[UI] cbs shield destroy mines around it

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ASURAPRIEST, Nov 11, 2019.

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  1. when the cbs is recharging its shields, the "super pro" clans drop mines around it... it wouldnt be a problem if the mines were normal mines, but they drop mines that insta kill you.

    thats the point of the mines right? but what if you arent the clan enemy, but instead you are the same company as that "super pro" clan? you get killed while you are trying to kill a sibelon, so let me understand, a new player must not aproach never for any reason the cbs? if you are doing some quest, cbs area is forbidden?

    so 1 of 2: when cbs shields goes online, it drops an efect like a emp mine that destroy or deactivate FOR EVER the mines around it, or: same company clan mines cant damage their own company members (this will help with the own company kills on events like hitac etc)

    thats all, the other day me and other guys where insta killed 2 or 3 times because this envy usa east clan were dropping (while invisible)... mines around and over us, so we insta die...just for that nob mines?
  2. unfortunatly thats what happens in real life and in the game, you just have to be clever, if you fly slowly over it, the mines will appear before your eyes and u can avoid them, sometimes it is hard because lag causes them to only show when u have gone over them. Yes the so called bigger players do use these as an advantage, I understand what you are trying to say, but if they were to make it so we could not use them on own company, there would be alot more complaints about it, because of company wars etc, you just have to get on with it.
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  3. I will tell you a good way to get this.
    Build a CBS and try to defend it big or small clan with the shields down.
    Trust me if its you on that clan CBS you will drop as many as turbo will allow in Lance Formation.
  4. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Mines are quite expensive and hard to obtain (unless you have hundreds of booty keys lying around). In addition, it takes time to create a proper mine field.

    To me, removing the mines is therefore not a good option: mines are already not very reliable and time consuming. Deactivating them could work although I seriously wonder how this would work: only mines from clan members? But then what about enemies creating a mine field?

    Personally I feel like we need mines that aren't triggered by friendly units / clan members / your own company. This way it becomes much easier to use mines against the ones they are intended to be used against: enemies. There would have to be some kind of cap though, to prevent people from spamming entire maps with mines.
  5. Mines work the way they were intended they work fine some players will even use an ish cpu in a fight to trigger the mine so the enemy would take damage, maybe just get used to them it doesn't really harm anything but your pride maybe when you get popped by a mine.
  6. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    Not one of those 'pride' arguments again -.- Did you even take the time to read my post and think it over? I am not against mines.
  7. If you read my post i never said you were against mines if you think they are time consuming and to expensive don't use them i have 10's of thousands of mines and i love to mine a cbs when i am defending it alone and i usually whisper to player there is a mind fields around the cbs and if they keep coming to it and wasting my mines i just send war and pop that players like i said it's all part of the game mines work great no need to change anything in my eyes.
    Also if you don't like players postings then don't post yourself here then i am only giving my opinion and i am aloud so don't always right away start arguing with players just cause you don't like what i post.
  8. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    "maybe just get used to them it doesn't really harm anything but your pride maybe when you get popped by a mine"

    Let's just leave comments like these behind :)
  9. Ok i will stop now or i can see this will go on and on and on like the energizer bunny.
  10. I like this suggestion, it would be a nice way to improve CBS.
  11. Mines are universally a killing ammunition, it has its own perks so actually producing some sort of disabling mechanism around the CBS when it goes online doesn't really make sense at all, in fact a lot of newbies can take advantage of these mine fields such as running away from their company killing player, or from an enemy player.

    Playing it smart is the best way to overcome these situations, you don't really need these features in my opinion so long as it doesn't heavily disturb the gameplay experience for everybody, and anyone can see mines like 2 clicks away from their monitor if they have a larger screen resolution, the only advantage you can get to overcome those mines on CBS or any other places is a larger screen resolution, get yourself a good GPU or a reliable CPU that supports any 1440p resolution (ex. 1920x1440p not something like 1440px900p)

    Mines are stationary, they are purposely built to mess around with players caught off guard while they are aimlessly flying, but idk about bots if they can actually dodge mines, if they can't then its a good thing to put a lot of it on maps to actually atleast slow their progress down.
  12. look at this exesive amount of mines, the base isnt even online, i almost activate one or 2 of em while searching for boss saimons... i understand they are expensive and they have a reason, defend the cbs... but if the cbs has its shields up for 24 hours or 38 hours, why would you need the rest of the mines there? ur CBS IS INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! and if mines are thaat expensive and important, then when cbs shields are charged, or when ur cbs exploded, then ur mines return to ur inventory (this will not gonna happen)
  13. No cbs in not indestructible if anyone from the clan comes to change out deflector module for a better one even if the base has been charged the enemy can still pop the base, I know it sounds stupid but hey this is DO and it is what it is get use to it they aren't gonna do anything about it . Also if you get killed from mines nothing happens you restart and off again so it's not really a big problem.
  14. Yes, it doesn't really matter if you get destroyed or not , repair vouchers are free and if you are premium you won't have any problems repairing your ship (since on the spot repairs are free you don't have to travel farther from the place you got popped)

    Expect being destroyed by anything and everything when you're in space, being careful is what you can do the most while building up your account from bottom to top.

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