and shield regeneration boosters. It's basically a regenerative layer of health. Even if your ally gets attacked by players, the link alone should keep him alive for long enough if he tactically plays with you.

    This ship is fine.
  16. Fusion shields only boost the regenerative capabilities of a ship's shield out of combat, it does not regenerate while you are in combat just to clarify that and not confuse other people who thinks it is (the cooldown time between fusion shield's and bo2 or bo3 to regenerate a ship's shields are the same, only the fusion shield's capabilities are to improve shield recharge much more than regular bo2 and bo3)

    and Shield Link if active, lets you deal damage to your own shields instead of damaging your enemy ship's shields, this is a combo for the Revenge ability which will direct the damage dealt to your shields towards your target for a brief moment while Revenge is active.

    Shield Link does not regenerate shields whatsoever, its only use is on combo with Revenge.

    Edit: And yes, it also works cooperatively to take the shield damage your target with an active shield link towards yours, perfectly syncs in and gives your partner the opportunity to have more chance on successfully killing your enemy before both or either of you and your partner gets destroyed.
  17. It reflects all damage and if you have it active at the same time as Berserk it will make you invulnerable, but the problem is that it really doesn't hit that hard even with this strategy and because of the speed it's still quite easy to avoid it or just fly out of range, even on a Goliath which is just sad.

    They should give Berserker a passive upgrade where it cant be affected by slows, that would make the ship incredibly strong but still very beatable. The module is a good idea, but even with faster speed it still has the issue that other ships are going to be having much more shield because the Berserker's base stats are just very bad (similar to Disruptor).

    I don't agree with any of your points. And you don't heal ships with Berserker so having a higher shield regeneration is pointless, bigger shield power is better so you can stay alive longer. But if enemies drop DDM mines on you, you're probably screwed either way.

    But yeah, no speed is definitely a big factor when playing ships, either they have to buff the Berserker's speed or nerf the Cyborgs, because people aren't going to use the Berserker and it won't become "meta" if it continues to be this slow, especially with it's skills enabled.
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  18. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Then you have either not used the ship extensively enough, or you don't know how to use it at all. I bet the former.

    In case you didn't know, you regenerate shields for as long as you don't get damaged, and you additionally you heal health if you don't shoot. Whether that's intended or not, I don't know, BigPoint has not made any statement yet. Point in case, as long as this works/is possible, high shield regeneration in combination with crab formation IS useful. Maybe not too much in PvP, but even there, until your enemy realizes you are regenerating more than he's dealing damage, you already absorbed a ton of damage.

    I think I don't have to elaborate the usefulness in PvE.
  19. You don't regenerate shields nor get your hull points repaired while on combat, i do have an assumption that besides using the "Revenge" ability is that after its duration, ISH is used, then probably EMP, if by chance that happens and you don't shoot at all at those times your ship will automatically regain back its shields base on your shield regeneration, but ship repair is a different story considering it is much slower than shield recovery, it takes around atleast a minute or so before your ship gets fully healed, so only about a few percent of your HP is repaired while you do everything in your power to avoid being damaged in combat, even if someone is shooting at you so long as you don't get hit shield regeneration and ship repair will be automatic and become active once that happens.

    But for the most part, the cooldown time for you to be able to repair your ship is atleast 5 seconds, Revenge ability only lasts 6 seconds, 3 seconds for invulnerability from ISH, 3 seconds for EMP before you get targeted (sometimes it doesn't work and you get locked on by your enemies instantly) so you got atleast 4 seconds to repair everything, in this case it won't be an effective way of fighting anyone if you decide not to shoot to just recover a very small portion of your ship's HP.

    I haven't tested out if SAB lets you deal damage to your shield while you absorb a portion of your enemy's shields while Shield Link is active to the target, but if this is the case then you can be sure to use Revenge, redirect every damage your enemy deals to you and the damage you deal to their shields while you recover the same amount, you get atleast 6 seconds of window time to get the upper hand against your opponent, but that depends on your configuration, the situation and your enemy, not everything goes as planned even if you assume things would go your way.
  20. Zecora

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    I have the feeling no one here really understands or wants to understand it, nor has really tested it, so a last attempt of elaboration till you have to figure it out yourself:

    You WILL regenerate shields if you:
    • Don't get attacked directly.
    You WILL regenerate health if you:
    • Don't get attacked directly.
    • You don't fire any weapons.
    So please... Test out the ship extensively. If you don't believe me, search for a friend, go ahead and make someone shoot him. Activate shield link, just idly sit there. Just like that. Doing nothing. And please tell me your results. If there is no shield regeneration or health repair on your side, maybe there was a sneaky update that removed it, but as of 5 days ago, it worked.

    Here, proof for it:
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